Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Charity Commission, the Steadfast Trust and the Denial of English Identity

I, like many of my readers will be aware that the Steadfast Trust was deregistered as a charity on 12 February 2015, although I believe that the organisation either still exists or has done after the aforementioned date. What wasn't clear to me at the time was the sinister reason for their removal from the register. The Commission alleges that the beneficiaries of the trust are such a nebulous entity that their existence is doubted! According to the Commission:

"not clear"  "that members of the Anglo-Saxon community living in England"  "could be identified or are a sufficient section of the public, as required in charity law." Civil Society

So these fools in charge of the Commission do not appear to be aware in their multiracial rainbow coloured blindness that despite the best efforts of the treasonous 'British' establishment to flood England with immigrants the English people, the Anglo-Saxon people of England are STILL a MAJORITY in this country-THEIR country. If the aforementioned statement was made about the Scottish, Welsh or any other racial or ethnic group there rightly would have been allegations of racism. The English as an identifiable ethnic group exist-even the government admits this via its own census categories thus the Charity Commission are denying the very existence of the ethnic group who created England and whose land this is. Imagine if something similar had been said by the Commission's equivalent in the USA about the Red Indians? This is not only hypocritical, a damned lie but also a sinister attempt to erase the English people from the history books.

If the denial of the existence of the ethnic English people were not enough the Commission then goes on to compound this error by saying that "the trust had never been a charity, and had been registered in error in 2004." If the trust "had never been a charity" then how or why was it ever registered and does this not also insult the valuable and very concrete work done by the trust over the years in helping the English people?

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