Wednesday, August 15, 2018

American Circumcision: An Indication of its Biblical Psychosis and the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex

I am sure that my readers will be aware of the arguments regarding Israel being a state built upon and maintained by a system of apartheid. Its biggest supporter, the USA was once also an apartheid state and built upon the genocide of its indigenous Indian tribal populations so we should not be surprised by the USA's apparently unconditional support for Israel regardless of how badly it behaves for the two states have much in common.

.Both states are built upon genocide.
.Both are nuclear states (Israel officially denies this but the whole world knows that it is lying. See Colin Powell Leaked emails: 'Israel has 200 nukes all pointed at Iran', Former US Secretary of State Says )
.Both states are/were apartheid states (yet the 'international community' chose to just single out South Africa for special treatment).
.Both states interfere in the politics of other states, causing instability and 'regime change'.

And most crucially both states see themselves as 'God's chosen', having a special mandate from the same demi-urge to dominate the world. I have said before that one can be a zionist without being ethnically or religiously jewish. Indeed some of the worst zionists are not jewish at all but subscribe to the christian faith (another branch of the semitic monotheistic and intolerant tree that includes islam). The rather strange, bizarre and peculiar worldviews of the USA have their roots in the European colonisers and a psychological complex which I have termed the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex (see USA, israel and the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex ) It is vital that my readers read the aforementioned article as it details my position regarding the USA, an abhorrent state that like Israel should never have come into being, both states being the primary cause of most of the world's woes and ills.

One issue that I have reflected upon recently is the high prevalence of male circumcision in North America and why this should be the case? Apparently circumcision is one of the most common surgical procedures carried out in hospitals in the USA. According to The National Health and Nutrition Surveys 80.5% of American males aged from 14-59 between 2005-2010 were circumcised. 90.8% of these were non-Hispanic white males! What on earth could account for this massive quantity of white Americans lacking foreskins in the USA? Canada also has a very high rate of circumcision-31.9%. Rates of circumcision vary greatly between individual territories with Alberta and Ontario having the highest rates (44.3% and 43.7% respectively) whilst the practise was almost non-existent in others (Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon and Nunavot-no doubt for racial and cultural reasons).

Neither the USA nor Canada have high muslim nor jewish populations so what could account for this heinous practise? The arguments for the reasons vary, ranging from medical reasons to puritanical conceptions regarding self-abuse to religious reasons. In my view one cannot separate the North American phenomenon of male circumcision from what I have already referred to: The Pilgrim Fathers' Complex. I believe that consciously or subconsciously this is the reason why American males who are neither jewish nor muslim are circumcised. Most people who have this procedure carried out will state that it is for non-religious reasons-usually to prevent diseases although there is no hard evidence to support the alleged medical benefits. With those people the desire to align themselves with the jews (and effectively to become jewish themselves)  subconsciously drives them to have their own or their sons' penises mutilated. That is what circumcision is-mutilation. Where the informed consent of this child is not obtained then this is in my opinion a form of child abuse. Indeed a court ruling in Koeln in Germany in 2012 effectively banned circumcision within its jurisdiction, causing much outrage amongst jews, muslims AND christians in that country! German Court Bans Male Circumcision  However under pressure from zionists and muslims the German Bundestag passed a new law effectively making circumcision legal throughout Germany. Circumcision Remains Legal in Germany

One hears often these days the term 'American Exceptionalism'. No, this term does not refer to the exceptionally large fat to body ratio of most Americans, their childlike excitability (whooping and 'high fives') nor their ignorance of the world outside of the Americas! The term is inextricably linked to Christian Millenialism which developed in the 19th century along with the notion of 'progress'. Consequently America collectively (not necessarily individually) views itself as a 'chosen people' and finds much in common with the jews and the state of Israel. Indeed despite the USA being a state supposedly not founded on religion it nevertheless views its 'god given' role as being inextricably linked to Israel and the Second Coming of Christ. Because of this aggrandised view of itself the USA considers that it has a 'divinely ordained' right to interfere with the internal politics of other countries, partly to further its own vested material interests but also to help fulfil the plan of the deeply psychotic desert tribal god known as Jehovah. American presidents-all of them cannot seem to help themselves. Despite his promises to his electorate during the presidential campaign Trump has gone against his promises of 'no regime change' and is now actively working to destroy the political order of North Korea, Russia and Iran.

The one thing however that we can take comfort from is that the USA is in the terminal stages of its illness and whilst it is staggering around the world stage like a drunk the corpse has little life left within it. We should take comfort from this!


Jenainsubrica said...

And you Inglinga what will you do?
Will you help your relatives, pilgrims who have fled overseas like the last time or will you support Europe this time?
I'm asking because I'm Longobard and I do not know how the situation is there.
Can I trust you?

Wotans Krieger said...

I have told you before-I AM NOT 'INGLINGA'! Wrong blog! I suggest you doublecheck my links list so that you find the right blog and blogger! I am not clear about what you are asking. My relatives have not "fled overseas"! Neither does political action concern or interest me. These blogs have a purely spiritual basis.

Joe Sevnson said...

Excerpt from "A True and Concise History of the Ku Klux Klan":

The United States of America is the queerest of creatures. There is nothing else quite like its unusual history and the non-Aryan elements that have flourished since its beginnings. The earlier Aryan nations (Europe) adopted Christianity at some later time in their existence, whereas, the United States was born into it or at least born into what has been labeled “Freemasonry”, which most certainly adores its Semitic brethren. The truth be known, the United States has always been Semitic. Who was Europe dumping off on the shores of America, as criminals and exiles, in the 17th and 18th centuries? It was a free ride, they were organized, the chameleon had a plan. By the 19th century, the red carpet was being rolled out for new arrivals. Doomed from the start, but there is still hope. A hope that is most needed when one experiences the dreadful realization of being born into “The New Atlantis”, which is just as damned and doomed as the old one.

It really is a can of worms that is nearly impossible to unravel. There were and are so many different factions with ulterior motives. The true Father of the Republic and Spymaster, George Washington, wrote that the same Illuminati and Jacobians who were responsible for the horrors of the French Revolution were already here. They served the interests of the Jewish house of Rothschild. Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were anything but “Christian”. The Declaration of Independence with such false attestations as “every man created equal” and “the pursuit of happiness” is an Illuminati document through and through. The Jewish Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, may as well have written it himself.

Jesuit, Freemason, Druid, Templar, Pirate, Slave Trader, Plantation Owner, Banker, Robber Baron, Republican, Democrat; just a few of the names the crypto-Semite has hid behind within the history of America. Washington and others who actually believed in a Republic would stand as vigilant as they could against the “Illuminists”, who worked hand and foot to deliver the country to Rothschild. The honorable Robert E. Lee would marry Washington’s granddaughter (step) and take up residence at Mount Vernon in VA. The Radical Thaddeus Stevens was schooled at Lancaster, PA. The lines were drawn, but no one should think that they were clearly drawn. The history of the United States is usually choosing the lesser of two evils. There is hardly a noble side, there are only noble individuals. Whether they like it or not, anyone who plays by the rules of the money changers is part of the conspiracy. The Ku Klux Klan would arise out of this mess, but their valiant reasons for existing (destiny) flew high above those earthbound with fancy clothes.

It really is a personal journey for each of us and it is a journey about character. Throughout this work we will try to recognize the Spirit behind such things and the transformation it causes in the Noble Soul. The transformation it has caused in the genuine Ku Klux Klan, which was always inspired by an ideal. We are not speaking of the FBI controlled organization that publicly calls itself the Ku Klux Klan. In no way are we advocating that someone join one of those parading groups of today. No doubt there are still some well-meaning folk in those public Klans, but they are surrounded by misfits and traitors. The Invisible Empire stays invisible because it is first and foremost an ideal, a way of thinking. The ideal is not in need of any banners or maps, the directions are already in the heart. It comes natural.

Wotans Krieger said...

Interesting quotation. Thanks for this Joe. Yes the KKK as we see them today on our television screens do not appear to me to be the genuine KKK but another example of the unfortunate American fetish for costumes and parades. They are hardly the 'Invisible Empire', a form of Holy Vehm but I concede that the real KKK probably do still exist and truly are 'invisible'. Indeed it is only in secret that anyone can hope to operate today.

Joe Sevnson said...

Glad you found it interesting. The true Order, for that is what it was always called, includes Bob Mathews and The Order. Same movement from 1867. It is shown in the book. Too many secrets in this world - on all sides, but that is the way it has to be. Don Serrano always said that "the Gods love a secret" and from what I can tell it is most certainly true. Many groups, many sides, many secrets. The accepted history books are for the workers, the slaves - who seem quite content with a beer and t.v., and yes America is far beyond redemption, but I think so is most of the world.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was we will be coming out with some new materials in the near enough future that you will probably be interested in. We will let you know, when the time is close. Best regards to you and yours. 88

WyrdWalker said...

I must admit to being a bit disturbed by the attitude of this post. While much of it's criticisms about America are true, I fail to see one aspect of America that wasn't inherited in similar form from her European ancestors. It is simply the center of world power at present, as England was 150 years ago. Being more advanced technologically, it has more capacity for destruction, that is all. That corruption runs the halls of both continents. As a matter of fact, such wholesale finger pointing rings hollow coming from a European continent that saw the slaughter of nearly 100 million of it's people at the hands of itself in the last century. Not to mention foreign domination across the globe for three or four centuries. Indeed, England still has her hands firmly in Hell's kitchen across the globe.....and where did America's Jews come from anyway? Interesting about the circumcisions. I would never do that to my son but when I was coming up, it was done by everyone as a matter of course as newborns, before leaving hospital. Out of my school days, in gym, I noticed in the showers that everyone was circumcised in my grade, save one fellow born in Germany. I do not agree with it....nor with SO VERY MUCH of other things in modern America OR Europe. To get to the meat of this....I wonder if your attitude towards America extends to all of us, even those of shared DNA structure and cultural/spiritual views? While we are rare...AS SURELY THEY ARE RARE IN ENGLAND, we do exist and we do share common ancestors, despite where our families have walked on this earth for the past couple hundred years. Surely you don't include those of like mind, scattered across the globe, as being excluded from the larger European circle, just because of the ground we live on and the government that we are trapped under? I don't see much use in Nationalism anymore and frankly don't see it as part of your psyche revealed in your writings. Immigration has pretty much killed historic nationalism. We are essentially the same, where ever we are, who are born of shared blood... who are raised and walk in the traditional ways, and we are in the same collective boat. I see much in the European news to complain about, yet I know that it is at the hands of your controllers, not because of the wishes of my cousins there. Western civilization in it's entirely, has been very sick for a few centuries. America is just part of it, not the cause of it. I think it will all have to go and find great wisdom in your recent writings concerning mass destruction which is on the way for this world. Maybe i'm wrong. Maybe you do find all non-native born Europeans as defiled and even those who identify with their RIGHTFUL heritage as suspicious and unworthy....but I think not and hoped you might take the opportunity to say so in clear terms either way.

WyrdWalker said...

Wotans Krieger, I thought I better followup with a qualifier. I DO think that most America's are nit-wits and beyond help and that is only my racial kin. Our hodgepodge color/racial mix beyond that, (which reminds me of modern Stockholm or London) is beyond comment. It is simply madness. My positive comments concerning our folk around the world is limited to those who share the blood and spirit of Woden/Wotan/Odin. The earth is now our home, not just the hills of Europe. As it once most probably was.... long ago.

Wotans Krieger said...

Hello Wyrd Walker. The article is concerned with the USA collectively-not individuals as I did say in one part of it. I agree with your comments regarding England and Europe as a whole-or at least the western part of it. The article is primarily about circumcision which is very strange to see this practised in a western country on non-semites and non-muslims and I cannot but help draw a link between this and the 'Pilgrim Fathers Complex'. The Pilgrim Fathers Complex explains why the USA has always thought of itself as a 'unique' nation and in a certain sense that is correct. Some American commentators draw parallels between the creation of the countries of the Americas with Europe but such a comparison is faulty. Whilst bloodshed has always existed and may be a component of the creation myth of many countries this cannot be excused in the case of the Americas as unlike the lands of Europe they had indigenous tribal groupings that resided there for millenia. The destruction of their cultures and religions and in the case of Central and South America-the robbery of their gold and riches by the Spanish and Portuguese is unforgivable and of course in the case of North America especially in the USA we have the biological genocide of the Red Indian tribes. None of this should ever have happened and the Americas should have been left alone but the Europeans interfered in the destiny of those peoples so what we are witnessing now with the darkening of the population of the USA is karma-or Garma to use a Listian term. I am no friend of empires, whether it be in the form of the Roman, British or American empires (the USA is an imperial power-military bases in many, many countries) and nothing good comes of empire, conquest, genocide or slavery. This is one of the spiritual causes of the Fall of the Third Reich. The way in which the Third Reich dealt with other races was not noble nor Aryan. We must not glorify everything about that period. The NSDAP was led astray and a genuine National and Socialist revolution was not brought to its completion-I have a great sympathy for the Strasserite faction of National Socialism-look at how they were dealt with. This then led to militarism and reckless behaviour and the inevitable destruction of the Reich and retribution. There is no easy solution to any of this-it will only end very badly.

WyrdWalker said...

I appreciate your response. I'm sure you know that I have the utmost respect for your stance and education concerning these matters, which exceed mine in many areas. Even after writing my prior response, I felt ambiguous as to it's context, as it encompasses so much of our past, present and future to attempt to send in a paragraph. I like you, am in my later 50's and primarily of Anglo/Germanic stock and am a bit of a misfit in my society, as you probably feel yourself in yours at times. It is natural to feel some loyalty to one's home ground yet I see the wisdom of holding onto the greater tribal picture. Comparatively, there are few globally who have come that far in their thinking but that thought I think, played here, is preaching to the choir. I too, am pessimistic beyond measure and sometimes wonder if anything is worth bothering with, since it's destined for destruction anyway. Yet I sense that is not the way of our Gods or Ancestors and we are but players in a larger drama. This is a good time to express my thanks to you for your blog. It provides me with many an evening of comradeship and contemplation and just goes to reinforce my position that we are all, as racial kin, of similar mind and common purpose. Well done and well told.