Monday, June 25, 2018

The Eye of Sauron-The Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill 2018

The above mentioned bill is the latest attempt to usher in sweeping new powers for the Police state. Previous attempts at introducing this legislation in the last 3 years have thus far failed. The latest attempt is spearheaded by Sajid Javid, the current Home Secretary. How ironic that someone with no genetic roots in this country and a muslim to boot should be attempting to make our borders 'safer'. This is akin to the white colonialists in 17th century America after having invaded the lands of the Red Indians telling them that they are now going to make their lands safer from attack. The only way to make our land safer is by repatriating all those who wish to turn England into a caliphate. The irony does not need pointing out. In case no one has told Javid-it is now too late! The enemy is already here. What the afore-mentioned bill is really about is not creating safer borders but extending the Orwellian grip of an anti-English state which seeks to outlaw not only actions or even words which are contrary to its interests but to even outlaw politically incorrect thoughts.

For the very first time it will become an offence for anyone to view material on the Internet which the government deems 'terrorist'. 'Terrorism' has a very wide definition when it comes to the British state for it not only embraces genuine terrorism-violent acts designed to strike terror in the populace but saying naughty things on social media.  Merely causing 'offence' to different racial or religious groups is enough to get a dawn raid by Counter-Terrorism Police. So words are now viewed as a form of 'terrorism' even if no actual terrorist activity is involved or advocated.

Under the proposed legislation it will become an offence to view any material online (or via any other media) which the government determines is 'terrorist' three or more times, whether that be different or the same material, regardless of what the intent of the individual is. The Police would not need to determine if the 'offender' intended to act upon the material which he or she viewed, only that it was viewed. It does not even have to be downloaded just viewed. So for the very first time we have the introduction of a 'thought crime'.

'Thought crime' is the inevitable and logical extension of political correctness. Political correctness was introduced by the elite establishment as a means of controlling the masses via self censure-self control so that each individual has his or her own internal 'policeman' inside his brain telling him or her what he or she should or should not say. When and where this does not work then be sure that someone else, whether it be a work colleague, a neighbour or a complete stranger will report you to the (political) Police for daring to use politically incorrect language. Political correctness seeks to control and mould the thoughts of the individual by placing constraints on what he or she may say. If you control a person's language you effectively can control their thoughts. If you control their thoughts then you can control their behaviours and actions to the extent that you have a population of slaves, serfs which is what the United Kingdom has become. 'Free speech' is no longer 'free' but 'QUALIFIED'. You will see that expression becoming more and more frequently used as the government reveals its agenda stage by stage for our total enslavement. Even resisting our enslavement will no doubt be viewed as a form of 'terrorism'.

It is already an offence to express support for any organisation which has been proscribed by the Home Secretary (a very wide ranging and unaccountable power) but under the proposed new legislation even expressing an opinion or belief that is supportive of a proscribed organisation will now secure you a 15 years prison sentence with NO automatic parole consideration. Publishing any insignia or uniform related to any proscribed organisation will land you the same sentence. It does make me wonder whether this could be used as a backdoor attempt at outlawing any public showing of our sacred fylfot symbol. The bill makes for interesting albeit chilling reading: The Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill 2018


WyrdWalker said...

I know you have no real way to answer but I find myself asking every time I see news out of your country, "what in the hell has happened to England"? I seems that dark chaos has swallowed the land whole.

Wotans Krieger said...

Yes indeed Wyrd Walker but this "dark chaos" has enveloped the entire world. No countries are immune from the effects of the Kali Yuga. It merely manifests itself differently in different countries. There is no safe haven.

WyrdWalker said...

Of course you are right but we don't see the blatant UK disregard for basic rights like we are seeing, at least on our news here in the states. Your right to free speech seems to have been largely removed but as you say, it is worldwide and more extreme forms like seen in China and now Europe, as well as other places that are filling out the worldwide scene. They will get the US eventually. Personally, while I hope for a miracle, I think that those who live long enough to see it play out, are all finished as a free people. The term "Prison Planet" is reaching fruition quickly with no sign of realistic reversal. I more and more, just hope for Varg's vision of a collapse of civilization but all that really would be is another reset for the insanity to begin again. There is something deeply wrong with this planet on a spiritual level, akin to an embedded virus that cannot be destroyed without destroying the host. You are probably keenly aware of my meaning without my spelling it out.

Wotans Krieger said...

I am "aware" of your "meaning" but I do not agree. The fault lies within ourselves and it is a weakness of our peoples to project this fault and the cause of our decline upon the 'other'. Indeed all races of man are subject to the same forces that are manifesting in the Kali Yuga. It is man himself and not a particular race or people that is identifiable as the "virus". Indeed man is a bacillus which Mother Nature must and should destroy for life to continue on earth. That is of course if the lunatic currently resident in the White House does not initiate the chain of events that will lead to the nuclear winter which has been prophesied in the sacred writings of many peoples. In which case man-true to his inner self-destructive spirit would be the initiator of his own demise. Thanks for your comment as I now know what will be the topic of my next post!