Saturday, March 03, 2018

Attila,an Aryan Archetype?

I read with great interest the recent article regarding Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun, two extremely fascinating men on Wulf Ingessunu's Inglinga blog: Sons of the Wolf This excellent article should be read and read again in conjunction with Heru, the God of the Cherusci and The Aryan Origins of Genghis Khan I believe that there is a mysterious synchronicity which is at work here. I have recently discovered that the ancient High German Nibelungenlied epic appears to have been mirrored in the legends of the Chuvash people who live in the Russian Federation and according to their own nation building myth are the descendants or partial descendants of the tribes ruled by Attila the Hun. Modern genetics however demonstrates that they are chiefly of Indo-European and Finno-Ugric descent but there is a small Turkic admixture which may substantiate the myth.

On a personal note recent auDNA testing has revealed (if it can be trusted!) that I have 1.7% Chuvash ancestry. This may very well be true as some years ago two people close to me had dreams at roughly the same time which revealed that I had some eastern European ancestry. Indeed in one of the dreams this information was relayed by a celestial being who may very well have been the spirit of an ancestor. It could account for my unusual mtDNA haplotype V (which I know to be correct due to being tested by 2 separate companies). The Chuvash are still in part a pagan people and their mythology resembles certain aspects of the Germanic. See Vattisen Yaly, the Ethnic Religion of the Chuvash In addition to these similarities there is the presence of the Nibelung myth amongst the Chuvash which may be a distant folk memory of the conflict between Attila and the Burgundians. Ylttanbik-letzer Zar der Wolgabolgaren

It is interesting to note that the Sky God of the Huns was Tengri and scholars consider this deity to be cognate with the Proto-Indo-European Sky God *Dyeus. Old Turkic script bears a striking resemblance to the Germanic Runes and yet this is hardly ever commented on by scholars who generally favour a southern origin for the Futhark. One of the primary deities of the Chuvash folk religion is Tura who is most definitely cognate with the Estonian Taara and the Germanic *Thunaraz.

Another area of synchronicity is in connection with ancestral research regarding my partner and our daughter. Via my daughter's American great grandfather I have established a line of ancestry through the Stone-Stallard family, early plantation owners that takes my daughter's lineage not only back to the legendary Volsungs via Ragnar Lodbrok and Aslaug but also to Attila the Hun via Arpad, Grand Prince of the Hungarians. By a strange coincidence the blood of the Volsungs and that of Attila have merged in this line of descent.

Like Wulf I am of the opinion that there is a connection of some sort between Attila and Genghis. Both men had very similar life missions and the latter appears in some way to be a return of the earlier archetype. Savitri Devi made the further connection between Genghis Khan and the noble wolf, Ad-olf Hitler in her greatest work, The Lightning and the Sun, 1958.

Wulf mentions on his blog that Genghis was said to have possessed a Swastika ring. This ring apparently contained a ruby on which was engraved a Swastika. Again coincidence or synchronicity but at an auction held in Maryland, USA in 2013 they had a ring owned by Adolf Hitler as one of its lots. The ring was made from silver and plated in gold with rubies in the design of a Swastika. Hitler's Nazi Swastika Ring

Cheddar Man-a Tool of Propaganda

The controversy regarding the skin colour of 'Cheddar Man' is the latest example of how archaeology is being actively used for political purposes, not necessarily by the scientists involved but by the elite who jump at any chance to place a multiracial 'spin' on any revelation regarding our past that can be used directly or indirectly to push the multiracial society and the displacement of native Europeans from our own soil. However some of these academics are actively using the so-called revelation that Cheddar Man had 'dark to black skin' to deconstruct British and European identity, that race is somehow merely a 'social construct' and that the population of these islands will 'continue to change'. This is nothing short of propaganda based on a faulty understanding of both science and history. However whatever propaganda that can be used to promote our genocide will be used. Politically motivated academics, educated in left wing universities have few philosophical qualms when it comes to the notion of 'truth'.

Since the news broke that Cheddar Man was a negro with BLUE EYES within days one of the scientists-a truthful and honest one, geneticist Susan Walsh at Indiana University has stated that there is insufficient evidence to determine his skin colour! Genetics is still in its infancy as a science so we must treat its findings with great caution as I have said before on this blog. The very fact that they chose to give this ugly reconstructed creature blue eyes is absolutely laughable and no doubt will be taken on face value by the traitors who occupy the halls of academia that Britain has always been a racial 'melting pot' or some other such nonsense! One thing that I do find strange is that no scientist has yet revealed the Y-DNA haplotype of Cheddar Man which begs the question, what have they got to hide? As his mtDNA was revealed decades ago I do not for one moment doubt that his paternal haplotype has already been sequenced!
Was Cheddar Man white after all?

Despite one of the scientists revealing the truth that we do not know what his skin colour was once a lie is spread it is then difficult to eradicate it for it will have been implanted already in the minds of the masses and will add to the continual drip feed of lies that emanate from the elite and its institutions-western universities. This is why I view the reptiles who spread such lies as nothing short of venomous.

My thanks to Runebinder for bringing this to my attention as I seldom follow the news these days, finding the whole thing too depressing!