Thursday, April 12, 2018

Trump, Agent of Surt and the Coming Conflict

Political pundits have been predicting for over two years now of a potential military conflict between Russia and israel's puppet NATO. It is surely no coincidence that we have recently witnessed what appears to be two events which in my opinion have been manufactured by western intelligence agencies and governments, the alleged 'chemical' attack against Russian double agent and traitor Sergei Skripal (a double agent is by definition a traitor) and the alleged chemical attack against 'civilians' in Syria. How strange that Skripal and his daughter have undergone such a miraculous recovery! Regarding Syria I am reminded of a similar chemical attack 1 year ago for which no evidence was found that could incriminate the Syrian government. That however did not prevent the war monger Donald Trump (at israel's instigation) from launching 59 Tomohawk missiles against Syrian forces. Without waiting for any evidence both May in the Skripal case and Trump regarding Syria have agitated for a worsening of relations with Russia.

Today we have witnessed yet another petulant outburst by presidential arms salesman and TV show host Donald Trump which has the potential of launching a nuclear war between the USA and the Russian Federation. If such were to happen this would inevitably draw in NATO as Article 5 of the NATO treaty commits all members to come to the aid of any NATO member country which has been attacked militarily. There is no doubt in my mind that in the event of Trump being insane enough to order a missile attack against Syria Russia would attempt to destroy any such missiles and the American bases from which they are fired from. The USA would no doubt view this as an 'act of war' and call upon NATO to assist it. The current members of NATO are: the USA, the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro. All of these countries have the potential to be involved in a devastating war which will make WWII look like child's play.

Also this week we have seen Tony Bliar, the discredited former British Prime Minister who lied to Parliament and christian zionist warmonger agitate for the UK to involve itself in military conflict against Syria. The man simply cannot help himself. The plunging of the 'west' into a zionist 'christian' crusade against countries which oppose the zionist and rogue state of israel is part of his distorted and twisted biblical worldview for Old Testament scriptures appear to predict a final cataclysmic conflict between israel and Russia. These biblical prophecies were initially studied by me as long ago as the 1970s so I am familiar with their pernicious content and by extension the mode of thinking of those who place their faith in them. This subject will be the focus of my next article on this blog. Today I simply wish to draw my readers' attention to what appears to be a serious escalation in world events and the zionist philosophy behind it. In the dark imaginations of israel's rabbis they foresee a world which will ultimately come under the dominion of israel and their awaited king who they believe will sit on his throne in Jerusalem whilst the leaders of the goyim nations prostrate themselves at his feet for his blessing. Christians buy into this myth for in it they see the return of their jewish christ who is equated with the jewish king expected by the rabbis. Anything that moves events along faster to the culmination of this fantasy suits their agenda and this is why Bliar has long been an agitator for war in the middle east. The only outcome will be not the dominion of the israelite state but its ultimate destruction on the plains of Vigrid when the forces of Surt and Loki will finally be broken.

All of this demonstrates for me the urgency of waking our people up for that which we have predicted for some time now appears now to be coming to pass, the Ragnarok of the Eddas when the final conflict between the agents of the Aesir and the dark forces of Surt and Loki will play itself out here in Midgarth, the world of men. We must prepare ourselves.

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