Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Church of England-a Capitalist Enterprise

Many years ago my father maintained that the Church of England was the "biggest slum landlord in the country". I don't know how long ago this was the case as my father who died 2 years ago was 103 at his passing but I would not be surprised if this were true as after the monarch the Church of England is the second biggest land owner in England. What people generally do not realise is that apart from church land all land in England and Wales is owned by the queen. Indeed she is the biggest land owner on earth, owning 6,600,000,000 acres! However I digress. Bearing all this in mind it does not surprise me to read the following shocking expose of the church: Church of England's Income

"The Church of England's income is bigger than the turnover of McDonald's in Britain, figures revealed yesterday.
Its income was £1.41billion in 2013 – beating the £1.37billion McDonald's earned here, and three times larger than Starbucks' figures."

Despite its vast wealth, half of it as the result of the gullibility of its congregations (the rest from investments and 'entry fees' to cathedrals and takings from gift shops) its spiritual leader the Archbishop of Canterbury has the temerity to lecture the government on its policies and the 'capitalist' economy, a system (which I do not agree with) which is exploited to the full by the arch capitalist Church of England. Despite it being a glorified business which 'sells' the concept of a jewish and alien 'god' remarkably it has 'charitable status' with all the tax breaks that come with that status.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Christian 'god' Now Becomes Transgender

Earlier in November the Church of England engaged in yet more cultural Marxism by issuing a statement to its 5000 church schools that "Pupils need to be able to play with the many cloaks of identity and to explore the possibility of who they might be." These guidelines encourage children or at least permit young boys to come to school dressed up as a ballerina or whatever inappropriate cissy outfit they may choose. It goes on to say that children should "accept difference of all varieties and be supported to accept their own gender identity or sexual orientation and that of others." This is plain and simple social Marxism and social engineering which can have only one outcome-to further push the agenda of confusion that already exists in the corrupt and decaying 'western' world.

If this nonsense were not enough we now have the Church of Sweden rebranding their god as trans-gender! It is urging its clergy to avoid referring to their god as 'he' or 'Lord'. It is currently updating its handbook which gives guidance on the language to be used in its services. I am not sure who is the benefactor of this confusion- those who are mentally deranged who think that gender is merely a 'social construct' rather than a simple matter of biology and chromosomes or perhaps their god is undergoing confusion as to his/her/its 'identity' in which case their god should be admitted to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. Church of Sweden

By contrast those of us who follow the ancient Gods of our ancestors have no confusion as to whether Woden is male and Frige is female. We know their gender and so do our Gods and Goddesses. It appears that only in the decaying and increasingly Marxist Anglican churches of the 'west' is there confusion about genitalia and chromosomes! Of course the militant feminists who are behind this current wave of insanity will no doubt argue that "god is beyond gender" but most of my readers will see this for the incoherent nonsense that it is for the male and female principles affect not only the physical world of creation and mankind (that is mankind, not 'humankind') but the worlds of spirit as well and for this reason our ancestors had no problem in seeing a clear gender division amongst our deities.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Strong Oak Crafts

Just seen this beautiful Wodenist craftwork on my folk comrade Runebinder's blog:

Please take the time to view the rest of his blog as it features many wonderful things. A very talented young man and a very interesting blog. I started to dabble myself in craftwork a few years ago, being inspired by Runebinder and hope to upload some of my own work in the near future (when I invest in a digital camera!). Making things for yourself is always much better than commercially bought things as your handywork becomes a part of you when you breathe your life essence into it. We need to encourage more people to take up this sort of work within the heathen community.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Odinists Demand Buildings from the Church of England

I was interested to read about the recent demand by the Odinist Fellowship for the return of sacred pre-Christian land to the Odinist community. They have written to the Church of England, firstly demanding an apology for the "former crimes" committed by the church against English heathens during the period of forced conversion and secondly as recompense they are demanding that the church hand over two churches, one from the archbishopric of York and one from Canterbury. Thus far they have been fobbed off by bishops but their struggle continues. It should be noted that the Odinist Fellowship (not to be confused with the Odinic Rite) have converted an old non-conformist chapel in Newark, Nottinghamshire into what is believed to be England's first post conversion Odinist temple. I have yet to pay a visit to it but I intend to do so next year. My best wishes go out to them.

Pagans Demand Return of Church Buildings

Newark Odinist Temple

Monday, November 06, 2017

An Odinic Last Rite

On both my Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History and Aryan Myth and Metahistory blogs I have discussed the sacred sacrifice of Odin on the World Tree as part of His ongoing quest for knowledge. See The Rúnatal-an Observation and Odin on the World Tree

As most of my readers will be aware there is an association between dying a 'warrior's death' and entering Walhalla. However I believe that the perception that our heathen ancestors had regarding this was not a perfect one and the concept of the afterlife in pre-Christian Germanic society clearly evolved over time. An excellent book which discusses the concept of the afterlife in Germanic society is The Road to Hel: A Study of the Conception of the Dead in Old Norse Literature (1943) by Hilda Ellis (maiden name of Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson). I heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in this particular aspect of the heathen worldview of our ancestors. The book makes clear that the ancient Germanic peoples held varying views about the afterlife and Walhalla as a  destination is not the only option.

The image of Walhalla that the Norse peoples had was a crude version of something which can only clearly be understood by an Initiate and this article is not the place for me to expound on this. For those of you who are concerned about the prospect of NOT entering Walhalla I have identified a near death rite that can be very easily practised and has some mythological basis.

Most of my readers will be aware that the author of the Younger or Prose Edda was Snorri Sturluson but in addition to this work he also composed the Heimskringla, a selection of sagas of the old Norwegian kings. The first part of this work is called the Ynglinga Saga and is in my opinion the most important part of the collection. However most English language versions of Heimskringla do not for some inexplicable reason contain this most important work. Snorri based his work on the much earlier 9th century skaldic  work of Þjóðólfr of Hvinir, the skald of Harald Fairhair (reigned 872-930), the Ynglingatal. Snorri in both his Ynglinga Saga and the Prologue to the Younger Edda euhemerises the Gods and presents Odin as an historical king who emigrated from Turkey to Northern Europe. It should be borne in mind that Snorri, being a Christian was a product of the post conversion era of the late 12th to mid 13th century Iceland. Whilst his work in preserving our heathen mythology is credit worthy his bias against the Gods is evident. This bias can also be seen in the Elder Edda, allegedly composed by Sæmundur "the Learned" Sigfússon, a Christian priest from mid 11th century to mid 12th century Iceland. We see in the Elder Edda for instance how Thor is mocked and ridiculed in the story of Thor's 'wedding' in the Þrymskviða (the Lay of Thrym). We must therefore use caution when interpreting the Eddas and take into account the obvious Christian contamination.

Our Gods have the ability to take the form of man but they do not have their origins in Midgarth for they are celestial and divine entities that formed us. In the Ynglinga Saga Snorri relates the story of the death of the human Odin and it certainly has some interesting elements:

"Odin died in his bed in Swithiod; and when he was near his death
he made himself be marked with the point of a spear
, and said he
was going to Godheim, and would give a welcome there to all his
friends, and all brave warriors should be dedicated to him; and
the Swedes believed that he was gone to the ancient Asgaard, and
would live there eternally.  Then began the belief in Odin, and
the calling upon him.  The Swedes believed that he often showed
to them before any great battle.  To some he gave victory; others
he invited to himself; and they reckoned both of these to be
fortunate.  Odin was burnt, and at his pile there was great
  It was their faith that the higher the smoke arose in
the air, the higher he would be raised whose pile it was; and the
richer he would be, the more property that was consumed with him." 

I have underlined here the pertinent points of the passage. The human Odin died a 'straw death' which will be the fate of most of us and indeed of many ancient warriors for they did not all die on the battlefield. For those of us who serve Him we could take the first underlined part of the passage as a form of a 'last rite' where we can consecrate ourselves to Odin/Woden/Wodan/Wotan. Trust me-He knows His own but it will provide solace at the last moment and reaffirm our faith in Him. It makes sense therefore to keep on one's person a sharp object such as a penknife. It is perfectly legal to carry a penknife in England and one does not have to give any reason to a Police Officer. So long as the blade of the knife is no more than 3 inches in length and it is a folding blade, not a lock knife for instance. One does not need to literally fall upon one's sword but if you sense that your last moment is near and can feel the presence of the GRIM Reaper (Odin) then one can prick one's skin and draw blood, invoking His name at the same time.