Monday, September 25, 2017

A Dream of Bind Runes and Woden The Wanderer

I was asked at a recent Woden's Folk moot by a good friend why I had not continued with the Mystical Dream Analysis blog I used to have and I truthfully answered that I had struggled to recall my dreams and so abandoned the project. I very rarely remember my dreams unless they occur shortly before waking. Recently however I have experienced a number of dreams of a mystical nature. In May I experienced a very powerful dream concerning Woden's Mask which led to some interesting discoveries. Over the last few nights I have experienced two more unusual dreams. One involved me walking along the seashore and suddenly there appeared before me in the sand several rows of Bind Runes written in blood red. Normally I am not aware of any colours in my dreams but the redness of the Rune staves was very vivid and contrasted starkly with the sand. It all happened much too quickly for me to take note of the individual Bind Runes and in any case there were far too many of them. Clearly the sea shore represents the boundary between the conscious and the subconscious mind and the Runes represent a mystery that was being partially revealed to me but as of yet was still hidden, this being demonstrated in the fact that they were not just Runes but Bind Runes, indicating a greater degree of secrecy.

Last night I again had a very vivid dream and in this dream there were just two people-myself and another man who appeared to be acting as my mentor. It would seem from our discussion that we had met before at some time in the past (but not in the waking world) and he told me that the reason why he advised me in the past to 'wander' was because in wandering we find our true self and come to know our self. At that moment I woke abruptly and had the distinct impression that this advice had to do with Woden who is known as the 'Wanderer'. Into my mind flashed the recognition that I was being told that Woden wandered Midgarth not to impart knowledge or wisdom and not even to gain it from others but to receive hidden knowledge from within Himself; human beings being merely a catalyst for this process of self-knowledge and exploration of the self. Man attempts to break free from his terrestrial bounds to explore outer space and yet how little man explores the great space within. It is this inner exploration which is surely the task that we are challenged to undertake?

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