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The Relationship Between the Gothic *Iggws, Yngvi-Freyr and Kristos

I would like to start this article with an excerpt from Wulf Ingessunu's remarkable latest book At-Al-Land. Aryan Mysteries of the Northern Seas (Black Front Press, 2018):

"The Engles or Angles were the descendants of Ingwe, which we know to be right from the name Ingvaeones given to the peoples of the areas some of the English dwelt. Variants of these root-names exist all over Britain, indeed in the 'Celtic' areas such as Ireland and Scotland-Aengus, Oengus, Angus etc." (page 13)

According to the teaching of the Woden's Folk Religion and its Founder Wulf, Ingwe or Ing is the ancestor of the Angles. This teaching conforms with what we know from Tacitus's Germania about the tripartite division of the continental Germanic peoples into the Ingaevones or Ingvaeones, the Herminones and the Istaevones. I am not going to discuss today the other two tribal groupings as this subject has been covered before on my blogs. I wish to focus solely on the Ingaevones. From this North Sea coastal group came the tribes of the Frisii, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. The Ingaevones are the Ingwine, which translates as the 'Friends of Ing' and we find the term Ingwine in the Old English epic Beowulf. Pliny however writing in his Natural History lists not just three but five tribal groupings: the Ingaevones, the Istaevones, the Hermiones, the Bastarnae and the Vandili.

We known that the name or word Ing stems from the Proto-Germanic *Ingwaz, which signifies either 'man' or 'son of'. This eponymous ancestor of the Anglo-Saxons is the same deity as Freyr who is also known as Yngvi-Freyr, the divine ancestor of the Ynglinga, the dynasty which ruled ancient Sweden. Snorri Sturlusson refers to this dynasty in his Ynglingatal. Unfortunately this work is not available in an English translation that one can purchase. This is rather strange as it forms the first part of his Heimskringla, the rest of which IS available in English. Thus the only version which I have is in German. The Ynglingatal contains vital information about our Gods which supplements what is already found in Snorri's Prose Edda or Younger Edda. I find it incredulous that a portion of Heimskringla should not be published and that this contains important mythical information. Perhaps I am being overly suspicious?

In the Ynglingatal Snorri continues with his theory that the Gods were merely euhemerised human beings, a typical tactic of those Christians who wrote about the Gods and something which we should not accept on face value. Whilst Snorri was probably sympathetic towards the Gods of his ancestors we need to remember that he was still tainted with the false teachings of Christianity which sought to either demonise our Gods or to deny their existence. Ynglingatal tells us of the 'death' of both Odin and Freyr. I will now quote from the relevant passage regarding the 'death' of Freyr:

"Nach Njoerds Tod bekam Frey die Herrschaft. Er wurde Herrscher der Schweden genannt, und diese zahlten ihm nun die Koenigsabgaben. Er war allseits beliebt und an Gluecksjahren so reich wie sein Vater. Frey errichtete einen grossen Tempel in Uppsala. Dorthin verlegte er auch seine Haupstadt und liess in diese Einkauefe aus Land und losen Geldern fliessen, Damals began der 'Reichtum von Uppsala', der seitdem immer anhielt. Zu seiner Zeit fing der 'Frodi-Friede' an, und damals gab es auch fruchtbare Jahre durch alle Lande. Das fuehrten die Schweden auf Frey zurueck. Deshalb verehrte man ihn mehr als die anderen Goettern, da zu seiner Zeit in Folge des Friedens und der guten Jahre das Volk reicher wurde als jemals zuvor. Gerda, die Tochter Gymirs, war seine Frau. Ihr gemeinsamer Sohn hiess Fjoelnir. Ein anderer Name Freys war Yngvi. Der Name Yngvi wurde noch  lange Zeit danach in seinem Geschlecht als Ehrenname gebraucht, und seine Nachkommen nannten sich spaeter 'Ynglinge'.
"Nun wurde Frey krank, und als seine Krankheit schlimmer wurde, berieten sich seine Leute untereinander und liessen nur wenige Menschen zu ihm. Sie errichteten einen grossen Grabhuegel und machten Eine Tuer und Fenster daran. Und als Frey tot war, trugen sie ihn Heimlich in den Huegel und sagten den Schweden, dass er noch am Leben waere. So verwahrten sie ihn dort drei Jahre lang und schuetteten alle Abgaben in den Grabhuegel. Durch das eine Fenster das Gold, durch das andere Silber, und durch das dritte Fenster die Kupfermuenzen. So geschah es, dass Frieden und Fruchtbarkeit noch weiter anderdauerten."  (Die Sage von den Ynglingen, translation from Old Norse to German by Grimnir Harbardson, 2013)  

Wotans Krieger's translation:

"After Njord's death Freyr received the rule. He was named the ruler of Sweden, and they paid to him now the royal taxes. He was popular with everyone and in his lucky years as rich as his father. Frey built a great temple in Uppsala. He also moved his capital city there and let his possessions and money from the country flow into it. Then began the 'wealth of Uppsala' which has remained ever since. During his time began the 'peace of Frodi', and at that time there were also fruitful years throughout all the country. The Swedes ascribed that to Freyr. Therefore he was worshipped more than the other gods because in his days due to the peace and the good years the people became richer than ever before. Gerda, the daughter of Gymir was his wife. The son that they had together was called Fjolnir. Another name for Freyr was Yngvi. The name of Yngvi a long time after that was used as a name of honour in his race and his descendants were later called Ynglinger.
"Now Freyr became sick and as his sickness became worse his men consulted amongst themselves and allowed only a few people to approach him. They built a great grave mound in which they made a door and a window. And when Freyr was dead they carried him secretly into the mound and told the Swedes that he was still alive. Thus they watched over him there for three years long and poured all the taxes into the grave mound. Through the one window the gold, through the other silver and through the third window the copper coins. So it happened that peace and fruitfulness still continued to last."

Now it is quite possible that a great human king of the Swedes called (after) Freyr did indeed exist but it is perfectly plausible that he embodied the qualities of the God or as many of us would say he was an embodiment of the archetype or was indeed an avatar. This is all possible. That does not in any way negate the reality of the separate existence of the God Himself of course. It is also possible that the Swedes having forgotten the name of their great king thus named him after one of their principal deities. This same God Yngvi-Freyr as I have said was worshipped not only by the Swedes but by the Anglo-Saxon tribes. Even the way in which the English pronounce England is not 'england' as the Germans would say but Ing-land. I believe that this is a significant folk memory that has lingered on for hundreds of years.

After reading and rereading Wulf's words on Ing I suddenly had the realisation that this Anglo-Saxon and Swedish deity was also linked to the Gothic family of Gods. I refer my readers to the excellent albeit relatively short work on the Goths by Edred Thorson, The Mysteries of the Goths. In this work Edred identifies four Gothic deities: Gauts (who I have an ancestral link to), *Teiws, *Fairguneis and remarkably *Iggws who Edred identifies as Yngvi-Freyr:

"Scant but compelling evidence points to the worship of a god known from common Germanic times as *Ingwaz, the earth-god. Ingwaz has been identified as a Vanic deity in the north, and his name is linked with that of Freyr, whose name is really a title, "the Lord". The combination of Yngvi-Freyr is known in Sweden, and Yng- may have indeed been the root of the true name of the god who went by the title the Lord (Freyr) in the north. In the Gothic realms there is evidence for the presence of this god, and further evidence that he was consciously syncretized with the new Christian cult. Ingwaz was the older rune-name for the /ng/ sound. As we see with the Gothic writing system, the /gn/ sound is spelled with a double /g/ in imitation of the Greek orthography. However, Ulfilas used the name *iggws for the Greek letter X (chi), which was used almost exclusively in Gothic for writing the name of Christ. Ulfilas has gone well out of his way to use the name *iggws and to attach it to a letter which is primarily a label for the name of the hero of the new religion."

So here we have a direct link between Ing/Yngvi-Freyr and the Christ archetype of the New Testament. Indeed a further synchronicity is found in one of the titles of the Christ-the 'son of man'. This is one of the meanings of Ing. Indeed according to Tacitus He was the son of Mannus, the son of Tuisto:

"In ancient lays, their only type of historical tradition, they celebrate Tuisto, a god brought forth from the earth. They attribute to him a son, Mannus, the source and founder of their people, and to Mannus three sons, from whose names those nearest the Ocean are called Ingvaeones, those in the middle Herminones, and the rest Istvaeones. Some people, inasmuch as antiquity gives free reign to speculation, maintain that there were more sons born from the god and hence more tribal designations-Marsi, Gambrivii, Suebi, and Vandilii-and that those names are genuine and ancient." (Tacitus, Germania 2.2, J.B. Rives translation)  

I find it remarkable that we have two points of synchronicity between Ing and Christ, the titles 'Lord' and 'son of man'. When it comes to the Bible not everything is as it seems and we must remember that this work contains plagiarisms from other cultures, notably the Aryan and the Babylonian (a fact recognised by the Founders of both Wotansvolk in the USA and Woden's Folk in England). The link between the divine ancestor of the Anglo-Saxons and the Christ may be a useful tool that we can use in order to 'reach out' to other folkish English people or people of English descent who still cling to the Christian religion. Ing may be used as a 'bridge' to bring people in to folkish Wodenism.  There are other things that I would like to say about this but this is enough to reflect on for now!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Charity Commission, the Steadfast Trust and the Denial of English Identity

I, like many of my readers will be aware that the Steadfast Trust was deregistered as a charity on 12 February 2015, although I believe that the organisation either still exists or has done after the aforementioned date. What wasn't clear to me at the time was the sinister reason for their removal from the register. The Commission alleges that the beneficiaries of the trust are such a nebulous entity that their existence is doubted! According to the Commission:

"not clear"  "that members of the Anglo-Saxon community living in England"  "could be identified or are a sufficient section of the public, as required in charity law." Civil Society

So these fools in charge of the Commission do not appear to be aware in their multiracial rainbow coloured blindness that despite the best efforts of the treasonous 'British' establishment to flood England with immigrants the English people, the Anglo-Saxon people of England are STILL a MAJORITY in this country-THEIR country. If the aforementioned statement was made about the Scottish, Welsh or any other racial or ethnic group there rightly would have been allegations of racism. The English as an identifiable ethnic group exist-even the government admits this via its own census categories thus the Charity Commission are denying the very existence of the ethnic group who created England and whose land this is. Imagine if something similar had been said by the Commission's equivalent in the USA about the Red Indians? This is not only hypocritical, a damned lie but also a sinister attempt to erase the English people from the history books.

If the denial of the existence of the ethnic English people were not enough the Commission then goes on to compound this error by saying that "the trust had never been a charity, and had been registered in error in 2004." If the trust "had never been a charity" then how or why was it ever registered and does this not also insult the valuable and very concrete work done by the trust over the years in helping the English people?

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Are the Gods Merely Archetypes?

The question of the nature of the Gods is something which has given me much food for thought over recent months. Following a recent conversation with somebody I wish to set forth my thoughts regarding this issue so that people who read this and my other blogs may understand the position which I take on this issue.

I believe that our Gods may be understood on a number of different levels. I accept the theory that they may be viewed as archetypes in a Jungian sense. Many modern heathens and I stress the word modern, are influenced greatly by Jung's work on archetypes, especially his essay Wotan (1936). Whilst I believe that Jung's contribution to the subject is useful and has a great deal of merit I do not accept that this is all that the Gods are. Let me quote the most relevant part of Wotan here:

"Archetypes are like river-beds which dry up when the water deserts them, but which it can find again at any time. An archetype is like an old water-course along which the water of life has flowed for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself. The longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that sooner or later the water will return to its old bed."

Of course the Germanic peoples were heathen for much longer than they were held under the grip of Christianity which by comparison is just (an unfortunate) blip in time. The people are thus able still to find their ancient deities with not too much trouble for in a sense they are part of our very nature and the fabric of  our being. Jung believed that given the right circumstances  they could manifest themselves within the collective life of a people. In his assessment of the phenomenon of the rise of National Socialism in Germany I believe that his analysis in this regard is correct. However it is sheer folly on our part to believe that this all that the Gods are. Jung was a scientist and the founder of Analytical Psychology but he was not a follower of the Ancient Ones. We should thus not feel ourselves to be constrained by his interpretation as it is the interpretation of a scientist but I feel that many heathens have been. In fact Jung took a rather scathing view of people who believed that the Gods had an existence independent of the people who honoured and believed in them:

"A mind that is still childish thinks of the gods as metaphysical entities existing in their own right, or else regards them as playful or superstitious inventions." (Wotan)

This is a typical materialist and almost atheist perspective. Jung, the scientist would seem to know better the nature of our Gods than our ancestors. Jung, like everyone was a product of his time and sought to explain the 'irrational' in rational terms and this simply does not work. Thus whilst I value Jung's contribution it is a grave mistake for us to regard his interpretation as the only valid one. Our ancestors certainly did see the Gods as existing "in their own right" and gave due reverence to them (See Tacitus's Germania). If all the Gods are are archetypes then why give them reverence or even honour? Are we not deceiving ourselves? For if they are only archetypes then all we do is give honour to a part of ourselves. I fail to see why our ancestors would think this way. The Gods as archetypes is a 20th and 21st century rationalisation of the divine and for some strange reason it is only the heathen deities that are rationalised in this way, not the Abrahamic one!

Edred Thorsson discusses the nature of the Gods in chapter 11 of his very interesting A Book of  Troth :

"What are the gods and goddesses? To this question there can be many answers. Much depends on the level of understanding any one true man or woman has at one time. REAL gods, like REAL people, are not one-dimensional easily defined, pigeonholed entities. Some understand the gods as pure mental or psychological constructs, some as true living beings, and others as forces of nature. The troth does not put limits on types of understandings that true folk come to on this."

In my opinion Edred's presentation of the Gods is far more honest than that of Jung's. There is no reason at all why the Gods cannot be viewed in more than one way. They are complex and as Edred has said "are not one-dimensional easily defined, pigeonholed entities". I certainly do not think that anyone who has spent mere weeks or months meditating on this can come to a valid opinion. To know the Gods takes a lifetime and I have spent half of my life on this sacred quest and I am still searching for answers.

Stephen A. McNallen in his Asatru. A Native European Spirituality states:

"They exist on the very margins of our comprehension...yet, as we shall see, they are intimately involved in all that we are. Secondly, they are powers. They are potent, energy-filled, with capacity for action on a scale we can hardly imagine.
"For hundreds of generations, our ancestors believed the Gods and Goddesses to be as real as their own family, as real as the mountains hovering on the horizon, or the clouds blowing through the sky."

Modern man in his conceit believes that he is the pinnacle of all that is, that there can be no higher power. If you are a heathen and only believe the Gods to be manifestations of psychic impulses within the Collective Unconscious then how do you differ from a pure atheist? Is your understanding of the Gods thus superior to that of our ancestors who were not influenced by Christianity or materialist science? If we believe that there are forces and powers, sentient beings that exist in different dimensions or on a higher vibrational frequency then why is it so difficult to accept the concept that we are the product of a divine agency, not 'evolution', a purely materialistic and faulty concept, for modern man as he is today is not the product of 'evolution' but involution! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

American Circumcision: An Indication of its Biblical Psychosis and the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex

I am sure that my readers will be aware of the arguments regarding Israel being a state built upon and maintained by a system of apartheid. Its biggest supporter, the USA was once also an apartheid state and built upon the genocide of its indigenous Indian tribal populations so we should not be surprised by the USA's apparently unconditional support for Israel regardless of how badly it behaves for the two states have much in common.

.Both states are built upon genocide.
.Both are nuclear states (Israel officially denies this but the whole world knows that it is lying. See Colin Powell Leaked emails: 'Israel has 200 nukes all pointed at Iran', Former US Secretary of State Says )
.Both states are/were apartheid states (yet the 'international community' chose to just single out South Africa for special treatment).
.Both states interfere in the politics of other states, causing instability and 'regime change'.

And most crucially both states see themselves as 'God's chosen', having a special mandate from the same demi-urge to dominate the world. I have said before that one can be a zionist without being ethnically or religiously jewish. Indeed some of the worst zionists are not jewish at all but subscribe to the christian faith (another branch of the semitic monotheistic and intolerant tree that includes islam). The rather strange, bizarre and peculiar worldviews of the USA have their roots in the European colonisers and a psychological complex which I have termed the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex (see USA, israel and the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex ) It is vital that my readers read the aforementioned article as it details my position regarding the USA, an abhorrent state that like Israel should never have come into being, both states being the primary cause of most of the world's woes and ills.

One issue that I have reflected upon recently is the high prevalence of male circumcision in North America and why this should be the case? Apparently circumcision is one of the most common surgical procedures carried out in hospitals in the USA. According to The National Health and Nutrition Surveys 80.5% of American males aged from 14-59 between 2005-2010 were circumcised. 90.8% of these were non-Hispanic white males! What on earth could account for this massive quantity of white Americans lacking foreskins in the USA? Canada also has a very high rate of circumcision-31.9%. Rates of circumcision vary greatly between individual territories with Alberta and Ontario having the highest rates (44.3% and 43.7% respectively) whilst the practise was almost non-existent in others (Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon and Nunavot-no doubt for racial and cultural reasons).

Neither the USA nor Canada have high muslim nor jewish populations so what could account for this heinous practise? The arguments for the reasons vary, ranging from medical reasons to puritanical conceptions regarding self-abuse to religious reasons. In my view one cannot separate the North American phenomenon of male circumcision from what I have already referred to: The Pilgrim Fathers' Complex. I believe that consciously or subconsciously this is the reason why American males who are neither jewish nor muslim are circumcised. Most people who have this procedure carried out will state that it is for non-religious reasons-usually to prevent diseases although there is no hard evidence to support the alleged medical benefits. With those people the desire to align themselves with the jews (and effectively to become jewish themselves)  subconsciously drives them to have their own or their sons' penises mutilated. That is what circumcision is-mutilation. Where the informed consent of this child is not obtained then this is in my opinion a form of child abuse. Indeed a court ruling in Koeln in Germany in 2012 effectively banned circumcision within its jurisdiction, causing much outrage amongst jews, muslims AND christians in that country! German Court Bans Male Circumcision  However under pressure from zionists and muslims the German Bundestag passed a new law effectively making circumcision legal throughout Germany. Circumcision Remains Legal in Germany

One hears often these days the term 'American Exceptionalism'. No, this term does not refer to the exceptionally large fat to body ratio of most Americans, their childlike excitability (whooping and 'high fives') nor their ignorance of the world outside of the Americas! The term is inextricably linked to Christian Millenialism which developed in the 19th century along with the notion of 'progress'. Consequently America collectively (not necessarily individually) views itself as a 'chosen people' and finds much in common with the jews and the state of Israel. Indeed despite the USA being a state supposedly not founded on religion it nevertheless views its 'god given' role as being inextricably linked to Israel and the Second Coming of Christ. Because of this aggrandised view of itself the USA considers that it has a 'divinely ordained' right to interfere with the internal politics of other countries, partly to further its own vested material interests but also to help fulfil the plan of the deeply psychotic desert tribal god known as Jehovah. American presidents-all of them cannot seem to help themselves. Despite his promises to his electorate during the presidential campaign Trump has gone against his promises of 'no regime change' and is now actively working to destroy the political order of North Korea, Russia and Iran.

The one thing however that we can take comfort from is that the USA is in the terminal stages of its illness and whilst it is staggering around the world stage like a drunk the corpse has little life left within it. We should take comfort from this!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Odin After Ragnarok

It is generally believed that Odin will 'die' at Ragnarok whilst fighting the wolf Fenrir:

"Then the second grief of Frigg comes about when Odin advances to fight against the wolf, and the bright slayer of Beli against Surt; then the beloved of Frigg must fall." (Voluspa 53, Larrington translation)

Now note that it is said that Odin must "fall". He will be defeated yes but it does not state that he will 'die'. We are then told that Odin's son Vidar avenges His father by slaying Fenrir, the "kinsman" of Loki:
"Then the great son of War-father, Vidar, advances against the Beast of Slaughter; with his hand he stabs his sword to the heart of Loki's kinsman: then his father is avenged." (Voluspa 54, Larrington)

Now I am aware that Snorri Sturluson when writing in his Younger Edda states that "The wolf will swallow Odin. That will be the cause of his death." (Gylfaginning, Faulkes translation) However that is a very superficial understanding of the myth by Snorri. One must remember that the Poetic Edda is the elder of the two Eddas, whilst Snorri's Prose Edda is based mainly upon the earlier work although there are some details in the Younger Edda which do not occur in the older work. The Younger Edda is basically a teaching treatise of the techniques of skaldic poetry and whilst Snorri showed some sympathy for our ancient Gods it must not be forgotten that he was a Christian. He attempts to euhemerise the Gods both in his Edda and in the Heimskringla and this has caused a great deal of confusion amongst modern day seekers of truth who are led astray by some of his interesting but bizarre theories.

Can the Gods really die? I do not think so but I believe that they have the power to transform themselves if they so wish. Gods like all living beings are constituted of energy and energy cannot die: it changes or dissipates but it does not die. This is the First Law of Thermodynamics. If this is true of human beings then how much more so of the Gods? Indeed we have this remarkable passage in Gylfaginning:

"He lives throughout all ages and rules all his kingdom and governs all things great and small." (Faulkes)

If Odin "lives throughout all ages" then He is surely immortal? In fact after Ragnarok He will dwell in Gimle with the righteous dead as I have already discussed in my earlier article on Aryan Myth and Metahistory- Gimle-the Future Abode of Odin's Chosen The relevant Eddic passage which refers to this is:

"And all men who are righteous shall live and dwell with him himself in the place called Gimle or Vingolf, but wicked men go to Hel and on to Niflhel; that is down in the ninth world." (Gylfaginning, Faulkes) 

Currently no men, living or dead dwell in Gimle: it is the home of the light elves:

"But we believe it is only light-elves that inhabit these places for the time being." (Gylfaginning, Faulkes)

As my other article makes clear it will be the righteous believers in Odin who will find refuge from the fires of Surt at Ragnarok which I believe may very well be a nuclear holocaust. The devatation from this holocaust will be so severe that not only the earth but the heavens will be affected. However Gimle and its inhabitants will operate on a higher frequency of vibration as will Odin Himself as All-Father will dwell in Gimle after Ragnarok. The above verses make clear that this will be at a future time-after Ragnarok and Odin Himself will live for ever but He will abandon the stage to make way for the other Gods who will dwell on Idavoll "where Asgard had been previously." (Gylfaginning, Faulkes)

However Voluspa has this intriguing verse:

"Then the powerful, mighty one, he who rules over everything, will come from above, to the judgement-place of the gods." (Voluspa 65, Larrington)

Who is the "powerful, mighty one, he who rules over everything"? I believe that the clue is again found in Gylfaginning:

"He lives throughout all ages and rules all his kingdom and governs all things great and small." (Faulkes)

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Gimle-the Future Abode of Odin's Chosen

Further to my article Garma, Ragnarok and the New Aryan Man I have given additional reflection to the future abode of regenerated man. Again the Eddas are my primary source as I wish to consider this issue from the standpoint of Germanic mythology. The Eddas make reference to a place called Gimle: 

"A hall she sees standing there, fairer than the sun, thatched with gold, at Gimle; there the noble lords will live and spend their days in pleasure." (Voluspa 64, Elder Edda, Larrington translation)

Who are these "noble lords"? Benjamin Thorpe in his translation of Voluspa uses the term "righteous people":

"She a hall sees standing than the sun brighter, with gold bedecked, in Gimill: there shall the righteous people dwell, and for evermore happiness enjoy." (Voluspa 62) 

Henry Adams Bellows translates this verse as:

"More fair than the sun, a hall I see, Roofed with gold on Gimle it stands, There shall the righteous rulers dwell, And happiness ever there shall they have." (Voluspa 64) 

W.H Auden & P.B. Taylor:

"Fairer than sunlight, I see a hall. A hall thatched with gold in Gimle: Kind Lords shall live there in delight for ever."

Jacqueline Simpson:

"I see a hall all thatched with gold stand fairer than the sun; There just men shall live and rejoice in bliss while endless ages run."  


"A house I see that standeth there, bright-builded, than the sun more fair; o'er Gimli shines its tiles of gold, its halls no grief nor evil hold, and there shall worthy men and true in living days delight pursue."

Olive Bray:

"I see yet a hall more fair than the sun, roofed with gold in the Fire-sheltered realm; ever shall dwell there all holy beings, blest with joy through the days of time." (Voluspa 64) 

This is just a selection of some of the translations available. So we have the following interpretations of the future inhabitants of Gimle:

.noble lords
.righteous people
.righteous rulers
.Kind Lords
.just men
.worthy men
.holy beings

That is quite a variation in terms of the translation of two Old Norse words-'dyggvar drottir' which in my very limited understanding of the language means 'virtuous (or righteous) rulers'. Bellows is the only one of the aforementioned translators to have got it right although Larrington is not far off the mark! However who are these 'righteous rulers'? Are they Gods, men or some other type of being? For clarification of this point we need to search out other references to Gimle in the Eddas. To my knowledge the term occurs in three passages in the Younger Edda.

If we turn to Gylfaginning in the Younger Edda we find a repetition of the relevant verse in Voluspa:

"I know a hall standing fairer than the sun, better than gold, at Gimle. There shall virtuous men dwell, and for all ages enjoy delight." (Faulkes translation)

Anthony Faulkes uses the term "virtuous men". Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur translates instead the term as "the doers of righteousness":

"A hall I know standing than the sun fairer, Thatched with gold in Gimle bright; There shall dwell the doers of righteousness And ever and ever enjoy delight." 

Unfortunately I do not have access to the Old Norse original text of Gylfaginning so I cannot comment upon the accuracy of the translation but the above two examples have "virtuous men" or "the doers of righteousness", indicating the human origins of these inhabitants.

Not only do men live in Gimle but so does Odin according to Gylfaginning:

"But his greatest work is that he made man and gave him a soul that shall live and never perish though the body decay to dust or burn to ashes. And all men who are righteous shall live and dwell with him himself in the place called Gimle or Vingolf, but wicked men go to Hel and on to Niflhel; that is down in the ninth world." (Faulkes)

Again we have further emphasis on the 'good' and 'virtuous' men who reside in Gimle:

"There will then be many mansions that are good, and many that are bad. The best place to be in heaven then will be Gimle, and there will be plenty of good drink for those that take pleasure in it and the hall called Brimir. That is also in heaven. That is also a good hall which is situated on Nidafioll, built of red gold. It is called Sindri. In these halls shall dwell good and virtuous people." (Gylfaginning, Faulkes)

It is clear that Gimle will itself be protected from the fires of Surt and will be the only safe refuge for the remnant of humanity which will survive:

"Then spoke Gangleri: 'What will protect this place when Surt's fire burns heaven and earth?'
"High said: 'They say there is another heaven south of and above this heaven of ours, and that heaven is called Andlang; and that there is a third heaven still further above that one, and that is called Vidblain, and that it is only light-elves that inhabit these places for the time being.' " (Gylfaginning, Faulkes) 

That is a very interesting revelation for it is clear that Gimle is reserved for a future event-the rescue of a remnant of humanity during and after the events of Ragnarok which in my opinion will be centred on a nuclear holocaust which will engulf the world, reaching up to the heavens. Gimle will be the only safe refuge.

The southernmost location of Gimle in the heavens is emphasised and that it will survive not only Ragnarok but the passing away of heaven and earth:

"At the southernmost end of heaven is the hall which is fairest of all and brighter than the sun, called Gimle. It shall stand when both heaven and earth have passed away, and in that place shall live good and righteous people for ever and ever." (Gylfaginning, Faulkes) 

The etymology of Gimle is quite instructive-"the place protected from fire." (Dictionary of Northern Mythology, Rudolf Simek)

Whilst a remnant of mankind will survive it does not appear that he will repopulate the earth but will exist in a different dimension and on a higher vibratory frequency as he once did in the Satya Yuga or Golden Age. On this frequency he can openly communicate with the Gods and other entities.  Indeed only those who are 'righteous' in the eye of Odin will live on. In view of the devastation that man has wreaked upon the earth and will continue to do so until a stop is put to his selfish behaviour it is only fitting that our earth be free from him. If as some speculate Aryan man does not have his origins on this planet but 'in the stars' then perhaps it is indeed right that he leave the earth!

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Garma, Ragnarok and the New Aryan Man

After nearly 6 decades of living on this planet I have come to the conclusion that man is a bacillus on the face of our sacred Mother Earth, a bacillus and a parasite that MUST and WILL be exterminated. Before anyone attempts to accuse me of 'genocide' I am referring to mankind as a whole, NOT a specific race or a people.

The sacred scriptures of many cultures all appear to prophesise a series of events which will trigger a calamity whose end result is the extermination of man from the planet. Even the Old and New Testaments (largely a plagiarism from Indo-European and Babylonian scriptures and world views) refer to these 'end time' events. In reality these are not 'end time' events as 'time' does not 'end'. Neither does it 'start'. The semitic and hence christian concept of time is linear with a 'beginning' and an 'end'. It is thus in the very nature of semitic monotheism to conceive of an 'end' but nevertheless there is much truth in these plagiarised writings as the late great founder of American Wotanism David Lane discovered. (See Deceived, Damned & Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane, 1999)

It is not my intention to do a grand survey of the aforesaid writings but merely to focus on those writings which relate to our own culture, traditions and religions-the Eddas. Before I do so I wish to make some very important points to all those who read this blog, whether they be regular or occasional readers or those who stumble upon my blogs via a search engine. It is time that we as folkish and racially aware people admit to one vital fact. We as human beings have a tendency, a certain psychological predisposition to blame others or the 'other' for when things go wrong, whether this be in our personal lives or when we consider the state of our lands or the world as a whole. More often than not many of my regular readers (usually Americans) will blame 'the Jews' for the collective misfortune of our peoples. Some will try to post comments that are extreme even by my standards. I will not entertain any such nonsense on my blogs and such readers would be better served by seeking out the lunatic fringe which is represented by the likes of 'Daily Stormer'. Whilst I am folkish and a racialist I am not a 'racist'. It is important to understand the difference. I am not interested in promoting the genocide of  other races or doing harm to anyone unless they seek to do harm to me. I am not a 'white supremacist' but a European or Aryan survivalist. 

Apart from an ability to form ever new and more devious means of killing his brother or exploiting the finite precious resources of the earth 'Aryan' man has no cause to assume any notions of 'supremacy'.  However I do not expect the likes of FSTDT or 'Maggie Benn' (clearly a made up name) to appreciate the difference! However having said that I DO recognise that certain groups within our populations habitually seek to undermine the interests of the native European populations and Jewish and Islamic groups are no exception as they naturally will promote their own interests not just alongside the native population but ABOVE them and will seek to use any means to silence opposition to their agendas. I must make clear though that I am talking about GROUPS, not individuals.

As European peoples we are collectively (including our ancestors and forbears) responsible for the current state of our lands and peoples. It is pointless, unproductive and foolish to blame any other group or groups of people for our own collective (and individual) faulty decision making. If other groups such as Zionists for instance have gained the upper hand then we have only ourselves to blame for our weakness in not effectively opposing them. It is time that we matured and accepted a collective and personal responsibility for 'our' actions. Likewise we must recognise that Karma or to use a Listian term, Garma is at work in the world today. Let me offer one example, primarily for my American readers-the genocide of the Red Indians and the theft of their tribal lands have had a garmic effect on the USA from the mid 20th century onwards which has seen unrestrained immigration and excessive breeding by the negro and Latin populations which in turn has resulted in the northern European element of the American population reducing to just 62% in 2016. Madison Grant was one of the first Americans to identify the decline of the Nordic element in European Americans in his controversial work The Passing of the Great Race, published as long ago as 1916. This work deserves study. However he failed ultimately to recognise the real cause of the decline which is spiritual and not biological in nature.

Many 'white nationalists' in the USA regard this racial decline as a 'genocide'. It isn't. It is solely the effect of both immigration, the importation of negro slaves and excessive unrestrained breeding by the non-northern European elements but the effect is nevertheless garmic because of the blood guilt inherited by the descendants of the northern European colonists for the genocide of the Indians and their practise of slavery. The cause of the biological decline has its origins in the acts of the European colonialists centuries ago and is thus spiritual in nature. The objectives of the initial waves of Europeans were to pillage the resources of the Americas and spread the lies of Christianity. Doubtlessly this statement will vex many of my American readers but it is a truth that needs to be stated. All causes have an effect and all actions a reaction. It is for this reason that I feel very little sympathy for the plight of the USA which has also been instrumental in the dismantling of traditional societal structures not only in Europe but all those parts of the world which are under the influence of the USA. This destruction of the traditional world (meant in the Evolian sense of the term) has been brought about firstly via violent means such as the destruction of the Third Reich and subsequent and almost countless 'regime changes' throughout the Middle East and the Far East from the 1950s onwards. This interference in the affairs of others continues unto the present day, even under the administration of fork tongue Trump who was elected on the promise of "no more regime change" but continues to threaten the likes of North Korea, Iran and Russia with a potential nuclear holocaust if they continue to resist the onward march of American (and thus Zionist) imperialism. Racially the USA is reaping what it has sown both as the result of its near extermination of the Indian tribes, its embrace of African slavery and its attempt to interfere with the natural (and racial) order in other societies, all spurred on by what it sees as its biblical and 'god' granted world 'mission'. In reality it is nothing more than a used up tool of the racist and apartheid state of Israel.

Likewise we see the former imperialism of the British Empire having a reverse effect upon the United Kingdom with the implosion of the empire and the subsequent invasion of these islands by African and Asian elements since the 1950s all with the collusion of traitorous politicians in Westminster. This in turn is garmic. The current native populations of the United Kingdom are suffering the garmic effects of their ancestors' participation in the conquest that forged the British Empire. That is not to say that the ordinary soldiers who participated in the conquest benefitted from these crimes-they did not but nevertheless their actions are having a garmic effect upon their descendants. I realise that it was solely the already wealthy elites and not the broad masses who were used as cannon fodder in the creation of the empire who benefitted from its ill begotten gains. However the question needs to be asked why the masses are so willing to do their masters' bidding? Is this dubious 'quality' something which has been bred into the masses over the centuries to create a serf like instinct? Does it have its origins in the feudal society created by the victorious Normans after 1066? Or can it be traced back even earlier? This question is something that will need to be left for a later article! It is interesting however to observe that the aforementioned serf instinct is still present in the native English (less so in the Scottish and Welsh) population today with its constant fawning and bowing and scraping to the 'Royal' Family! This is not a purely generational issue either as the same instinct is observed across the generations lending weight to the theory that it has been genetically conditioned! One now sees miscegenation reaching the ranks of royalty itself.

Turning our attention to Germany its current hopeless situation is the direct result of unnecessary actions initiated from 1938 onwards. The Wotan avataric spirit that helped Germany regain her continental territories and her pride and greatness became out of control from this point onwards which in turn led to yet another unnecessary European war and the subsequent carving up of Europe after 1945 between the two great super powers of the USA and the USSR which lasted for over 45 years and resulted in the 'Cold War' and near nuclear annihilation. As a child and even as a young man I lived in a world of constant fear of nuclear destruction. It is only in recent decades that the fear of a nuclear winter has subsided with the apparent end of the Cold War. However since the election of  the Donald we have seen the Cold War return despite his promises of 'better relations' with Russia! Regarding 1930s Germany the sensible thing would have been for her to have 'rested' on her 'laurels' after the successes of 1933-1938 but dark forces pushing her forward caused her eventual (self) destruction. This is yet another example of Garma. So whilst we may speculate about Hitler being 'possessed' by Wotan we have to recognise that this was a double edged sword. Hitler was certainly used to restore a beaten Germany and he certainly wrought a miracle in that country up until 1939 (some indeed may say until 1941) but that is when it should have stopped. It is clear to me particularly after reading Miguel Serrano's The Golden Thread (translated by Alex Kurtagic, published in 2017 by Wermod and Wermod) that Hitler overstepped his mark, the boundary that had been set for him by the Folk Soul of Germany who shortly after departed the German people for they had collectively overstepped the boundary and subsequently wrought their own destruction on the steppes of Russia. Whilst I do not support the lie of the Holocaust I do believe that there was widespread and unnecessary persecution of the Jewish population, even contrary to the laws of the then German state. David Irving makes the argument that much of this persecution such as Kristallnacht was brought about without Hitler's orders or knowledge and once he became aware of it issued orders for matters to be brought under control. (See Irving's Hitler's War : And the War Path, 1991) It also cannot be denied that widespread atrocities were committed on the eastern front with the demonization of the Slavs and the ideological war against Marxism (an unnecessary conflict between the supposed 'left' and 'right' which results in the division of racial brothers). The atrocities therefore visited in turn upon the German people when seen objectively may thus be viewed as garmic. The swamping of Germany with third world immigrants (both 'legal' and 'illegal') is thus a garmic consequence of the excesses of the 1930s. However that does not mean to say that it should not be resisted! I am just pointing out the obvious relationship between cause and effect-something that mankind must learn from if he is to survive (which I doubt that he will).

It is easy of course to blame all of this on others, whether they be Jews, Zionists, Marxists or Freemasons etc but the truth is that we as individuals have choices and control over our own decisions and actions. To portray Aryan man as a mere puppet having his strings pulled by the 'clever' Zionists, Marxists or Freemasons demeans the whole concept of what it means to be 'Aryan'. No, ultimately the fault and the weakness resides in our own nature. I am not specifically singling out Aryan man but mankind as a whole. There is something faulty, something destructive (and hence self-destructive) in the very soul of man. This weakness, this fault must be burned out of man and this will be accomplished either by Mother Nature Herself or the lunatics in the White House who have their finger on the nuclear trigger (or button).

Ultimately the earth would be better off without mankind polluting and exploiting Her precious resources. If man is to survive the coming cataclysm then he must be refined in the fire and have that corrupt element burned out of him. The man of the future must be spiritual not material in his inclinations. There will be no place for exploitation of the earth, Her resources or inhabitants. There will be no place for the capitalist system that currently dominates the earth. There will be no place for warring states or empires. Man must work in cooperation with others and learn to live in harmony with the earth and all its life forms. A new type of man is needed for the future, a man who is able to overcome and sublimate his base desires, to strive to master himself before he seeks to master others.

The ancient system of societal ordering must be restored. This form of society was socialist and communitarian in nature. It must be stated here that I am not advocating Marxism or any such system or philosophy but the type of Socialism advocated by the Strasser brothers. National Socialism started to lose its way in the early 1930s, abandoning true Socialism of a racial and national character and embracing a more Italian style of fascism which set it on a militaristic course, leading to its terrible destruction in the fires of 1945. Instead of freeing itself from international capital and breaking the tyranny of the bankers it became a willing tool of the very elements which it initially opposed! The subsequent Night of the Long Knives (30th June-2nd July 1934) marked a nadir for genuine National Socialism. One of the aims of this infamy and illegal activities was the extermination of those elements in the NSDAP who favoured a completion of the German revolution of 1933 and the redistribution of wealth. The bankers and capitalists which provided funding for the NSDAP and the Old Guard Prussian Junker Upper Class Generals could not tolerate genuine National Socialism and so in effect Germany became a grander version of Mussolini's Fascist Italy rather than a genuine National Socialist state. The form of National Socialism which I have been advocating for years is esoteric in nature (along the lines of Serrano) but its exoteric form must be genuinely Socialist.

Many American racialists who refer to themselves as 'National Socialist' are nothing of the kind. Most lack a genuine understanding of National Socialism and fall into two camps-'Hollywood Nazis' with a fetish for 1930s uniforms and confused Fascists. Indeed on the rather juvenile and repugnant Daily Stormer forum the two political ideologies are conflated together and the terms 'Fascist' and 'National Socialist' used interchangeably. The system that many of them endorse is capitalist in nature and the 'Socialism' of these supposed National Socialists is non-existant. They see themselves as right wing and also to use a meaningless term 'alt right' when in fact National Socialism was technically a LEFT WING movement! (See National Socialism a Left Wing Movement, Povl H. Riis Knudsen, 1984) These self-same 'National Socialists' will condemn trade unionism and promote the capitalist system, not understanding the inherent contradiction in their world views.

Global capitalism is the engine that powers mass immigration via the fermentation of war in order to reap the rich pickings of armaments sales to domestic and foreign governments-the US President demonstrating that he is little more than a glorified arms salesman, shamefully touting for business in South Korea and other states recently. It is not in the interests of the (American) military-industrial complex for peace to break out in the world and thus armaments companies 'buy' individual politicians and political parties, making whores of them as it deals death to men, women and children. The resultant mass exodus of  refugees who mysteriously find their way into Europe are then potential competitors for Europeans' jobs, housing and other public services. This suits the capitalist elite because it keeps wages low. This is why in the 1960s British trade unions still actively opposed mass immigration because they realised that this posed a grave threat to the wages and living standards of their members. Since the 1980s trade unions have become heavily infiltrated by often university educated Marxists who use their positions of trust for nefarious means. However the fault for this lies with the individual members for allowing their unions to be taken over in this way. As I have already mentioned there is a serf like 'quality' inherent in the English population due to many centuries of post feudal breeding to encourage these 'qualities' to continue-it suits the purposes of the elite and always has done. Secondly global capitalism requires a consistent market and there is nothing better than one coffee coloured multiracial soup as its consumer basis for this makes marketing their shoddy made in China/Malaysia goods easier to flog to the masses. These are just two reasons why we must reject capitalism and indeed the entire monetary system in favour of one which encourages the concept of a communal society where peoples needs are met by the collective or tribe to which they belong. Thus it was in the ancient past until man became corrupted by greed and power.

If man is unable to change his ways then ultimately he will be destroyed whether by Mother Nature or by his own hand. Returning to the main subject of this article after this very long but necessary digression. The Eddas predict a coming cataclysm in which the current form of man will cease to exist and will make way for the new man, the man to come. I direct my readers to Voluspa in the Elder or Poetic Edda. I will not repeat the entire work here but just the most relevant verses.

"The sun turns black, earth sinks into the sea, the bright stars vanish from the sky; steam rises up in the conflagration, a high flame plays against heaven itself." (Voluspa 57, Larrington translation)

This prophecy demonstrates the utter destruction not only of the earth but potentially further afield into the cosmos. The reference to the "high flame" reminds me of the 'mushroom cloud' of the atom bomb. This is surely a prophecy of a coming nuclear conflict. An older translation by Benjamin Thorpe gives us some additional information:

"The sun darkens, earth in ocean sinks, fall from heaven the bright stars, fire's breath assails the all-nourishing tree, towering fire plays against heaven itself." (Voluspa 56, Thorpe) 

Interestingly the later translation by Carolyne Larrington omits any mention of the "all-nourishing tree". I have checked the translations by Henry Adams Bellows (1923), W.H. Auden and Paul B. Taylor (1967), Olive Bray (1908) and Ananda Kentish Coomaraswarmy (1909) and again there is no reference to the tree so at this stage I am assuming that this is purely an interpolation or incorrect translation of the Old Norse text by Thorpe.

Despite the conflagration of Voluspa we have the assurance that a new earth will arise.

"She sees, coming up a second time, Earth from the ocean, eternally green; the waterfall plunges, an eagle soars over it, hunting fish on the mountain." (Voluspa 59, Larrington)

Who knows, who can tell how many millennia, countless millennia  there may be between these two events? It is impossible to say. I find it very revealing that nowhere else in the rest of this vision (in Voluspa) does it give any indication that man will survive and be found again on the recovered earth. We are only told that a number of the Gods will survive; Baldr, Hodr, Hoenir and the "two brothers' sons" (Thorpe). This can be interpreted to mean the sons of Odin and Thor although they are not according to the lore of the Eddas "brothers" but certainly 'kinsmen'. In order that we may fill in the gaps in the prophecy we must turn to Vafthrudnirsmal:

"Vidar and Vali will live in the temple of the gods, when Surt's fire is slaked; Modi and Magni shall have Miollnir for battle-strength." (Vafthrudnirsmal 51, Larrington)

Now there is a reference in Vafthrudnirsmal to two mysterious beings, Lif and Lifthrasir:

"Life and Lifthrasir, and they will hide in Hoddmimir's wood; they will have the morning dew for food; from them the generations will spring." (Vafthrudnirsmal 45, Larrington)

Thorpe uses the term "From them shall men be born." However we need to ask the question 'what kind of men?' I find it interesting that they are not referred to in Voluspa which focuses specifically on Ragnarok and the aftermath. The etymology of 'Lif' and 'Lifthrasir' according to Rudolf Simek is 'life' and 'the one striving after life' respectively. (See Dictionary of Northern Mythology) Simek has this to say about the couple:

"This is clearly a case of reduplication of the anthropogeny, understandable from the cyclic nature of Eddic escatology."

Simek is of course referring to the creation of the first Germanic man and woman, Askr and Embla in Voluspa. He is of the opinion that the "wood" referred to is not a literal wood but the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Carolyne Larrington is of the opinion that Hoddmimir is none other than Mimir and is in agreement with Simek in identifying the wood as Yggdrasil. Because Yggdrasil is not a physical tree but a concept, one that links various worlds or (more correctly) dimensions I believe that this human pair will not find their hiding place on the physical earth of Midgarth but in an entirely different dimension. One could go on to conjecture that in a sense Hoddmimir's wood is a type of 'ark' in the sense of the ark of Noah referred to in the book of Genesis, possibly even a spacecraft! If man-Germanic or Aryan man that is is truly from the 'stars' then perhaps the survivors of this race will at some future point return to where they came from? This human pair are also referred to in Gylfaginning in the Younger Edda:

"And in a place called Hoddmimir's holt two people will be hid during Surt's fire called Life and Leifthrasir, and their food will be the dews of morning. And from these people there will be descended such a great progeny that all the world will be inhabited." (Anthony Faulkes)

If nuclear war were to break out upon the earth (and I see this as unfortunate but inevitable) then there will be no hiding place-certainly not on the surface of the earth and this is why I return to my suggestion that these two humans are resident in some form of 'ark', possibly a spacecraft which may or may not be of extraterrestrial origin. If we are to take the Eddas literally then it is a very strange couple that can survive on the "dews of morning". This implies that they will not require physical food, reinforcing partly my supposition that this is not a physical pair of humans in the sense that we understand it but transformed humanity.

It is clear from my studies of Indo-European mythology and from thinkers such as Serrano and Evola that if the coming cataclysm which we term Ragnarok is to take place then this will usher in a new (Golden) Age, replacing the Age of Iron, the Wolf Age, the Dark Age, the Kali Yuga. Therefore as in previous Golden Ages man must be more than man. He must return to his spiritual and celestial state and function on a higher level of vibration and not have the vibratory level of Kali Yuga man whose density is of lead or iron. In this Golden Age man will commune with the (surviving) Gods and be as Gods themselves. Indeed it is feasible that this is how our Germanic and Indo-European Gods have their origins and thus why we are viewed as their 'children' if we are their literal and littoral (deliberate pun-seek the cryptic meaning!) descendants. The ages that succeeded the Satya Yuga reveal an increasing density (meant in both senses of the term!) in mankind and an increasing departure away from his divine origins from Divya to Virya to Untermensch/animal man. Divine man became semi-divine and then a human form of animal through a process of involution. This I believe is one of the true interpretations of the work of Joerg Lanz von Liebenfels. Man therefore if he is to have any value, any validity and any meaning must overcome his 'human all too human' state. I see this as something which must be forced upon him one way or another.