Thursday, April 19, 2018

The 'Caring', 'Sharing' NHS-a tool of the Zionist State

I just wanted to 'pen' this short article to expose a little understood truth about the NHS. What many people fail to realise is that the NHS is an organ of the state in the same way that the Civil Service, Local Government, Police, Intelligence Services, Schools, the Armed Forces and other public bodies are and they in common with the aforementioned bodies actively spy on their patients and in the case of children their parents as well.

I shall not mention the name of the hospital or the health authority concerned but last week my daughter was taken into hospital (after her 'caring' GP's receptionist point blank refused to despatch a doctor on a home visit) and it transpired that she had a ruptured appendix which necessitated a 2-2.5 hours operation. Now I am thankful for the assistance that the NHS helpline (they despatched a Paramedic within 15 minutes who took her and her mother to hospital) and the hospital gave in her care but one thing that is clear to me apart from the shocking attitude of overpaid general practitioners and that is the NHS in general and hospitals in particular are all part of the government's surveillance state.

Instead of focusing on my daughter's care to the exclusion of all else her nurse started to take an undue interest in our family circumstances, especially as it transpired that there was a lack of a social network in comparison to the herd out there. Anyone who is seen to be a 'loner' seems to automatically come under suspicion these days. Whenever we see a 'right wing' 'terrorist attack' reported in the so-called 'media' they always manage to tag the 'offender' as a 'lone wolf, a 'loner' with few friends etc, etc. Wulf Ingessunu has referred to this before on his Inglinga blog. The education system and Social Services departments are obsessed with people, especially children 'socialising'. Anyone who does not appear to be extrovert and 'social' is viewed as either 'mentally unstable' or a potential 'terrorist'. It would not surprise me if the nurse concerned along with all her other colleagues had been told to identify such 'problem' cases and make the appropriate 'referral'. In this case the nurse attempted to pressurise my partner in agreeing to be referred to 'family services' which as most of us will know is inextricably linked to the Marxist orientated 'Social' Services. (Britain's unofficial secret police).

Needless to say I told the said nurse where she could stick her proposed referral, knowing that there was absolutely nothing that she could do unless my partner signed a 'consent' form to receive 'support'. I told her that I was fully conversant with the workings of the British state and she should not judge others by appearance, having held down a position of some authority prior to retiring. As my partner was staying with my child day and night the hospital told her that she along with my daughter would receive meals and should "ask for food whenever" she "needed". Taking the staff at their word she did so and this then caused the said nurse 'P' to question why she kept asking for food? (A case of 'good cop, bad cop' routine), totally overturning what her colleagues had said, quizzing her as to whether she had any money, etc. I made it clear to P that we had no financial problems and gave her a rough idea of my assets! I suggested that perhaps I should organise 'meals on wheels' as they were going back on their word! I told her that I found her attitude invasive, intrusive and judgemental and that she was part of the problem with what is wrong with modern England and its oppressive Social Marxist-Capitalist system. I told her that contrary to her thinking we were "not the property of the state" and "no, you cannot harvest our bodily organs either!" Let's just say that I was 'cashing in my green shield stamps' on this ZOG harpie. No doubt it gave her plenty to talk about when she finished her shift!

I am convinced that P and her colleagues have targets for the number of 'referrals' that they make to outside 'agencies' and no doubt needed another 'tick in the box' before her next 'performance appraisal'. It would be far better if they focused purely on healing the sick and not initiating chaos in the lives of people who do not fit their stereotypical herd ideal!


Joseph Walsh said...

I can confirm the truth of what you write. I have been involved with the NHS due to a mental illness and one of the so-called 'care co-ordinator's' referred me to the British government's counter-terrorism spy agency Prevent. This was after she became aware of my personal thoughts being 'extremist'.

She had been trained to report 'extremist' individuals and told me she was 'just doing her job' (funny they didn't let the Nazis use that as a justification at the Nuremberg Trials hey?). So essentially they took advantage of me being in ill health to report me to the secret police who have visted me twice since.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thank you for commenting Joseph and sharing your experience. My partner became seriously mentally ill after the birth of our child 11 years ago and this caused a whole train of events to occur, one of which was the intervention of Childrens Social Services and their STASI like investigations. They took a very keen interest in my politics but could not prove anything as back then I was much more 'low profile'. Today I would simply show them the door and tell them not to return without a warrant. I would not be as co-operative as I was back then. Some of them truly are the scum of the earth.