Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Spain is now a Dictatorship

It now appears that Spain has descended into a dictatorship with the violent suppression of the Catalonian Referendum. The Spanish national Police have been used to close down ballot stations and in the process committed illegal acts of brutal violence against normal everyday citizens, the very people that they have sworn to protect. Heavily armoured 'Riot' Police were seen firing rubber bullets at peaceful and law abiding citizens. The Prime Minister/Dictator of Spain has declared that "no referendum has taken place"-a clear lie and more like wishful thinking. His subsequent praise of the Police makes him complicit in their acts, particularly as it is he who ordered the crackdown. He has thus made himself an enemy of the Catalonian people who will not forget what he and his uniformed thugs have done today. This will hopefully strengthen their resolve to leave Spain.

The lack of condemnation by European Union leaders and  Boris Johnson and Teresa May is very telling. My readers should not doubt for one minute that the Police could and would be used in a similar way in the United Kingdom which thus makes it even more important that moves towards creating a national English Police Force are resisted. The Police Forces in the West today are no longer primarily used to protect the innocent and prevent and detect crime but are used quite openly-and cynically in propping up the utterly corrupt regimes that govern the United Kingdom and other European countries. They are effectively the body guard that protects the traitors who govern this land and their resources are now more and more used to spy on citizens and monitor and silence political dissent with the most extreme tactics used and justified on the basis that opposition to the NWO must therefore equal terrorism rather than legitimate political dissent and resistance.

This situation has been with us for a while and we only have to recall the extreme violence and brutality meted out by Police thugs during the 1980s miners strikes as workers strove to defend their communities-and rightly so. The Police now should be viewed as a paramilitary force and just like the military itself many would not hesitate to fire on civilians if ordered to do so. This is the PC PC of Orwellian Britain. The following article is a classic example how the (Political) Police misuse anti-terror legislation for political purposes:

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