Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Eye of Woden

I have for many years pondered on the meaning of the sacrifice of Woden's eye and whilst I am familiar with the usual explanations I believe that it is necessary to scratch beneath the surface. I believe that there are many explanations, some more esoteric than others. In the last few months this fascination for Woden's hidden eye has developed into almost an obsession for me which will not go away. This started a few months ago when I experienced a most unusual dream of a dead person presenting me with a carved wooden mask of Woden. This is something which I have discussed before: Woden's Mask

Over the last few weeks the USA and the adjacent Caribbean islands have experienced devastating hurricanes. Of course it is not unusual for that part of the world to experience such extreme weather at this time of the year but what does appear to be unusual is the intensity and frequency of these 'events'. In time past when man was more 'superstitious' or more in tune with other realms of being (depending upon your perspective) these storms would have been interpreted as the Gods' displeasure regarding the actions of man. Even in Christian times this thinking continued except that instead of the Gods being angry it was the Christian 'god'. Only modern man in his conceit dismisses any supernatural explanation.

As we rush headlong to the Ragnarok (Korangar) that was long ago predicted by the Norse sages (and experienced by my late mother in a strange dream) we can expect to see more of such intense climatic events. Likewise we can expect to see more developments in the political sphere. We are approaching now the end and this should be obvious for anyone who has eyes to see. This thoroughly rotten and oppressive New World Order is facing utter and total collapse and we must be prepared for the power vacuum which will ensue and take steps to prepare ourselves. Not only must we ensure our survival as individuals but as a folk and as a race. However we must not view this as a matter of just survival but one of OPPORTUNITIES for as I have said the power vacuum which will be present after the collapse of western states will allow us to finally break free and recreate our world and recreate our ancient Germanic and Aryan societies which will be built again with our Blut und Boden.

This will be a time of sacrifice-another meaning attached to Woden's Eye. It will be a time for the Einheriar to be released from their training grounds of Walhalla and fight the eternal foe. In my view there never has been a satisfactory interpretation of the term Einherjar. Usually this is understood to mean either 'lone' or 'once' warrior. Neither explanation make any sense, certainly not from a mythological perspective. I personally take the view that these warriors, these servants of Woden are ONE-EYED HARRIERS. In other words warriors who engage in persistent attacks, often in small bands against selected targets. They are 'one-eyed' in the sense that they serve the One-Eyed Woden. All Woden's servants seek to emulate Him in their actions and it is surprising how often they bear His marks upon their bodies. Blindness, particularly in one eye is a mark of His favour upon those who are chosen by Him. This is another interpretation of Walhalla-the halls of the CHOSEN.

As I view the satellite images of these recent hurricanes I see in their centre the Eye of Woden. He is the God of the storm and although this is not quite evident from the Old Norse writings that image of Woden has survived in continental Germanic and English folklore. The Germanic view of Woden is far more archaic than the Norse Odin as I have shown before in previous articles: Towards a More Archaic Understanding of Woden and Woden and Vata-Vayu-a Comparison

As Woden is beginning to awaken his people He will also do His work in the elements as we approach the time of Walhalla-Allahlaw. He is speaking to us today as we approach the final Yule of the Age.


Steed said...

I feel that the recent Solar Eclipse is relevant to this today. Even though it wasn't visible from England, I have found a noticeable change (for the better) in aspects of my life since around the time this occurred.

dragonerosso said...


1-Surtur is the binary star of the Sun? Or is the binary companion of the Sun another thing yet?

2-Ellen and Romans and Indians had the concept of Black Sun?

3-Shiva is the Black Sun in Hinduism?


4-Can you explain what the Ark is really about the hyperboreans and how did it end in Egypt?
The Arche Emerald Tables have been made up in Ireland?
And how did they end up in Jewish hands?

I ask for clarifications and articles on it.
I apologize for ignorance and thank you