Monday, May 21, 2018

Biometric Bank Cards and Proposals for UK & EU Wide ID

Over the previous year or so I have written several articles on the coming Mark of the Beast and I have focused on various aspects of new technology which will help to usher in the NWO system of control, the 'smartphone' being one of the main tools which are in this unholy Orwellian tool kit. What I have discovered recently is that there are moves afoot by the banking industry to introduce a new bank card which will dispense entirely with PIN numbers and instead substitute these with matches of finger prints by card holders. Master Card began trials for this biometric bank card in South Africa in April 2017 with more trials starting in Bulgaria. Its main competitor Visa started trials in Cyprus in co-operation with a security company Gemalto. Ominously the Managing Director of Gemalto UK, Howard BERG (note that name please) states that "there will be a significant rollout in the next couple of years". Significantly this company has also been appointed to manufacture the new post-BREXIT British passport. I shudder to think what that will involve! Biometric Card Testing

Whilst on the subject of BREXIT the British government is taking advantage of the situation by floating the former dead duck of 'New Labour'-national ID cards, aided and abetted by that supposed bastion (or should that be 'bastardy'?) of 'democracy' the House of (fake) 'Lords'. The serflike British public are being softened up by government propaganda and terrorist scare stories into accepting yet more surveillance by the STASI like British government. Recent polling information conducted by YouGov reveals some disturbing trends: Majority of Brits Support Introducing ID Cards Cattle and sheep end up with a grizzly fate. Those who will not defend the few liberties that they appear to possess deserve no less a fate. Britons Back Erosion of Civil Liberties to Tackle Terrorism

Indeed what a coincidence; whilst the British government softens up its sheeple the European Union announced last month that it will introduce a compulsory ID card system in ALL member states INCLUDING the United Kingdom! So despite the imminent exit of this country from the fascist EU pet poodle May is still taking orders from Johnny Foreigner: Compulsory EU Wide ID Announced Interestingly this news item has been buried by the British media which as my readers will know is merely a mouthpiece for the British establishment-nothing more.

I also do not consider that it is a mere coincidence that in recent local authority elections the government has began trialling different models of voter ID-DESPITE the fact that there is hardly any evidence of electoral fraud (unlike the United States). Even the Electoral Commission admit that fraud is not an issue: Electoral Commission-Little Evidence to Support Widespread Voter Fraud Fears  Again this is all part of the softening up of the herd before the government goes in for the 'kill'. Even the not so 'independent' Independent is parroting the party line: Voter ID Documents


Steed said...

People have been speculating for years as to what form the future tyranny will take. It's all-of-a-sudden becoming clear; it will be a Technocratic tyranny. What people like David Icke and Max Igan refer to as the 'Internet of Things'. Everything in our lives - phones, money, correspondence, shopping, amenities, vehicles - will be digitally-controlled and our access to these things will not be tracked but dependent upon our 'behaviour'. If we have done or said something disapproved of by the state, or if we have *not* done something they demand that we do (e.g. give our personal data to such-and-such company), then central command can deny us access to things which we either need in order to survive, or which make life relatively stress-free.

Freedom and sane-living will be the reserve of those willing to sacrifice the comfort of modern technology and convenience; to live off-grid, self-sufficient and detached from mainstream society. It'll be difficult, and only very few will be capable. I don't know if I will, but I will work towards it.

Wotans Krieger said...

I completely agree with your comment and I can see why Wulf Ingessunu advocates that we get used to living on the margins, survivalism etc. It may come to that as everything is becoming reliant upon the Internet-hence the desire by the government that the masses have smart meters for fuel-this would enable gas and electricity to be switched off at source by the utility company on behalf of the state.
What you have said fully accords with the concept of the Mark of the Beast in Revelation. We need to keep getting the message out and you will have noticed that many of my more recent posts focus on this very issue. As a former Christian over 30 years ago my message was the same as it is now as a Wodenist. The Mark of the Beast is a reality and something which we can rally our people against regardless of what religion they subscribe to or none at all for that matter. It is the issue of the hour and this makes Orwell's book so important now.