Odin (Gapt/Gaut) Begat Us

This genealogy is based in part from information obtained from Annals of Southport and District. A Chronological History of North Meols, A.D. 1086 to 1886  by E. Bland. Peter Aughton in his North Meols and Southport follows the research of Farrer who takes the Aughton line back to Rhuddlan in Wales in his Victoria County History, 1908. He believes that this interpretation is correct due to the dominance of Welsh names amongst the early Aughton family. By contrast Baines takes a different route in his work but Mr Aughton does concede that "the people identified by Baines may well be ancestors through one of the female lines." (North Meols and Southport. A History, 1988)

Gaut/Gapt, Odin of the Goths

King Hulmul of the Goths (60-104)

King Augis of the Goths (90-159)

King Amal "the Fortunate" of the Goths (123-194)

King Hisarnis "Man of Iron" of the Ostrogoths (150-210)

King Ostrogoth "the Patient" of the Ostrogoths (180-250)

King Hinuil of the Ostrogoths (210-280)

King Athal "the Mild" of the Ostrogoths (240-310)

King Agiulf of the Ostrogoths (270-340)

King Wultwulf of the Greuthungi (300-378)

King Walaravans of the Ostrogoths (330-409)

King Winifar "the Just" of the Ostrogoths (365-400)

King Wandalar of the Ostrogoths (395-459)

King Theodomir of the Ostrogoths (413-474), father of Amalafreda

King Thrasamund of the Vandals (456-523) married Amalafreda of the Ostrogoths (455-525), parents of Amalaberga

King Hemanfried von Thueringen (490-533) married Amalaberga (490-523), parents of Rodelinde

King Audoin des Lombards (-565) married Rodelinde (-587)


Duke Gisulf I de Friouli (520-571)

Duke Grasulf de Frioul (540-589)

Duke Gisulf des Lombards (565-610), father of Gleisnot von Bayern

Duke Theodo I von Bayern (602-670) married Gleisnot von Bayern (602-693)

Duke Theodo II von Bayern (625-716), father of Hersuinda

Duke Huoching von Alemannia (675-744) married Hersuinda von Bayern (686-740)

Duke Hnabi von Alemannia (710-788), father of Emma

Duke Gerold von Vinzgouw (725-784) married Emma von Alemannia (726-783), parents of Hildegard

Emperor Charlemagne (742-814) married Hildegard von Vinzgouw (758-783)

Emperor Louis I "the Pious" (778-840)

Emperor Lothair I (795-855), father of the wife of Count Giselbert of Maasgau

Count Giselbert of Maasgau married Countess of Maasgau, unnamed daughter of Lothair I

Duke Reginar I de Lorraine (850- 915)

Duke Giselbert de Lorraine (890-939), father of Alberade de Lorraine

Count Ragenold de Roucy (920- 967) married Alberade de Lorraine

Count Giselbert de Reims and Roucy (-997)

Count Ebles I de Roucy (988- 1033), father of Adelaide

Count Hildouin de Ramerupt (1010- 1063) married Countess Adelaide de Roucy (1015-1062)

Count Hugues I de Clermont (1030- 1101) married Marguerite de Ramerupt (1045-1110), parents of Ermentrude de Clermont

Earl Hugh d' Avranches (1047- 1101) married Ermentrude de Clermont (1058- 1095), parents of Helga de Kevelioc

Earl Siward de Lathom married Helga de Kevelioc

Hucca de Singleton


Richard Fitz-Utred, Lord of Broughton and Little Singleton

Robert de Meolis

William de Koudre

Robert de Coudray

William Fitz-William

Madoc de Hacton, Mesne Lord of Aughton.

Madoc ab Madoc, Mesne Lord of Aughton.

Walter de Aghton (born about 1250), Mesne Lord of Aughton.

Richard de Aghton (About 1310-1380) married Katherine de Coudray, heir of Robert de Coudray (1295-1350), "descendant of William Fitz-William, their common ancestor."

William de Agton (About 1350-1380), Lord of North Meols who was granted a royal pardon of outlawry from Anne of Bohemia, Queen of Richard II married Millicent Comyn, heir of John Comyn, (died 1370) Lord of Newbold Comyn and Kinsale in Ireland.

Hugh Aughton (1375-1417), Lord of the Manors of North Meols and Thistleton in Amounderness.

Nicholas Aughton (died 1488) Lord of the Manors of North Meols and Thistleton in Amounderness.

Gilbert Aughton

Edmund Aughton (born 1498)

Gilbert Aughton (1520-1563)

John Aughton (1558-1607)

Gilbert Aughton (1580-1640)

John Aughton (1604-1675)

Alis Aughton (Before 1644-1720) married Thomas Baule (About 1640-1671)

Anne Ball (born 1668) married Hugh Howard (About 1650-1729)

Thomas Howarth (born 1700)

Thomas Howarth (1726-1766)

Alice Howard (born 1756) married Richard Rymer (1755-1832, Farmer)

Thomas Rymer (1780-1851)

Alice Rymer (born 1812) married Thomas Tomlinson (born 1807, Farmer)

Richard Tomlinson (1835-1902, Farmer)

Joseph Tomlinson (1866-1946)

Jane Tomlinson (1889-1972) married Robert Sidney ----- (1882-1983, Self Employed Landscape Gardener)

Robert Joseph Sidney ----- (1912-2015, Civil Engineer/Chief Buyer)

Wotans Krieger

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