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"The family of Aughton had been established in Lancashire for about four generations. Their male line came from Rhuddlan in North Wales where they were driven out by the Welsh risings in the thirteenth century and as compensation were given land at Aughton." (North Meols and Southport. A History, Peter Aughton, 1988) Madoc de Hacton along with his brothers Bleddyn de Hacton and Richard de Walys (the Welshman) were joint underlords of North Meols, the superior lord being Robert Banastre (Lord of Prestatyn expelled by the Welsh) and his heirs. This Welsh line is in accordance with Farrer in his Victoria County History (1908). However an alternative descent is provided by Baines who states that Madoc de Hacton or Aughton was the son of William Fitzwilliam and an elder brother of William de Coudray. He then goes on to trace their descent to Richard son of Uctred. At the time of the Domesday Survey (1087) Aughton along with other manors was held by a Saxon thane called Uctred, more than likely an ancestor of the later Uctred. Peter Aughton conjectures that the male line originated from Wales but the Saxon ancestry is probably a maternal line that has become confused with the paternal. Please see http://aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk/p/jordan-de-coudray-begat-us.html

It should be noted that the Aughtons intermarried with the Comyns of Newbold and assumed their coat of arms with the dying out of the male line of that branch of the Comyns family. They also intermarried with the Coudrays and the Meols families who also held the lordship of the manor of Meols at various times.


Madoc de Hacton, Mesne Lord of Aughton.

Madoc ab Madoc, Mesne Lord of Aughton.

Walter de Aghton (born about 1250), Mesne Lord of Aughton.

Richard de Aughton (About 1310-1380) married Katherine de Coudray, heir of Robert de Coudray (1295-1350)

William de Augton (About 1350-1380), Lord of North Meols who was granted a royal pardon of outlawry from Anne of Bohemia, Queen of Richard II married Millicent Comyn, heir of John Comyn, (died 1370) Lord of Newbold Comyn and Kinsale in Ireland.

Hugh Aughton (1375-1417), Lord of the Manors of North Meols and Thistleton in Amounderness.

Nicholas Aughton (died 1488) Lord of the Manors of North Meals and Thistleton in Amounderness.

Gilbert Aughton

Edmund Aughton (born 1498)

Gilbert Aughton (1520-1563)

John Aughton (1558-1607)

Gilbert Aughton (1580-1640)

John Aughton (1604-1675)

Alis Aughton (Before 1644-1720) married Thomas Baule (About 1640-1671)

Anne Ball (born 1668) married Hugh Howard (About 1650-1729)

Thomas Howarth (born 1700)

Thomas Howarth (1726-1766)

Alice Howard (born 1756) married Richard Rymer (1755-1832, Farmer)

Thomas Rymer (1780-1851)

Alice Rymer (born 1812) married Thomas Tomlinson (born 1807, Farmer)

Richard Tomlinson (1835-1902, Farmer)

Joseph Tomlinson (1866-1946)

Jane Tomlinson (1889-1972) married Robert Sidney ----- (1882-1983, Self Employed Landscape Gardener)

Robert Joseph Sidney ----- (1912-2015, Civil Engineer/Chief Buyer)

Wotans Krieger

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