Saturday, September 30, 2017

Non-Binary Mental Illness & More Insanity by HM Government

The latest piece of insanity to strike the western world is the concept of being 'non-binary' which has some similarities to the more commonly known 'transgenderism'. Yes you have read that correctly. An increasing number of people are starting to identify themselves as 'non-binary', neither male nor female. Instead of confining this concept to the world of psychiatry the concept has gained a degree of respectability and public recognition-correction STATE recognition. I am sure that the vast majority of sane thinking individuals would regard non-binarism as a form of mental illness. Closely associated with non-binarism is the false medical diagnosis of 'gender dysphoria' whose definition is as follows:

"Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there's a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. It's sometimes known as gender identity disorder (GID), gender incongruence or transgenderism."

I need to clarify at this point that non-binary people do not identify with either gender whilst transgenders feel that they are 'trapped' in the wrong body. A little bit similar to when I look in the mirror and see an old man staring back at me and I wonder who the hell he is!

In times past, in a more saner age when I was young these 'conditions' would have been viewed and treated as the mental illnesses which they clearly are and the afflicted person would have been carted off to an institution for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. In terms of 'gender dysphoria' it clearly is a psychiatric illness otherwise it would not have been covered by the likes of Psychology Today who suggest that treatment for this condition can take the form of counselling, surgery and hormonal therapy.

Instead of spending vast sums of money on hormonal therapy and sex changes at PUBLIC EXPENSE the situation should be dealt with as follows. The person who claims not to be happy with what Mother Nature has done should be sent to an institution and made to realise that they have a mental illness and psychiatric treatments should be applied NOT surgery or hormonal therapy as these procedures reaffirm in the distorted mind of the patient that they are correct and that they are in the 'wrong body'. As a long term strategy the NHS should be depoliticised and the liberal educated 'academics' who control this institution should be dismissed and replaced with people who will put a stop to promoting this bullshit.

Of course non-binarism and transgenderism are part and parcel of the degenerate homosexual scene which today has been given a veneer of respectability and recognition by the STATE. Sodomy, lesbianism, transgenderism and all the other unnatural isms are now recognised, protected and what is even worse promoted by this evil government that governs (without an electoral mandate) this sick land.

New measures to deliver greater equality for the LGBT community have been announced by the Minister for Women and Equalities Justine Greening, ahead of the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.
Proposals to streamline and de-medicalise the process for changing gender will be part of a broad consultation of the legal system that underpins gender transition, the Gender Recognition Act.
Currently individuals need a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and have to provide evidence that they have been in transition for at least two years before they can apply to legally change their gender.
Justine Greening also announced the launch of a national survey today (Sunday 23 July) that will ask the 1.5million LGBT people in the UK to share their views on public services to help inform Government policy.
The Government has also announced that the deferral blood donation period for men who have sex with men, will be reduced from 12 months to three months increasing the supply of donor blood available for life-saving operations.

Anyone caring to check the government website will notice a lion and a unicorn (homosexual no doubt) holding a rainbow flag between them. So transgenderism or non-binarism now have government recognition and support. Notice also that homosexuals will be allowed to donate blood from 3 months after last bumming another man. This has been reduced from 12 months. Indeed at one time when more sanity reigned they could not donate blood at all and of course we only have their word for it that they have not bummed for three months. This is a recipe for yet another AIDS epidemic. Have an NHS blood transfusion and you take your life in your hands. I am coming more and more to the conclusion that in this matter at least the Jehovah Witnesses are correct.

The government is keen to point out on its website that it is 50 years since sodomy (which is what the practice is) was legalised in the United Kingdom in 1967, the same year that child murder (abortion) was legalised. It has been all downhill since then. The government intends to introduce a 'Gender Recognition Act' in order to :

" Removing the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria before being able to apply for gender recognition. The current need to be assessed and diagnosed by clinicians is seen as an intrusive requirement by the trans community; and

  • Proposing options for reducing the length and intrusiveness of the gender recognition system."
  • Non-binary people are now demanding along with transgenders to visit the toilets of their opposite (biological) gender. There are also calls by lunatic liberals for toilets to become 'gender neutral'! One shudders at the thought of a poor woman entering the ladies to be confronted with a man in a frock with his John Thomas on display. I suppose any opposition to this lunacy would be branded a 'hate crime' in modern Britain and invite a dawn raid by the PC PCs.

    So there you have it, in this 'brave new world' gender and race will be a thing of the past. Identifying as male or female will become a 'hate crime'. You can either choose or to use their idiotic terminology 'identify with' whatever gender or race you wish or indeed to be truly 'brave' and 'modern' go non-binary and not have a gender-or a race. Then you will have the genderless coffee-coloured mass of robotmen slaves that the NWO is planning for this earth, the fulfilment of the age of the Underman. The minister responsible for this batshit insane legislation is the Rt Hon Justine Greening, MP. Her position is Minister for Women and Equalities. The very title is an oxymoron for how can she be concerned with 'equality' when her office title promotes women?

    "Customs will no longer be enforced, but vice will be fashionable. Men will have sexual intercourse with boys and go unpunished; women will no longer want to be women, but will behave like men and go unpunished; people will mix themselves with animals and go unpunished and father bastards. And the bastards of bastards will be countless in the streets of the cities without anyone eradicating them."(Prophecy of Sajaha Tablet 12, 2nd Chapter, 11, translation by Wotans Krieger)


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