Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Latest Attack on English Free Speech: the Online Forums Bill

On 11/9/2018 a Private Members' Bill was introduced by Lucy Powell, Labour MP for Manchester Central supported by the following MPs Nicky Morgan, Robert Halfon, Robert Neil, David Lammy, Anna Soubry, Jacob Rees-Mogg (yes you read that correctly), Ruth Smeeth, Luciana Berger, Stella Creasey and Jess Phillips. Some of these names will be familiar to my readers but what came as a shock to me was that someone like Rees-Mogg could give his support to this piece of pernicious proposed legislation.

I have attached a link to the Bill published online. I have read the Bill and it concerns placing a legal responsibility on the administrators and moderators of online forums for the content of the posts that are published on the said forums. Administrators and moderators that permit the publishing of posts with 'illegal' content would be guilty of a criminal offence that would be punishable by a prison sentence not exceeding 7 years and/or a fine. The Bill covers England and Wales. It is rather curious that the Bill does not actually define 'illegal' contents but the record of the First Reading is highly illuminating and I strongly recommend that my readers study all of the available parliamentary documents to be found by clicking on the link.

Powell in her introduction of the Bill refers to "the spreading of hate, racism, misogyny, antisemitism or misinformation", the latter term I understand is a euphemism for the much vaunted 'fake news' which has crept into the popular vernacular and has deep Orwellian undertones. Unless I am mistaken 'misogyny' is not a crime in England and Wales but I notice that Powell does not refer to the gender opposite of misogyny which is misandry. Having emotions whether they be love or hate is not yet a criminal offence in this country much to the chagrin I am sure of many of our political representatives! What is also not yet an offence is publishing alternative interpretations of current events but this Bill if passed could go some way to effectively outlawing any challenge to the official State and Capitalist narrative. This is why non-western news stations such as RT (Russia Today) are constantly singled out for attack in Parliament and has been again recently.

Wikipedia has a profile on Powell and it refers to her promotion of this Bill and it makes this very worrying comment: "This law has arisen in the context of legal precedent having been created whereby the context and intention of utterance is no longer pertinent in the defence of a hate speech charge, effectively rendering victims of the policy without the ability to defend themselves."  Hitherto it has always been incumbent upon the prosecution to prove INTENT. This Bill is the first that removes that requirement! It is Powell's intention that online discussion Forums, even private ones should be subject to the same journalistic standards as the media. This is patently ridiculous and it effectively further outlaws what little remains of our freedom of speech and our capability to inform our fellow citizens-something which the State is clearly terrified of.

As an aside I would remark that when a regime realises that it is on borrowed time it becomes more oppressive but any regime can be effectively opposed. Let us not forget how the USSR and the DDR came to an end, a PEACEFUL end by civil opposition. As a people we simply have to say "no more" and peacefully resist. These people are supposed to be our representatives, our servants, not our jailers but the United Kingdom is fast becoming one immense human jail where 'Thought Crime' now exists. Once upon our time only actions were outlawed, now words are outlawed. If you outlaw words and opinions you are also effectively outlawing thoughts which are inconvenient to the regime. This is nothing less than 'Thought Crime'.

The beginning of the curtailment of our freedoms began in 1986 with the Public Order Act, Part 3 of which prohibits "expressions of racial hatred" which effectively was the first piece of legislation to prevent our lawful opposition to our biological replacement in the land of our ancestors. Since then year by year new laws have been added to the statute book by both Conservative and Labour administrations to further shackle and emasculate us as a  people. This is just the latest attempt and it is a bloody disgrace. This Bill would provide the Police and Intelligence Agencies the legal authority to spy on our secret discussions which are often carried out by private messaging between forum members. Nothing effectively would be secret or private any longer. I quote Powell's literal words: "It would also stop groups being completely secret." THAT is sinister and again reminds me of George Orwell's Nineteen Eightyfour where no citizen is allowed any measure of privacy from the ever watchful eye of 'Big Brother'.

As I mentioned at the beginning this is a Private Members' Bill and most Private Members' Bills do not become legislation. However if the government is encouraged to get behind the Bill and support it then it certainly could. There is currently an online petition on the Parliamentary website which I have signed and I would encourage all of my concerned readers to sign (providing that you are resident in the United Kingdom). This is the link to the petition: Stop the Online Forums Bill and this is a link to the published Bill and introduction by Powell: Online Forums Bill The Second Reading of the Bill is scheduled to take place on 25/1/2019 which will mark the first full debate on the Bill. This should be covered live on the BBC Parliament channel.

I have mentioned several times in this article the name of George Orwell or Nineteen Eightyfour. Earlier this evening I kept getting Orwell's Nineteen Eightyfour in my mind, so much so that I started sourcing a copy online to buy as I have not read it in over 40 years and no longer have my original copy. Half an hour later I decided to check Wulf Ingesunnu's Inglinga blog and I saw that his latest post, posted today was indeed about Nineteen Eightyfour; clearly an example of synchronicity. This has happened many times over the years and this alone has compelled me to urgently write this article today. Here is a link to Wulf's post: http://inglinga.blogspot.com/2019/01/nineteen-eighty-four.html


Steed said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. What's the link to the bill's documentation?

Wuotans Krieger said...

Hello Steed. Click onto the Online Forums bill wording which is in red and it takes you through to the parliamentary bills webpage and you will find the bill and record of introduction speech under bill documents.