Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Church of England-a Capitalist Enterprise

Many years ago my father maintained that the Church of England was the "biggest slum landlord in the country". I don't know how long ago this was the case as my father who died 2 years ago was 103 at his passing but I would not be surprised if this were true as after the monarch the Church of England is the second biggest land owner in England. What people generally do not realise is that apart from church land all land in England and Wales is owned by the queen. Indeed she is the biggest land owner on earth, owning 6,600,000,000 acres! However I digress. Bearing all this in mind it does not surprise me to read the following shocking expose of the church: Church of England's Income

"The Church of England's income is bigger than the turnover of McDonald's in Britain, figures revealed yesterday.
Its income was £1.41billion in 2013 – beating the £1.37billion McDonald's earned here, and three times larger than Starbucks' figures."

Despite its vast wealth, half of it as the result of the gullibility of its congregations (the rest from investments and 'entry fees' to cathedrals and takings from gift shops) its spiritual leader the Archbishop of Canterbury has the temerity to lecture the government on its policies and the 'capitalist' economy, a system (which I do not agree with) which is exploited to the full by the arch capitalist Church of England. Despite it being a glorified business which 'sells' the concept of a jewish and alien 'god' remarkably it has 'charitable status' with all the tax breaks that come with that status.

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