Saturday, April 08, 2017

Trump, Syria and the Beginning of Ragnarok

It is now becoming obvious after just 3 months in office that President Donald Trump is not all that he seems to be. Whilst denying that he was a 'politician' it has not taken him very long to learn their ways. Whilst a candidate on the campaign trail he continuously made negative comments and serious allegations about his primary opponent Clinton, threatening to 'send her to jail' if he was elected. Once elected within minutes he was seen praising and thanking Clinton and her contribution to public life. That should have been the first indication to his supporters that nothing has really changed-only the name of the man in charge. Trump repeatedly told his audiences that he wanted a better relationship with Putin and Russia, suggesting an alliance between the two powers to defeat ISIS but within weeks of being elected he created further tensions between the two powers by demanding that Putin relinquishes the Crimea, something that Putin cannot possibly do without losing credibility and power in his own country.

Trump also initially suggested that the USA should cease to seek regime change in Syria or anywhere else, acknowledging the failure of recent wars in the middle east and then within hours backtracks on this, condemns Assad and the Syrian government on an unproven and unlikely allegation that he used chemical weapons in an airstrike this week and went on to commit a war crime himself by bombing an Assyrian military facility, killing civilians including children. Either someone has got to Trump and is now pulling his strings or this is evidence of instability on the part of Trump. It is quite possible that this act of aggression was committed to demonstrate how 'strong' he is as a leader and to boost his public support. Politicians know and Trump IS now a politician, that when public support is low a war tends for some strange reason to reverse that and deflects attention away from problems within the country that they govern.

This flagrant breach of international war, this war crime (something the USA excels in) which will undoubtedly go unpunished has now done the unthinkable-the American media now appears to be on Trump's side and even the media in this country is salivating over this crime, failing to appreciate the hypocrisy in that an alleged Syrian war crime should be punished by a real and provable war crime by the USA, the self appointed global policeman, judge, jury and executioner (let's not forget the Nuernberg show trials after WWII!) Two crimes does not make a right! In addition to this new found support the pressure has lessened on Trump and he has demonstrated that he is not in 'cahoots' with Russia for now relations between the two countries have worsened even further than during the days of Obama.

Clearly the two driving forces for conflict with Russia and in the middle east are israel and the military industrial complex. War sells weapons. War makes the sellers of these weapons yet more wealthy. It is war and capitalism that drives the USA's international relations, nothing else and certainly not the false lofty ideals that it lies about, ideals that their politicians cannot practice in their own country, never mind enforce anywhere else. As a consequence of this act of aggression-let's call it what it is-a war crime (something that Germany was punished by the USA for) Russia has suspended its agreement over consultation with the USA regarding military exercises and war plane flights in Syria, leading to the very real possibility of localised conflict between these two powers within Syria. All it will take is a mid air collision between an American and a Russian plane or a terrorist 'rebel' shooting down an American plane and the blame being placed upon Russia and/or Syria. Furthermore with the USA so quick to respond to the alleged chemical attack this could further embolden the terrorist 'rebels' to stage a fake chemical attack-not beyond their capability and further attacks will be launched by Trump against Syria. The USA has intimated that they are considering further military actions. With a now proven trigger happy television personality in the White House who has spilled his first blood one can only speculate how events may escalate with a Third World War now looking more likely than at any other time since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962!

Even if tensions do not escalate between the USA and Russia Trump seems to have forgotten that it is Syria, not the USA who is on the frontline against the war against ISIS and this attack by the USA could cause a setback in Syria's struggle with the very real possibility of the black flag being hoisted in Damascus. If that happens then we will witness a renewed struggle between the forces of militant Islamism and the 'west', the RAGNAROK-KORANGAR which has been predicted and the end of the Age. Let us also remember that ISIS is the direct creation of the USA in its quest for unending war. This is the reason why the USA was created to begin with, a country formed by genocide and the only country to have used nuclear weapons in a war crime committed against Japan in WWII.

The astute observer will notice the white, red and black colours of eternal Germania which appear in the Syrian flag, a flag so hated by the zionists.

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