Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Remodelling of Future Teutonic Society and the Rejection of the State Idea

I have written about the Aryan and Germanic caste systems many times on these blogs so I do not intend to go over the same ground but approach the issue from a slightly different perspective. Over recent years I have come to reject the concept of a large state as envisioned by the Italian Fascist and German National Socialist regimes and I am beginning to give consideration to the tribal village concept which has become popularised by the National Anarchist movement.

I am well aware that Hitler said in one of his speeches at Nuernberg in 1934 that " It is not the State that orders us; but it is we who order the State." However the State whether it be the German or the British one engaged in a destructive war which destroyed not only the Europe of 1939-1945 but the Europe of 2017. The finest Aryan Nordic Germanic blood was lost during those totally unnecessary 6 years which ultimately achieved nothing except our destruction. Brother must not kill brother! The State is and was a monster that is out of control and in many respects it is a blood beast which devours the resources of the people that it is supposed to serve. We only need to look at how repressive states become and this applies to ALL states.

Today here in England we live in a total surveillance society where our phone calls, e mails and Internet browsing is spied upon not only by the security services of this country but by the USA as well-that is what Menwith Hill at Harrogate in Yorkshire is for, the American spy base known for its 'golf ball' domes that everyone knew was there but no one ever talked about! Even before the passing of the repressive Investigatory Powers Act in 2016 (the 'Snoopers' Charter') the security services were already spying on British citizens and doing so quite illegally at that, not that I am expecting anyone ever to come to trial for this illegal activity. The European Union's Court of Justice ruled shortly after the passing of the Act that mass surveillance was illegal. Since then everything has gone quiet-not a peep in the media. With the recent terrorist attack outside Westminster the Foreign Secretary, Amber Rudd who appears to wear a perpetual scowl on her face has decided that these powers are not enough and is demanding that spies be given access to encrypted data which is the last line of defence for those who value their privacy. If she succeeds then we may as well follow the example of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and have 'Telescreens' that watch and hear our every move? Indeed that device is already with us. Allegedly it has been manufactured by Samsung. See For many years I suspected that this technology was already with us and could be exploited by the security services. This is one of the reasons why I still have my old CRT Television from 2005, apart from the fact that I do not believe in getting rid of something unless it does not work and cannot be repaired!

A little piece of advice for my readers-if your computer has a camera I would advise you to disable it as your every key stroke can be viewed and recorded by the security services! Going back to the subject of this article, it should be clear to everyone that the State in whatever country it may be found cannot be trusted. Its purpose is to serve an unaccountable elite. It is not there and never has been there to serve the interests of ordinary people and the larger the state becomes the more self-serving it becomes; the blood beast that I referred to earlier. I make no apologies in saying this but despite my National Socialist leanings I am under no illusion as to how many of us would have fared in the Third Reich. One only has to consider the treatment meted out to Friedrich Bernard Marby and Siegfried Adolf Kummer to come to the conclusion that having folkish views was not necessarily enough to guarantee one's safety but only rigid conformity to the diktats of the State. Whilst I would describe myself as an esoteric National Socialist I have no desire as a free thinking Teuton to live as a thrall! Unfortunately this was the undoing of the Third Reich-the creation of a large powerful state that became self-serving and allowed certain elements to abuse their influence and authority. If National Socialism is to survive as a Weltanschauung it must free itself from its clear former dependence and association with Italian Fascism. It is perfectly obvious to me that Hitler did in fact model the German state on that of Mussolini's Italy although Hitler was astute enough to realise that with the death of President Paul von Hindenburg in 1934 the office of President as HEAD OF STATE must be incorporated into that of Fuehrer and thus ensuring that no higher temporal power within the state could topple him. This was the weakness of Mussolini. Mussolini was merely Prime Minister and thus NOT Head of State. This to me was the weakness and indeed self contradiction of the whole notion of being Il Duce (The Leader)!

No, the whole concept of forming a powerful state is not only unattractive for the freedom loving Teutonic man but is an unachievable goal for us in the immediate term. What could be achieveable is the formation of small village communities under the leadership of wise elders that share a common religion and Weltanschauung. This is how I see National Socialism in the 21st century developing as a spiritual and esoteric philosophy rather than a revival of a model of Italian Fascism! Thus we must learn from both the strengths of the Third Reich and its weaknesses if we are to make any progress.

Before the formation of the Second Reich in 1871 or even the First Reich in 800 there was a Germany and Germany is not dependant upon having a state for it to exist. Modern England for instance does not have a state but no one in their right mind would deny that as a political and legal entity it still exists! Therefore as a people we can still exist outside of any notions of statehood and this in my opinion is how we must develop our concepts of collective belonging.

One feature of German society in the 1930s and 1940s was a virtual classless or casteless society unless you view the SS as forming a higher caste of course. As folkish heathens we must seek to reintroduce the divine model of Teutonic society which was outlined for us in the remarkable Rigsthula. On the surface the myth relates to us the formation of the Jarl, Karl and Thrall castes with Jarl being divided further into the caste of Kon. The historical reasons for this I have already commented on but I intend to make my position on this clearer in the near future. This system must not be confused with the repressive feudal system introduced in 1066 CE with the Normans nor the system that has been in force in India which is more a reflection of the various racial groups in Indian society and their relative positions of influence with regard to each other. We must once again swear oaths of loyalty and fielty to leaders appointed and anointed by Woden, making our societies thus subject to the will of the Gods rather than the fluctuating self interests of temporal leaders. The shift of power from the Kon to the Jarl caste in the governance of Germanic society is in my opinion a mistake for this only leads to unnecessary wars fought for material rather than spiritual goals, wars of conquest for conquest's sake rather than Holy Wars in service of the Gods.


Karl Young said...

But you have no evidence that Kummer and Marby were mistreated or censored or banned by the Third Reich. You only have a forged letter and the witness of Goodrich-Clarke and Stephen Flowers, neither of whom were there to witness what they have published about Kummer and Marby. As long as you keep on basing your thoughts on the opinions of others you will never understand the Third Reich.

Wotans Krieger said...

Karl, I don't see what the problem is here? Were there no concentration camps during the Third Reich? Did not Germans find themselves in these camps? Marby was arrested in 1936 and spent 9 years incarcerated because he chose to work independently of the NSDAP and thus outside of the control of the party. THAT was his downfall. He was a danger to no one but there was a gradual clampdown upon esoteric groups and individuals and this process became intensified later on with the departure of Hess. Regardless of whether Willigut was in part responsible for this or not is not relevant. Regardless of whether the letter in Nachlass 19 is genuine or not (can't think why it would not be) the facts of the matter remain-he was imprisoned and released after the war and we know which camps he was sent to. It is a matter of record and yet you choose to deny this without presenting any evidence. Where DO YOU think Marby spent 1936-1945?
Normally tenacity is a commendable attribute but you are fighting the wrong battle here and wasting your energy. Not everything that occurred during the Third Reich deserves our support-we must be critical and only take from it that which is positive and not try to revive something which is dead.
Rather than revive a corpse we must create something which is new and yet has its roots within the past.