Tuesday, January 24, 2017

UFOs: The Final Battalion

In this article I wish to explain my views regarding the UFO phenomena, something which has even grabbed the attention of Miguel Serrano in his book Hitler's UFO against the New World Order, recently translated and published by the 55 Club and available on Amazon. The clue to the mystery is in the title. For many years now I have been of the opinion that the majority of genuine UFO sightings have a terrestrial and not an extra terrestrial origin although I do not rule out the possibility.

To try and explain this mystery with just one simple solution is a mistake for there are multiple explanations for this phenomena but I wish to focus on a terrestrial explanation in this article. It is a matter of historical record that scientists in the Third Reich were decades ahead in their research and development of advanced weapons and flight technology and what has been revealed to the public is merely the tip of the iceberg. It is surely not a coincidence that UFO sightings began in earnest in the final days of WWII and continued into the late 1940s and beyond. Although there are possible sightings before the 20th century and accounts in the sacred writings and records of ancient peoples I wish to exclude that for discussion in the article, reserving it for a future one.

The US government started to observe and record UFO sightings from November 1944 onwards in the European and Pacific theatres of operations, referring to such sightings as 'foo fighters', assuming these to be secret weapons developed by the enemy. These objects were described as 'fast moving', 'glowing' and 'round'. These 'fire balls' would follow and pursue American aircraft and appeared to have a hostile intent. The Americans clearly knew that these objects were terrestrial in origin and furthermore were German for an alternative for the meaningless term 'foo fighter' was 'kraut fireballs' but the former title is the one that stuck. Apparently sightings were also reported by both German and Japanese pilots but it should be born in mind that this technology would have been Top Secret and thus not common knowledge to German or Japanese pilots either.

We can't be sure that these foo fighter were manned craft as opposed to advanced remote controlled weaponry but it is an example of advanced German science and technology which also included the development of German rockets such as the V1 and V2 and jet aircraft. Claims of German saucer craft technology began to surface in the 1960s and developed from there. Now I am aware that matters of conjecture can and do take on a life of their own and certainly what appears to be an entire mythology has developed around this subject, particularly from the 1990s onwards so one must retain an element of discernment but it certainly does no harm to speculate.

From the 1990s photographs of German saucer craft began to circulate in books and later on the Internet. The veracity of these photographs is of course questionable and no doubt the motives of many of the publishers and authors of books on this burgeoning subject are financial in nature rather than an unfettered quest for the truth.

The responsibility for the development of saucer technology allegedly belonged to SS E-IV of the SS Order of the Black Sun. The various plans of the Haunebu and related craft may very well be genuine but it is difficult to prove one way or another whether the associated photographs are genuine or fake. Regardless of whether these photographs and/or plans are fake there is no doubt that strange flying balls and saucers were observed over Germany both during and after WWII and there is no doubt that the Reich had specialist teams of scientists working on developing futuristic technology for martial purposes.

What is more difficult to explain away is the testimony of Rear Admiral Richard Byrd made during an interview following the notorious Operation Highjump (1946-1947) which ostensibly was an operation led by the US Navy consisting of 13 ships, 33 aircraft and 4,700 men to establish an Antarctic research base but one has to question why such a large and heavily armed task force was required for a peaceful exercise? Indeed in recent years reports released from former Soviet archives indicate that the USA's purpose in sending this heavily armed task force to the Antarctic was to eliminate a hidden Nazi base. This information comes from a  report commissioned by Stalin. Apparently an armed conflict between the task force and a UFO resulted in the destruction of "several ships" and a "significant number" of planes. These statements originally made to the Chilean media were subsequently suppressed by the US government and Byrd never apparently commented on this publicly again; no doubt he was ordered to keep his mouth shut-a policy which continues to the present day.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned today that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions. The admiral explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles. This statement was made as part of a recapitulation of his own polar experience, in an exclusive interview with International News Service. Talking about the recently completed expedition, Byrd said that the most important result of his observations and discoveries is the potential effect that they have in relation to the security of the United States. The fantastic speed with which the world is shrinking – recalled the admiral – is one of the most important lessons learned during his recent Antarctic exploration. I have to warn my compatriots that the time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances, the oceans, and the poles were a guarantee of safety. (Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, 5/3/47)

It is surely no coincidence that Germany had launched a third expedition to the Antarctic from 1938-1939 under Captain Alfred Ritscher and it is rumoured that the real purpose behind this expedition was to create an underground German submarine base, bearing in mind that this was the eve of WWII. It is also significant that Grand Admiral Karl Donitz stated in 1943:

"The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the F├╝hrer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress".

With the destruction of the Third Reich German scientists were co-opted by both the USA and the USSR which led to the kick starting of the Space Race between these super powers; SS Sturmbannf├╝hrer Baron Dr Werner von Braun, heading up the Marshall Space Flight Centre for NASA. All the developments in space and aircraft technology since 1945 have their origins in the product of the genius of the Third Reich. So clearly many of the UFO sightings particularly in the Americas is terrestrial in origin and no doubt a part of covert US Air Force technology. What has been revealed publicly is only a tip of this particular iceberg.

Part of the UFO mythology is the German survival myth of the Third Reich continuing underground in the Antarctic, manned by the descendants of SS and other German military personnel who continue to develop their technology underground and bide their time until their full unveiling as Hitler's Final Battalion. Closely tied in with this myth is the survival myth of Adolf Hitler which is becoming much more well known and 'mainstream'. There is after all no evidence that Hitler and his wife Eva died in the Bunker but all the signs point to his escape and the world powers were well aware of this at the end of WWII but it was in their mutual interests to suppress the truth and for the pure work of fiction The Last Days of Hitler by Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper to become the official truth. We need to never forget that the victors write the history books and this particular 'history book' was authored by an agent of the Secret Intelligence Service and should not be taken seriously but nevertheless countless books on Hitler since then almost treat it as a source text!

The increase in UFO activity is these last days of the Kali Yuga has a significance for us. Could the Final Battalion be readying itself for a coming conflict with the forces of the New World Order?

Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Deliberate Disintegration of the Aryan Caste System

The Aryan caste system is to be found throughout the ancient world in all Indo-European societies and in its original and pure form is tripartite in nature, a reflection of the tripartite division of the divine functions of the Gods.

The tripartite caste system can be found in the Indo-Iranian, Latin, Umbrian, Germanic, Slavic, Baltic, Celtic, Hittite, Armenian and Greek pantheons. The division of these societies into a tripartite functional system is a reflection of the divine; 'as above, so below'. In other words the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, an important tenet of sacred geometry and hermeticism. In the same way our sacred rites reflect events that have occurred long ago in the actions of our Gods in creating the cosmos and the 9 worlds.

The caste system in human Aryan society survived for thousands of years until the approach of the Kali Yuga when it started to break down and today we see a mere echo of this in the present day caste system of India. The 'class' system of the western world is but a bastardised version of the caste system but this should not surprise us as lack of differentiation and uniformity are key components of the dark age in which we find ourselves. Whilst the caste system was based upon divine principles and initiated by the Gods, the class system is based purely upon economics and is entirely materialist in nature, no more so than in the United States which is the epitome of this and materialism. Whatever occurs in that country eventually finds its way to Europe and infects everything like a plague. 

By opposing materialism and not succumbing to its life denying teachings we take a stand against the dark forces which oppose the Gods. A spiritual war is being fought in other dimensions by beings whose power we can only imagine but here in Midgarth we can and must also participate in this war, which more than anything is a war fought over and by ideas and concepts for only an idea can revitalise or destroy a people. The idea which we oppose is that all things in life have a purely materialist explanation and cause. Whether it is crime, disease or chaos in society a materialist and by extension an economic explanation is tendered when in reality the origin and cause is to be found in the spiritual world.

Let me offer one example of what I am talking about. Last year in the months preceding the European Union referendum in the United Kingdom the arguments for and against leaving were primarily expressed in materialist and economic terms. Statisticians for both camps were falling over themselves in providing projections on the costs and benefits of leaving or remaining as part of the European Union. Arguments regarding sovereignity and identity were rarely expressed and I suspect part of the reason for this was the fear of being branded 'racist', a term which was particularly thrown around by the 'remain' camp at all those who advocated leaving. There was also a presumption by the leaders of both camps that the mass population was driven primarily by materialistic and economic concerns and drives and the argument eventually boiled down to pure economics in the undignified scramble for votes.

In truth to a certain extent they were correct: many people are purely or primarily materialistic with no concept of the spiritual world or a spiritual life, who live like the beasts of the field with no aspiration beyond their immediate bodily gratifications, the genetic robots spoken of by Miguel Serrano. These human cattle by and large lack the potential for any degree of spiritual development for they are the genetic product of decades of involutionary and indiscriminatory breeding. Cardboard cut-outs of men, one dimentional with no soul. This is the golem which is spoken of in jewish folklore; beast men with no soul who are created and thus controlled by their master, the New World Order. (The great Aryan mystic Tolkien knew of the golem and introduced the concept as a character in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.) This is why the Aryan caste system had to break down and even now the liberal elite are still not satisfied but continue to agitate for the final collapse of the caste system in India. By contrast the Aryan is not a product of indiscriminate breeding but of a caste system which was concerned not only with the division of function but the preservation and improvement of the caste. The unfit were not allowed to breathe beyond their day of birth and no father in his right mind would countenance his son or daughter marrying a person with a significant defect. These days in this so-called 'enlightened' age it is considered almost a virtue for defective babies to be permitted to live and even eventually to breed, thus producing more defective humans and an ever greater burden upon the folk.

It is a contradiction in modern man that on one level he considers humanity to be merely a part of the animal kingdom and yet talks about human dignity, a dignity not extended to other animals. He sees no contradiction in this dichotomy! A famer or breeder worth his salt would not permit his finest stock to mate with unsuitable partners so why then should not mankind apply the same logic to the species of man? The truth of the matter is the NWO via the educational establishment, the media and the 'entertainment' industry which it controls in western countries, presents indiscriminate breeding and miscegenation as the norm and even as positive and desirable. For those of us who have educated ourselves in the history and culture of the traditional Aryan world we find this to be anything but the 'norm' but an aberration and a means of biological suicide but something that is intended for no peoples other than the Aryan!

One of the ways in which the enemy of tradition has attacked the caste system is by inculcating materialist and selfish aspirations in the 'mind' of the herd. It is no longer considered good enough for men to follow the occupation of their father but to 'follow their dreams' and these hollow 'dreams' seem to centre on the accumulation of yet more things, manufactured by the very people that have sold them this lie. The traditional Aryan world knew no such ridiculous notion. Man as part of a caste, something bigger than himself, sought fulfilment in the activity and function of his caste, whether he be priest, warrior or farmer. The forces of anti-tradition however have applied a monetary value to activity and calls this 'work' and man no longer has activity as a self-fulfilling occupation but a 'job'. He has become enslaved to market forces which have dictated to him that he must aspire to acquire yet more manufactured things in the false belief that he will find an illusory 'fulfilment'. I believe that this is what they refer to in North America as the 'American Dream' which predictably has become a nightmare but nevertheless the NWO would seek to export this life-denying concept to the 'Old World'.

One of the faulty building blocks of the 'American Dream' is the notion of 'upward mobility', a concept exported to England in the 1980s and the idiots who swallowed that lie were known as 'yuppies'. By contrast the Aryan caste system had no concept of 'mobility', upwards or downwards for the caste system represented a form of stability and in microcosm was a representation of the divine order. One must therefore view concepts of 'social mobility' as being contrary to the will and the order that the Gods have established in the Aryan world. Consequently man is adrift with no roots, casteless, raceless and increasingly genderless! This is entirely in keeping with the kind of world that the death dealers of the NWO would have in place. The elite top 1% of the top 1% (in other words the top 0.01 %) need a raceless, sexless and rootless humanity as it is easier and more profitable for them to sell their shoddy goods to such a base mankind. Furthermore there is a malevolence attached to this for they seek in the process the final elimination of the Overman, the Aryan, the only being in this dimension capable of effectively exposing and opposing them.

Part of the 'American Dream' or in reality now the 'Western Dream/Nightmare' is the concept of 'work' but not work in a meaningful and fulfilling sense but meaningless activity concerned with the overproduction of tat to be sold to the herd who have been conditioned into believing that they must acquire these things in order to achieve 'meaning' and 'purpose'! By contrast 'work' in the sense that modern man gives it was considered an anathema by the ancient Aryan world. An alternative word for 'work' or 'job' is 'career', a term more favoured by the mercantile classes. This dark age, this age of lead is an age of serfs, of the Underman:

"Finally, the advent of the serfs corresponds to the elevation of the slave's principle-work-to the status of a religion. It is the hatred harboured by the slave that sadistically proclaims: 'If anyone will not work, neither let him eat' (2 Thess.3:10). The slave's self-congratulating stupidity creates sacred incenses with the exhalations of human sweat, hence expressions such as 'Work ennobles man'; 'The religion of work'; and 'Work as a social and ethical duty.' We have previously learned that the ancient world despised work only because it knew action; the opposition of action to work as an opposition between the spiritual, pure, and free pole, and the material, impure pole impregnated only with human possibilities, was at the basis of that contempt." (The Regression of the Castes, Revolt Against The Modern World, Julius Evola)

Indeed work has become such a primary and motivating factor that western governments wish to discourage people from retiring by abolishing compulsory retirement in the UK and conditioning the serfs into thinking that they could and should continue to work well past the beginning of old age, preferably until they die of exhaustion. That way they avoid paying pensions and they have more robots to slave for corporations, keeping competition for jobs high and wages low. A man who does not have a 'job' has more time to think, a dangerous activity in the 'West' today! By contrast a man who 'works' at minimum wage is little more than a serf who is bonded to the NWO, terrified of the consequences of voicing opposition to it in case he loses his servitude! In truth the serf has nothing to lose than his chains for it is a psychological prison of his own making. The NWO has conditioned modern man into becoming his own internal policeman, accuser, judge, jury and jailer. Fear imprisons man and subjugates him.

Everything in the Kali Yuga has become debased; the spiritual outlook of Aryan man has been replaced with materialistic and purely human impulses. The warrior of the past has now become a waged soldier. In the past the activity of war was the preserve of a specific caste who found spiritual fulfilment in its activity. Now in the era of the raceless and the sexless all are welcome to fight for the NWO whose armies now allow even women amongst their ranks of combatants so long as they do not question orders and fight without a higher cause in mind. Let us not mince our words here: the purpose of the armies of the 'West' are not primarily concerned with the protection of the population. Their role is to enforce the agenda of the NWO. Likewise let us be under no illusion about the Police forces of the 'West', whose primary purpose is not the protection of the population but its subjugation and repression. Indeed the Police have become a paramilitary force who are more concerned with the enforcement of political correctness and policing social media to ensure that racial 'minorities' are not offended than combatting real crime which has become a distraction for them. Now I am not suggesting that everyone who is a policeman or a soldier is a bad egg, far from it but they serve a repressive regime and they do not (unlike the warrior caste of the Aryan past) serve a higher cause. This is not their individual fault; it is merely a sign of the age in which we live.