Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Smart Meters and Population Control

Over the last few years the government has repeatedly expressed its policy that smart meters for domestic and business consumers of electricity and gas (for the benefit of my American readers I do mean GAS and NOT petrol!) should be fitted in every home and business in the United Kingdom but admits that this is not compulsory. I would caution my readers to think twice about accepting this 'generous' (paid for in consumer energy bills) offer from their energy suppliers. Nevertheless over 6,000,000 householders have (in my view) foolishly accepted one, potentially putting their privacy, liberty, health and their very lives at risk. Interestingly according to the governments latest statistics the exact number of domestic properties to have had these fitted to date is 6.66 (yes, you read that correctly) 6.66 million. The number of non-domestic properties with smart metres currently stands at 594,500. These figures are for the period up to 30th June 2017.

From an esoteric perspective these figures are interesting-6,000,000 and 666. I need not comment further on this aspect as I am sure you will understand my emphasis. The government and the energy companies will tell you that having smart meters puts YOU in CONTROL of your energy consumption. This is of course a lie. By opting to have these infernal devices fitted in your home you are putting the CONTROL of your energy into the hands of the government who controls the 'national grid'. At any time they can switch off your supply of gas and electricity and during the peak of winter this could have disastrous consequences if applied to either the entire population or just selected segments. This is just one more way (and a vital one at that) that governments can control a population especially if that population became restless and rebellious.

Apart from the deliberate deprivation of energy smart meters can also fail during extreme climactic conditions such as excessive cold or heat. By becoming dependant on technology, especially digital technology we become dependant more and more on Big Brother and less self-reliant. This helps governments to apply greater controls over their populations.

The claim by the government that smart meters will save you money is a lie. Anyone who is able to multiply their usage of energy by their tariff (a simple enough calculation) and monitors that regularly has no use for a smart meter. Smart meters thus are intended for dumb people! The cost of the smart meter roll out is being passed onto the consumer in the long term via price rises thus saving the consumer nothing!

One troubling aspect of smart readers which I only discovered today and which prompted me to pen this article is their alleged link with household fires. Australia, Canada and the USA are far further ahead with smart meter roll out than the United Kingdom and thus they have experienced far more incidents than over here:
Of course energy companies and governments are hardly going to admit the truth regarding the potential dangers but I would point out that smart meters in the United Kingdom are not being installed by fully qualified electricians but people who have passed a relevant course In the United Kingdom the majority of meters whether 'smart' or not are fitted INSIDE people's houses and often in positions that would place people at risk if a smart meter caught fire-such as under timber stairs and in living rooms near doorways, thus increasing the potential for loss of life.

A less dramatic health risk are the dangers posed by the additional radiation emitted by yet more digital technology in our homes. People complain about suffering insomnia, headaches, stress, anxiety, disorientation, heart problems, skin problems, arthritis, cancer, a whole range of health issues associated with this increased risk of exposure to yet more radiation.

Leaving aside the dangers to our lives and heath we have yet more intrusion into our privacy with energy companies able to accurately determine your exact routine by daily and even hourly reports of your energy consumption and charging you a higher tariff for daring to switch a light on in the middle of the night! Smart meters can be easily hacked by data thieves and your bank account plundered as a result. The European Data Protection Supervisor which is a Europe wide 'watchdog' has warned: "while the Europe-wide rollout of smart metering systems may bring significant benefits, it will also enable massive collection of personal data". The effect of gathering all this data will give energy companies-and governments information about an individual consumer's lifestyle habits, sleeping and eating routines and enable burglars to detect if a house is empty and furnish information that can be used by the Police and intelligence agencies. This nightmarish scenario sounds as if it is straight from the pages of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. In fact cynically I am beginning to wonder if that book is required reading for British Home Secretaries!

Consumers do not have to have these meters fitted and if they experience problems with their existing meter they can be replaced with 'dumb' ones but some energy companies may not volunteer this information! An interesting website which is full of information warning of the dangers of the smart meter scam (which is exactly what it is) can be accessed via this link Stop Smart Meters

The next step will be the introduction of smart water meters and this will be even more disastrous with the ability of governments to switch off your water supply at will. You have been warned!


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