Friday, November 23, 2018

What Have They Done to the Earth?

I was inspired to write this having read Wulf Ingessunu's excellent article Wights, Elves & Dwarfs on his Inglinga blog. Wulf makes this very important point:

"The Spirit of Nature is being lost whilst rampant technology destroys everything that is sacred to us on the physical plane, at the same time driving the Spirits of Nature away at the same time."

I believe that as man has increased his development of technology he has done so at the expense of his environment. This is particularly the case after the Christianisation of man when he had been taught by the church to treat the earth and the living beings upon it as a 'commodity' to be exploited and ruthlessly so!

"God blessed them, and God said unto them, 'Be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.'" (Genesis 1:28, AV)   

The Abrahamic concept of having 'dominion' over other living creatures is diametrically opposed to our pre-Christian heathen faith where man is viewed as being just another part of the ecology of the earth. It is thus life-centred, not man-centred as we find in the Abrahamic religions. This man-centred approach accounts for man's flagrant exploitation, abuse and destruction of his environment whether it be our sacred forests, jungles, seas, rivers, lakes, animals, birds, fish and even the air itself. We are now witnessing the disappearance of many animal species. The destruction of the rain forests is also contributing towards climate change and despoliation of the planet as is industrial pollution, over-fishing and the filling of our seas and oceans with plastic crap.

The over-population of the earth is intensifying this process. If this were any other species it would have been culled long ago. According to the latest global population statistics as of 1st July 2018 the world's population stands at over 7.63 billion people. When one contrasts this to 1970 (3.7 billion) this is more than double! This is forecast to increase to 9.77 billion by 2050 which is more than triple the population in 1960 (3.03 billion). see This sends a shudder down my spine and I cannot help but reflect upon a certain episode of Startrek (The Mark of Gideon, episode 71, 1969) where Captain Kirk finds himself on the severely overpopulated planet of Gideon. The population of this planet have immense life spans which accounts for the overpopulation. A true hell on earth! Yet scientists are intent on discovering and developing technologies to unnaturally expand human life spans as if there were not more than enough people living today! Living to 500 This is pure insanity. Traditional wisdom (even to be found in the Bible) teaches us that 70 is a normal lifespan and 80 can be achieved if in good health. Live beyond this and you are risking disease and senility-a pointless existence! Yet our materialist British government (eager for the state pension age to keep on increasing) say that living longer is 'good news'!

"The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away." (Psalm 90:10, AV)

Mother Nature has a way of dealing with problems such as this. Not only is man overpopulating the earth and thus creating huge problems for the ecology of the planet but he is wantonly destroying his environment, thus making man (all races of man) the supreme parasite. Mother Nature, unwittingly helped by man is setting in place great devastation for mankind as disasters will strike the earth, making the fall of Atlantis a splash in a bathtub. From a purely selfish point of view all I can say is that I am glad, truly glad that I am getting old as nobody in their right mind will want to witness this.

In addition to the workings of Mother Nature we have the suicidal impulse of mankind, its never ending thirst for bloodshed and war. The vile and foul weapons of mass destruction hoarded by the criminal state of the USA and other powers have the potential to destroy practically all life upon the earth and indeed the planet itself. And yet the Trump regime is itching at its wild west trigger to unleash its evil weapons on China, Russia, North Korea, Syria and Iran-trying to make a name for himself, a lasting legacy that will outlive man. I would be very surprised if we do not witness a major conflict if not a third world war before Trump leaves the White House. However he is an old man and has nothing more to achieve-maybe it is a death wish? A death wish which he will bring upon his own country.

As man's thirst for fuel increases and the natural resources of the earth decrease instead of developing and relying upon the obvious, clean and free benefits of wind, solar and sea power he is determined to rape the earth even further, this time with the disgusting practice of fracking. Most of my English readers will be aware now of the almost weekly earth tremors that are taking place in Lancashire. Blind to the public opposition to fracking the British government in true undemocratic fashion is seeking to press ahead with yet more fracking licences, oblivious to the impending disaster that awaits us. I can only pity the insurance industry! 37 Earthquakes in Lancashire

The lyrics of Jim Morrison's When the Music's Over are strangely prescient:

"What have they done to the earth? What have they done to our fair sister? Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her. Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn and tied her with fences and dragged her down."

This week we have seen fresh warnings from United Nations scientists about the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases, the highest level in 3,000,000 years and that we are fast approaching a point of no return. Global Warming Yet Trump, the USA's biggest car salesman and arms dealer pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord in July 2017. This is despite the fact that the USA is one of the world's worst offenders, second only to China in carbon dioxide emissions.

We can as individuals and collectively with people of good will counter this insanity and we can start by seeking the co-operation of the Land Wights:

"We have to reverse this process and welcome the Spirits of Nature back into our world; this is not impossible and I am sure that these Spirits of Nature will welcome our attempts at setting right what has gone wrong. In the process, as we have shown, these Spirits of Nature also help give knowledge and wisdom that will aid us in our struggle." (Wulf Ingessunu)   



Daniele Bettini said...

Only "clean and free benefits of wind, solar and sea power" ?
No, there are many more that we could use!

Free energy technologies hidden for more than a century

Daniele Bettini said...

And maybe we could even learn that certain mistakes had already been committed in the past. But also their solution.



Wuotans Krieger said...

Thank you but this was a serious article. These links may be better suited to the David Icke forum.

WyrdWalker said...

I am keenly in sync with your comments on getting old and how approaching death is a veiled blessing; as one is forced to sit and watch the natural and man made world circle the drain. As I increasingly see the added wear and tear and feel the morning stiffness, it is more than a casual parallel to notice the earth losing it's replenishing glow. I feel that we are dying together. However, whereas the earth has the regenerative power to one day right herself, I will continue the slide into non physicality. Looking around, feeling already apart and separate from the general herd of men, this increasingly seems more of a release, a parole, than any sort of expulsion. The one thing I do feel is a quickening of time. Like a traveler rushing about to pack for a long journey, I feel much has yet to be absorbed by my spirit. I find myself less interested in arguing different points[ more interested in filling in my own missing links. As it seems to me that it is here and here only that certain things can become known. You did a good job of painting the picture of dangers approaching, while necessarily, from lack of space, leaving out 99% of it. I fear for the earth, weep for it in fact. What a curious, destructive breed of monkey many people are. We as a whole, were given a paradise....and have turned it into a toilet. The worst is yet to come.

MsVegasguy said...

Humans evolved to solve immediate problems of survival, NOT long term thinking. As I put it, we are clever at being stupid. Plus, modern dysgenic humans operate a gratify-the-immediate-impulse behavior system that encourages even shorter-term thinking. The only real solution is to evolve past the current form and become the Advanced Human, Nietzche's superman. But, since we have also stopped our evolution with dysgenic breeding and wars this won't happen until Nature intervenes. Wish I had an easy solution...

Wuotans Krieger said...

Thanks Wyrd Walker. I am 'on the same page' with you brother. Getting older in some ways is a blessing. It will be a terrible world and on that I can barely imagine. Some of these apocalyptical films are 'straight on the money' in terms of predicting the future.

Wuotans Krieger said...

Ms Vegas Guy, thanks for your comment. I believe that you are right in terms of lack of long term planning and foresight but I do not believe selective breeding is the answer. I outgrew that concept years ago. What is required is a spiritual awakening.

Thomas James Foster said...

Your claim that ancient 'heathen' man had view of nature 'diametrically' opposed to that codified in the Biblical verse is utter nonsense. They may have possessed a superstitious fear of personal powers contemptuous of man above and behind nature but the projection of a sort of reverent naturalistic piety and proto-evironmentalism onto them is frankly absurd. In fact modern enviornmentalism has stronger roots in that very Biblical verse interpreted as a responsibility for stewardship rather than a right to exploit. Heathen man had absolutely no compunction in exploiting nature indefinitely so long as he sacrificed a respectful portion of his material gains on the altars of his Gods and to suggest otherwise is quite ridiculous. There was no reverence for nature per se but rather a superstitious fear of avenging powers behind nature. As long as they were felt to placated through sacrifice the heathen would jovially exploit nature without limit.

Thomas James Foster said...

The real proto-environmentalists were undoubtedly the Catholic monks of the Middle Ages who saw nature as divine beneficence to be used wisely and moderately; they also considered the whole of nature, animate and inanimate, to be filled with spirit, much like the heathen but in a far less hostile, fearful and antagonistic manner. Christians did not become exponentially and dangerously exploitative until the later deistic phase under the negative aspect of the likes of Bacon, Descartes and Newton and their reduction of nature to a sort of dead clockwork mechanism to be taken apart and put together again at will.

Wuotans Krieger said...

Thomas, if you are going to post comments on another person's blog or website you should do so with a modicum of respect.
I do not know anything about you but from your two submitted (and published) comments I get the strong indication that you are a Christian of some sort and this is reflected in your apparent hostility towards the heathen Weltanschauung and your revisionism of mediaeval Christianity.
Genesis encourages man to view the earth as a commodity to be 'subdued' and exploited and we see that approach to the environment today in the USA which is still heavily infected with the virus of Christianity. I have termed this the Pilgrim Fathers Complex on my Aryan Myth and Metahistory blog. Drumpf is a personification of this pseudo-Christian cavalier approach to the earth and its ecology. His ignominious withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and his desire to build yet more nuclear weapons is testimony to the dangerous Christian view of the world. Our pre-xtian ancestors though not perfect had a healthy respect for their environment and recognised that numinous forces, even the Gods themselves were present in their environment. To suggest otherwise is nothing other than shaveling propaganda. Go peddle this nonsense elsewhere! Hail Woden!