Thursday, February 02, 2017

Germanic Heathenism, Fastest Growing Religion in the UK

I am not an advocate of trusting government statistics but the census of 2011 makes interesting reading, especially when compared with the previous one from 2001. In 2001 42, 079, 000 people gave their religion as xtian compared to 33, 200, 000 in 2011. This represents a fall from 71.6 % to 59.3 %, a very significant reduction indeed. This equates to a fall of 1.23 % per year which may not appear to be much but when considered over the course of a decade must be a source of great concern for the xtian churches. I am sure that the reduction of 8, 879, 000 is mainly due to the dying off of elderly people who either in fact or by convention would label themselves as xtian. The only new converts by and large are those of African origins, certainly not the native English.

An increasing number of people have started to define themselves as having 'no religion', a far more truthful characterisation of the masses. This figure increased from 9, 104, 000 in 2001 to 14, 100, 000 in 2011, jumping from 15.5 % to 25.1%. The decline of xtianity though is in contrast to the sharp increase in muslims which is surely due to mass immigration and not conversion of the native population. This figure increased from 1, 546, 626 in 2001 to 2, 700, 000 in 2011, a jump from 2.7 % to 4.8 %. Other alien religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism and judaism also enjoyed an increase but only a marginal one although it is significant that the Hindu population increased from 552, 421 to 817, 000, again probably attributable to mass immigration. judaism stayed at a constant 0.5%. The number of people who defined themselves religiously as jews increasing marginally from 259, 927 to 263, 000, which belies their actual influence. It must be remembered that many jews do not describe themselves a jews in a religious sense. Many are atheist or hide behind the mask of xtianity. The current Archbishop of Canterbury has a jewish father but his mother is descended from nobility. It was and is very common for greedy members of the Upper Class (for the benefit of my North American readers 'Upper Class' in an English context is associated with the nobility and is not, unlike the American one a measure of wealth) to marry their daughters to prosperous jews and thus the English nobility must be regarded as suspect.

Heathens in 2001 numbered a mere 278 people which grew to 1, 958 people in 2011, representing a more than 7 fold increase! This does not include of course 'wiccans' (increased from 7,227 to 11, 766), 'druids' (increased from 1, 657 to 4, 189), 'pagans' (increased from 30, 569 to 57, 000) and 'pantheists' (increased from 1, 603 to 2, 216), 'occultists' (increased from 99 to 502) and other new categories appeared in the 2011 census. 650 people identified themselves as 'shamans' and 1, 276 'witches' (not included as 'wiccans'. The whole thing makes for interesting reading. See

So clearly xtianity is on the decline and non-xtian belief systems are on the rise and the 7 fold increase in heathenism which is Germanic in nature is of great encouragement. Germanic heathenism is thus the fastest growing religion amongst native Europeans. This is something as folkish Wodenists we should take inspiration from and wherever and whenever exploit it. Whilst muslims continue to flood into Europe and pose increasing security concerns the native English are returning to the Gods of their ancestors. There is something significant about this. Korangar  = Ragnarok, Allahlaw vs Walhalla.   

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