Monday, March 13, 2017

'Unwanted' Male Romantic Gestures Now a 'Hate Crime' in North Yorkshire

Taking the lead from the very real feminist inspired initiative in the Nottinghamshire Police Force  area North Yorkshire Police, not to be outdone in the PC PC stakes will also be criminalising normal heterosexual men by registering harmless unreciprocated romantic advances and gestures as 'hate crime' and 'misogyny' even though 'misogyny' is NOT a crime in England according to my knowledge. Furthermore making advances to women is NOT 'mysoginy'. Pursuing  the strained logic of the PC Police to its ultimate ridiculous conclusion very few of us living today should have been born! So once again Police Forces instead of taking their lead from laws passed by Parliament are now making it up as they go along in terms of what constitutes a crime. All this lunacy and under a supposed 'Conservative' government! Plenty of time to investigate neurotic nonsensical female grievances and monitoring social media but no resources to investigate house burglaries!

As many of my readers will know 'offences' that are motivated by 'hate' result in a doubling of the sentence if found guilty. I dare say that the powers that be which misgovern this country will not be content until every healthy white heterosexual English able-bodied male is locked up in one of the regime's stinking dungeons for daring to be normal. This should be weighed against the very REAL sexual assaults and rapes which are committed on a regular basis by supposed 'asylum' seekers in continental Europe! ENGLAND AWAKE!


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