Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hethenism-Know Your Rights!

We are living in oppressive times here in the United Kingdom, a country that demands that other nations respect individual liberty and guarantee human rights but yet rides roughshod over the rights of its own citizens. We have in recent years since the election of the Conservative government witnessed a real clampdown on individual freedom of expression whether this be in the offline or in the online virtual world. People of otherwise good character and no previous criminal convictions are being sentenced in ever increasing numbers to custodial sentences for the 'crime' of speaking one's mind.

Whilst perverts, rapists and Islamic jihadists wander the streets of our land unfettered huge Police resources are wasted on policing the Internet, particularly social media where officers 'bravely' venture forth despite the risk of being 'offended' to apprehend dastardly name-callers who make liberal milk sops cry by voicing their un-pc views. It is a 'dangerous' job but somebody has to do it and that task falls onto the shoulders of the pc PC!

In late 2016 Scotland Yard (the Metropolitan Police) wasted £1,700,000 of Council Tax payers' money on setting up The Online Hate Crime Hub after the London Mayor's office had identified the need to clamp down on these heinous criminal acts of name-calling and not behaving nicely! Of course my readers will be aware that when the Police and politicians talk about 'online hate' they are in the main referring to brave individuals who are tired of our country being used as a global dumping ground for the world's flotsam and jetsam and have the temerity to fight for the existence of their race and folk. Survival as a distinct biological and cultural entity now ranks as 'hate' in the minds of the cosmopolitan and metropolitan elite. Indeed say something unpc on social meda in 2017 and you risk a dawn raid by 'anti-terrorism' police! The concentration of resources on clamping down on public dissent is the real reason why very real terrorists wander freely in our cities. The Police are too busy nursing liberal hurt feelings and attending 'cultural sensitivity' training courses so that they avoid offending-you guessed it-the feelings of so-called 'minorities' than attend real crimes such as burglaries or preventing native English girls being abused by Asian gangs for instance.

Nottinghamshire Police set a new feminist first last year by creating the hitherto unknown crime of wolf whistling or as they would term it 'uninvited verbal engagement'. Perhaps they could use that definition to clampdown on the very real menace of  'chuggers'? (A note to my American friends, a 'chugger' is a 'charity mugger', an annoying pest who is paid a great deal in commission to get you to sign up to monthly charity donations by direct debit). I do not recall Parliament passing any legislation to outlaw such an activity and as of yet I have not heard of any MPs who are doing a damn thing to put a stop to this feminist (and it is feminist) nonsense. More concerned with feelings than real crime.

So as anyone can see it is very easy these days to fall foul of the pc PC and end up on the wrong side of a prison cell door. It could happen so easily to any one of us. We need therefore to be aware of our rights as heathens if we ever do end up at Her Majesty's pleasure. To the great displeasure of the bigoted Conservative press we do have rights and we must know what they are. Prison regulations allow prisoners to have as personal possessions sacred literature. In our case that would be the Elder/Poetic and Younger/Prose Eddas. Be aware that you can only keep up to 12 books in your cell but that is in addition to a dictionary and a sacred book such as the Bible or the Koran. I would argue that the Eddas are sacred books in terms of our Wodenist/Odinist/Asatru religion. So you could get away with having up to 14, maybe 15 books in your cell. You are also allowed to have a hoodless cloak, a wand, a set of Runes, a piece of sacred jewellery such as a Thor's Hammer and a private altar. As a heathen you are allowed to take two selected sacred wheel of the year days as days that you may refrain from any prison work.

Some years ago political prisoner and Odinist Michael Heaton was initially denied his right to have a Thor's Hammer. After making this injustice public the prison had to relent. Odinism and thus Wodenism have for a few years now been recognised officially as religions in the United Kingdom following a high profile industrial tribunal case-Royal Mail plc vs Donald Holden, 2006. Prior to this the Odinist Fellowship was granted charitable status in 1988 and this was also an important step in the recognition of our religion by the state. In 2015 their temple in Newark, Nottinghamshire was registered by the General Register Office as a place of worship and in 2016 it was registered as a religious charity. It is ironic that the native religion of the native English should have to seek recognition but we must recognise that we are living under an alien regime and be thankful for the efforts of our brethren.

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