Sunday, November 11, 2018

100 Years of the Folly of War

It is now 100 years since the end of WWI, a war in which my grandfather fought as a German soldier on both the western and eastern fronts. A war of horror, a waste of human life and the cause of a second equally stupid world war. And still the peoples of Europe have not learned from their warmongering ways. The generals who demonstrate public grief today will be at their desks tomorrow planning the next futile war on behalf of their political masters.

The politicians who agitate for war are in my opinion criminals. They do not fight the wars themselves but send thousands of young men to die as pawns on a political chessboard but my greatest anger is displayed towards those of you who are stupid enough to fight these wars. No one is compelled to take up arms-they never have been. You do so and as far as I am concerned you are little more than a human sheep. You deserve your fate tragic as that may be.

I believe that the 11th of November IS worth remembering but not in the way that it is done now. Remembrance now resembles more a badge of 'British' civic identity, an endorsement of war and 'support for the troops.' During the days of Blair there was opposition to the 'war against terror', as muted as that was but this was always countered with the idiotic mantra 'if you can't support the war, then at least support the troops.' This effectively meant 'shut up and support the war'. There have been brave conscientious objectors in WWI who refused to take up a combat role but engaged in a non-combat role such as stretcher bearer but even by doing this they were in fact supporting the war. A true conscientious objector to war should refuse to participate in any way.

By all means buy a poppy for November but it is far better that poppy be a white one-the true symbol of peace.


Mark C said...

Well said I completely agree.

Steed said...

Hear hear. And I'm glad that a fellow Wodenist has stepped forward with the same views that got me into hot water briefly some years ago.

runebinder said...

I've often wondered if the red poppy had any older symbolism than just the First World War...then I recalled how ex PM David Cameron was once asked to remove his red poppy whilst in China. The poppy is where opium comes from and as it was the 'British' Empire who dominated the opium trade I've no doubt that there is a connection to the symbol.