Alan de Meols Begat Us

Alan de Meols, held a fourth part of the Manor of Meols

Robert de Meols (died about 1240)

William de Meols

Robert de Meols

Alan de Meols

Joan de Meols, married William de Coudray

Robert de Coudray (1295-1350)

Katherine de Coudray who married Richard de Aughton (About 1310-1380), heir of Robert de Coudray.

William de Agton (About 1350-1380), Lord of North Meols who was granted a royal pardon of outlawry from Anne of Bohemia, Queen of Richard II married Millicent Comyn, heir of John Comyn, (died 1370) Lord of Newbold Comyn and Kinsale in Ireland.

Hugh Aughton (1375-1417), Lord of the Manors of North Meols and Thistleton in Amounderness.

Nicholas Aughton (died 1488) Lord of the Manors of  North Meols and Thistleton in Amounderness.

Gilbert Aughton

Edmund Aughton (born 1498)

Gilbert Aughton (1520-1563)

John Aughton (1558-1607)

Gilbert Aughton (1580-1640)

John Aughton (1604-1675)

Alis Aughton (Before 1644-1720) married Thomas Baule (About 1640-1671)

Anne Ball (born 1668) married Hugh Howard (About 1650-1729)

Thomas Howarth (born 1700)

Thomas Howarth (1726-1766)

Alice Howard (born 1756) married Richard Rymer (1755-1832, Farmer)

Thomas Rymer (1780-1851)

Alice Rymer (born 1812) married Thomas Tomlinson (born 1807, Farmer)

Richard Tomlinson (1835-1902, Farmer)

Joseph Tomlinson (1866-1946)

Jane Tomlinson (1889-1972) married Robert Sidney ----- (1882-1983, Self Employed Landscape Gardener)

Robert Joseph Sidney ----- (1912-2015, Civil Engineer/Chief Buyer)

Wotans Krieger

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