Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

British Government to Force State Employees to Swear Oath of Allegiance to 'British Values'

Asian Communities Minister Sajid Javid is proposing that all elected officials such as MPs and Councillors along with State employees such as Civil Servants and Local Government Officers should swear an oath of allegiance to his government's interpretation of 'British Values'. Not content with compelling politicians to subscribe to his party's version of what constitutes 'British Values'  he also wishes to compel those who work for the state, who are by definition politically neutral servants of the Government to do likewise, setting a dangerous precedent for the neutrality of Crown Servants. Javid is clearly of the opinion that unless one subscribes to his vision of 'British Values' one cannot work effectively for one's political masters which is of course an absurd view point. In addition to the aforementioned officials the oath may also be extended to workers of the NHS and the BBC!

Let's take a look at what these so-called 'British Values' are. According to Ofsted they are:

. Democracy.

. The rule of law.

. Individual liberty.

. Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

I don't need to tell my readers that the British Government has failed miserably on each of these four core 'values'. The way in which they have illegally spied on large segments of the population for decades and clamped down on any opposition by native English people to the ongoing depopulation and genocide of our people by the State demonstrates their lack of adherence to their much vaunted so-called 'values'. There is no 'Individual liberty' in England today where every word spoken or written is subject to the monitoring of the State, censure and prosecution.

It is clear to me that the Government is now desperate. Multiculti Britain is falling apart at the seams and islamic terrorism is now stalking  the streets of this land (Ragnarok-Korangar) , the like of which has not been seen since the days of the IRA. This initiative launched by Javid is the softer side of a two pronged attack, the harder side launched last year by Amber Rudd, the rather angry and stony faced Home Secretary. We truly are experiencing now the horror that was originally predicted by George Orwell.

Whilst I am no friend of xtianity I can understand how many xtians who subscribe to traditional values have cause for alarm by this move. It is apparent that this move by the Government is the result of an independent review carried out by Dame Louise Casey who has been labelled as the 'Integration Csar'. Casey according to the The Christian Institute is a supporter of homosexual 'marriage' and has stated that "saying that marriage is only between one man and one woman goes against British values" and that opposition to this bolshevic and unnatural institution in Roman Catholic schools "is not okay either- it is not how we bring children up in this country." So again we have this time not even an elected politician but a BUREAUCRAT determining not only what constitutes 'British Values' but has the temerity to dictate to parents and teachers how children should be raised! So it would seem that 'democracy', the 'rule of law', 'individual liberty' and 'respect and tolerance for difference' only apply if you agree with liberal politics which is exactly what modern Conservatives are-liberals. Any departure from these predetermined 'values' which have been formulated by an unelected elite is regarded as heresy and punishable by all kinds of persecution and prosecution.

If the Government is successful in forcing through this initiative (the unions appear to be silent about this- I wonder why?) then people with traditional values will be excluded from public life. I wonder if Casey and Javid have compared this to the way in which those who opposed National Socialism in Germany were likewise excluded from public life? I am not referring to jews here just people who did not agree with National Socialism. What if any is the qualitative difference between that and what is being proposed today in 21st century England?

The teaching of this political propaganda is now part of the curriculum taught in State schools. I wonder how long it will be before schoolchildren and other general citizens will be compelled to take this heinous oath?

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