Monday, November 27, 2017

The Christian 'god' Now Becomes Transgender

Earlier in November the Church of England engaged in yet more cultural Marxism by issuing a statement to its 5000 church schools that "Pupils need to be able to play with the many cloaks of identity and to explore the possibility of who they might be." These guidelines encourage children or at least permit young boys to come to school dressed up as a ballerina or whatever inappropriate cissy outfit they may choose. It goes on to say that children should "accept difference of all varieties and be supported to accept their own gender identity or sexual orientation and that of others." This is plain and simple social Marxism and social engineering which can have only one outcome-to further push the agenda of confusion that already exists in the corrupt and decaying 'western' world.

If this nonsense were not enough we now have the Church of Sweden rebranding their god as trans-gender! It is urging its clergy to avoid referring to their god as 'he' or 'Lord'. It is currently updating its handbook which gives guidance on the language to be used in its services. I am not sure who is the benefactor of this confusion- those who are mentally deranged who think that gender is merely a 'social construct' rather than a simple matter of biology and chromosomes or perhaps their god is undergoing confusion as to his/her/its 'identity' in which case their god should be admitted to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. Church of Sweden

By contrast those of us who follow the ancient Gods of our ancestors have no confusion as to whether Woden is male and Frige is female. We know their gender and so do our Gods and Goddesses. It appears that only in the decaying and increasingly Marxist Anglican churches of the 'west' is there confusion about genitalia and chromosomes! Of course the militant feminists who are behind this current wave of insanity will no doubt argue that "god is beyond gender" but most of my readers will see this for the incoherent nonsense that it is for the male and female principles affect not only the physical world of creation and mankind (that is mankind, not 'humankind') but the worlds of spirit as well and for this reason our ancestors had no problem in seeing a clear gender division amongst our deities.

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