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Lascaux cave art

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Along the Wodenist Path: The Memoirs of Wulf Ingessunu-a Review

For some years now I wondered if a biography would eventually be written and published of the life of Wulf Ingessunu, the founder of folkish Wodenism in the late 20th century. Through the good work of Troy Southgate that book is now here and it is an autobiography, the life story being told by Wulf himself in an engaging and often humorous style. As one reads his words one hears his voice also as it is written in such a natural style.This is the latest work in the canon of Woden's Folk writings and in my opinion a highly important one. Up until now we have had the teachings of Woden's Folk. Vital as they are it is almost as important to know something of the life of the founder of a religion or a movement as well and this latest work fulfils that need.
In this book we learn of Wulf's early life, his experiences within party politics, his rejection of political parties and then his spiritual awakening leading him into Odinism and then Wodenism, an English form of Odinism which is folkish in nature and looks not only to the past where its roots are but to the future of Germanic man, recognising that Woden speaks to His initiates today, not just in the Eddas, sacred though they are to us.
Wulf relates many of his most important mystical experiences and it is clear that his life thus far has been that of living the Woden archetype.
I would encourage not only Wodenists, Odinists and Germanic heathens to purchase and read this work but also those who have misrepresented our work and mission so that they can see for themselves that this is the story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary life.


WyrdWalker said...

I have also had a chance to read Wulf's new book and found it an excellent way to get to know him better. He's always a great writer and this makes you feel like he's really opening up with you about where he's been. I particularly carried away a favorable impression concerning his future thoughts on community, an idea who's time has come. If anything we are behind on the issue. Some of Wulf's strengths are his openness, experience and his working man's perspective. He's not just an English leader concerning the Germanic God's but a global one. The book left me wanting more, which is what a good book should do.

Wotans Krieger said...

Indeed a fascinating and very personal work. It is always good to learn how important figures such as Wulf came to their spiritual awakening. One can definitely see Woden at work through his life and experiences.