Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Senior Judge Speculates that Carrying Mobile Phones May Become Compulsory

Believe it or not, I do not actively search for these news stories-they seem to look for me!

'Sir' Geoffrey VOS (I doubt that he can joust and also please note the surname), the Chancellor of the High Court speculates that legislation should or could be introduced in order to compel every single citizen to carry a mobile phone and moreover that it be kept permanently switched on. (Yes you read that correctly!) All this apparently in a bid to cut crime! He states that "since Britons have accepted growing levels of surveillance, a compulsory mobile phone law may not seem a radical idea in ten years time." This is very telling for it shows that one of the ways in which the establishment (of which HE is a part of) manipulates the herd is by the slow drip, drip effect. Each year we are seeing not only our limited 'rights' and 'freedoms' being eroded but the insidious softening up of the masses to accept ever more intrusive and wide ranging surveillance by the state. He seems to be very well aware of this strategy: "As society seems to accept more and more surveillance, I wonder how radical the change I have mentioned will seem to the population in ten, 15 or 20 years' time." Carrying a Mobile Phone Could Be Made Compulsory It is not clear to me whether he personally supports legislation but the very fact that he has publicly mooted the idea in a speech to the Law Society causes me to question his motives in doing so.

Of course such legislation would be sold to the masses as a solution to ever increasing levels of crime, to make them 'safer' when in fact its real intention has always been the control of the population by new technology. I have warned my readers before on this blog about the dangers of owning 'smart' phones as they are already used by the state for mass surveillance purposes. The intelligence agencies have been spying on the public for decades-and all quite illegally I may add, sharing whatever 'intelligence' that they can amass with the Zionist States of America. This is the main purpose of the American spy base at Menwith Hill near Harrogate in Yorkshire. It is from this base that the Zionist States commits its global war crimes-all with the complicity of the equally Zionist Kingdom of Great Britain. The NSA's British Base at Menwith Hill

The compulsory carrying of a smart phone as a tracking device is only one step removed from microchipping human beings. Indeed in Sweden, that bastion of self-destructive lunacy it is already being trialled. The chip is being 'sold' as a 'labour saving' device! Swedes Line up for the Chip
It is significant that those who are young seem by and large to offer the least resistance to this gradual enslavement. The elite realise that the greatest resistance is amongst the old so they can afford to use the aforementioned 'drip drip' strategy in the knowledge that those of us who are older are likely to be dead before the 'Mark of the Beast' is fully rolled out!


Steed said...

The depiction of future tyranny becomes clearer still.

Wotans Krieger said...

Yes this latest example makes no pretence at hiding what is in store for us.