Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Vattisen Yaly, the Ethnic Religion of the Chuvash

Many people assume (incorrectly) that heathenism or paganism was totally eradicated in Europe over 1000 years ago by the church in league with traitorous kings and chieftains but this is a false assumption. Many remote parts of Europe preserved their ancient traditions, rituals, legends and myths. The whole of Europe is experiencing a revival of their pre-Christian religions and traditions but in some parts of the continent these religions have survived either wholly or partially intact. One such example of partial survival is amongst the Chuvash, a Turkic speaking European people who have their own republic, Chuvashia which is part of the Russian Federation.

The Chuvash are regarded as a 'Central Asian' people but they dwell in the centre of European Russia and have mainly northern European genetics. They regard themselves as descendants of the Bulgars and Suars, Turkic tribes residing in the Northern Caucasus in the 5th to 8th centuries CE after the death of their leader Attila the Hun. In the 7th to 8th centuries CE a part of the Bulgars moved into the Balkans and mixed with local Slavs to form the modern state of Bulgaria. Modern Bulgarians speak Bulgarian, a south Slavic Indo-European language. Some historians are of the opinion that the Bulgars are of Iranian descent rather than Turkic, citing linguistic evidence. It is more than likely however that in reality the Bulgars are a mixed people of Thracian, Slavic and Bulgar ancestry. This appears to be the current prevailing opinion due to DNA analysis. Another part of the Bulgars moved into the region of the Middle Volga and formed the Chuvash people. After the Mongol invasion of Volga Bulgaria they became vassals of  the Golden Horde. In August 1552 the princes of the Chuvash swore an oath of loyalty to Ivan the Terrible. It is from the Chuvash people that I have a line of maternal genetic descent, born out by autosomal DNA and seemingly supported by mitochondrial DNA analysis. Some scholars associate the Suars or Sabirs with the name of Siberia. The Suar spoke a Turkic language but are genetically thought to be of Finno-Ugric origin. The Chuvash consider themselves to be descended from the Suar who mixed with the Mari, a Finno-Ugric people and they are their neighbours.

DNA analysis reveals that the Chuvash are of mixed Finnic and Indo-European (Balto-Slavic) descent with some Turkic admixture. (The Y-DNA haplotype of R1a is dominant amongst the population although R1b is also present. This is typical of Europe as R1b is dominant in the west and R1a in the east, both of which belong to the carriers of the Proto-Indo-European mother language.) This genetic mix is reflected in the quite wide range of racial physiognomy with traits ranging from the Nordic at one end of the scale to the Mongoloid on the other. The vast majority have mixed features but appear to be 90% European in physical traits. 

"The Chuvash are not simply Finns Tatarized in language, but show evidence in face form, nose form, and in the scarcity of true blondism, that the Turkish influence did bring some mongoloid traits. It is interesting to note, however, that the cephalic index was not elevated as a result. Individually the Chuvash are extremely variable, as their portraits will show; complete Nordics of Corded tendency, and unmistakable mongoloids represent the end types, both of which may have been brought by the Turks." (The Races of Europe, 1939, Carleton S. Coon)

Coon's analysis of these "Tatarized Finns" appears to be remarkably vindicated by modern genetic science and this demonstrates the validity of this great man's work. I have given a little information about the history and ethnology of the Chuvash even though this article is concerned with their native religion. However as readers of this blog will know the two are inseparable.

According to a recent census (2012) religion in the Chuvash Republic can be broken down as follows:

Russian Orthodox 54.7%.
Other Orthodox 4.2%.
Other Christian 2.7%.
Islam 3.5%.
Rodnovery and other native faiths 1.2%.
Spiritual but not religious 24.2%
Atheism and irreligion 7.7%.
Other and undeclared 1.8%.

My readers should note that Rodnovery is a modern religion but it is based upon the spiritual traditions of the Slavs of central and eastern Europe. It would be interesting to compare the above statistics from the Republic of Chuvashia with the wider Russian Federation of which it is a part:

Russian Orthodox 41%.
Other Orthodox 1.5%.
Unaffiliated Christian 4.1%.
Other Christian/Religion 1.7%.
Spiritual but not Religious 25%.
Atheism 13%.
Islam 6.5%.
Slavic native faith, other Pagan and Tengrist 1.2%.
Tibetan Buddhism 0.5%.
Undecided 5.5%. 

Surprisingly the Orthodox faith is quite strong in Chuvashia and there are significant numbers of people in Chuvashia and Russia as a  whole who describe themselves as being 'spiritual' but not belonging to any organised religion. This is a contrast with the naked atheism which is present in western Europe whose people are far more materialistic in nature. The reference to 'Slavic native faith' relates to Rodnovery, the Slavic equivalent of Odinism. Tengrism is a Central Asian religion which incorporates elements of shamanism, animism, totemism, polytheism, monotheism and ancestor worship. This religion was dominant amongst the Hungarians, Turks, Mongols and Huns. Similar to Tengrism is Vattisen Yaly, the contemporary revival of the ethnic religion of the Chuvash.

Although Vattisen Yaly may be categorised as a branch of Tengrism it has significant differences as the Chuvash although speaking a Turkic language (originally though to be Finnic) they are predominately Finnic and Slavic in ethnicity and so their native religion has mainly Indo-European and Finno-Ugric elements. It should also be noted that unlike other speakers of Turkic languages only a small minority accepted Islam and this is borne out by the 2012 statistics which show less followers of Islam in Chuvashia than in the wider Russian Federation. The Chuvash language itself diverges considerably from other Turkic languages and Chuvash speakers can be found as ethnic minorities in other Russian republics. There are only 1,640,000 Chuvash speakers in the Russian Federation as a whole and 34,000 in other countries.

Interestingly the followers of Vattisen Yaly describe themselves as "the true Chuvash" and Vattisen Yaly has the meaning 'Tradition of the Old'. The main God of this religion is Tura and this deity is comparable to the Estonian (Finno-Ugric) Taara, the Germanic Thunraz and the Turkic Tengri. It is interesting how this deity can be found in Finno-Ugric, Indo-European and Turkic religions. Their highest deity is therefore the Thunder God. The traditional religion of the Chuvash has an unbroken traition and has survived all attempts of the Abrahamic religions to wipe it out and with the fall of the USSR it is experiencing a revival. The governing body of Vattisen Yaly, the Chuvash National Congress has codified its rituals and they regard themselves as guardians of its traditions and even as descendants of the 'elder priests'. 

A central feature of Vattisen Yaly is the World Tree which is called the Keremet and this is shown on the Chuvash national flag. The God Tura is reborn in the tree, growing from the ashes, symbolising the 'rebirth of man through nature'. The concept of the birth of man from a tree should not be lost on my readers who will be familiar with the Norse myth of Askr and Embla. In Germanic mythology we have of course a close association of Thunar and the oak tree. Amongst the Slavs many villages carved the image of Perun into the most prominent oak tree and He is intimately associated with that species of tree as are all the Thunder Gods of Europe.

Regardless of the individual religious affiliations of the Chuvash their ethnic pre-Christian religion appears to play a surprisingly prominent part of their national life and has become interwoven with their identity. In a similar way Rodnovery plays such a part amongst the ethnically aware Slavs.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Church of England Schools Promoting the Mark of the Beast

By sheer accident I discovered today that schools in England (I have no idea how many) have started to use 'biometrics' as a form of cashless interactions for payment of school dinners and snacks. This by the way includes Church of England schools! Apparently when biometrics were initially introduced into schools it started with the loaning of library books and has now been extended to replace the use of cash-a sinister development! A fingerprint is taken from the child and this is stored electronically. When the child chooses their lunch their fingerprint is scanned and the transaction recorded on the school's computer system and their parents' 'Parent Pay' account is debited accordingly-all without any cash changing hands!

I have written before on this blog about the Mark of the Beast and although it is referred to in the Book of Revelation it is nonetheless a system which we now see being introduced throughout the world with the collusion of capitalist corporations, banks, governments and Information Technology companies. What is significant about the fingerprint is that it is converted into a number!

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." (Revelation 13:16-18, AV)

It is ironic that many of these schools are Church of England schools, yet another example of the hypocrisy of the church and its apparent lack of knowledge or more likely lack of belief in their own scriptures! Apparently these systems have the capability of 'talking' to other systems and the child's fingerprint can even be duplicated. The aiming of this system at children helps to brainwash them into accepting the cashless society and the Mark of the Beast, the system which is being introduced by ZOG to enslave the nations of the earth.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

The Use of Genetic Testing in Ancestral Research

DNA testing and analysis can be a useful tool in the exploration of one's ancestry but one must be cautious in evaluating the results. Since last year I have spent a considerable amount of time researching my own ancestry although this has been primarily on my paternal side due to the barriers placed in the way of carrying out German ancestral research by the German government. Unlike England and most of the English speaking world the vast majority of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial records in Germany have not been digitalised and there are no central records offices. A significant number of records were destroyed during the bombing of WWII. The only way one can effectively carry out research is by physically visiting the various churches and town halls. To employ someone to carry out research would cost thousands of pounds. In order to order birth, marriage and death certificates one must also prove a biological relationship due to the excessively strict privacy laws in Germany! I am convinced that this strategy is a deliberate one by the German government which actively works for the dissolution of the ethnically German population and puts every barrier in the way of people researching their ancestry. With hindsight it would have been helpful if my mother had not thrown away her Ahnentafel when she married my father in 1948! It would also have been helpful if I had taken the time to ask my mother about her grandparents whilst she was alive! As she passed on in 1989 it is now way too late to do this! Thus my German research is limited to my grandparents who bore the surnames Bock and Klingebiel, names very common in the Harz mountains.

By necessity my extensive research has been of my paternal ancestors and the vast majority of these are those of my paternal grandmother's line which I have found is deeply rooted in the North Meols area of Lancashire in northwest England. The same surnames keeps recurring and it is clear that most of my ancestors were in fact related to the people who they married! Indeed I have found that I am often descended from the same person through 2 or 3 of his or her children and sometimes through their sibling(s) as well. This phenomena is known as a 'Pedigree Collapse' which reduces the possible numbers of one's ancestors! So anyone who has North Meols ancestry is very likely to be related to me, even if distantly as it was a small gene pool located in a very rural and at one time remote area. My paternal grandfather's ancestry however is rooted in Wales and the neighbouring English counties of Shropshire and Somerset. I have not been able to go too far back with my Somerset and Shropshire ancestry and the very prevalence of similarly named individuals in Wales has limited my Welsh research to my Welsh great great grandparents. The North Meols ancestry is already well researched and much of it has been published. They appear to take their genealogy seriously in that part of the world!

A number of years ago I used the services of Oxford Ancestors who I believe were the first company to offer ancestral DNA testing. I first had my Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tested and then my Y Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA). The results showed a maternal haplotype of V and a paternal one of R1b. Recent research by Living DNA has confirmed these results and provided the subclades, namely V10b and R-L21. Ironically my paternal DNA is the most common in western Europe, the so-called 'Atlantic-Celtic' type that was introduced as the result of waves of Indo-European expansions whilst my maternal DNA is the rarest in Europe (Germany 4%, Austria 1%) apart from the very north of Scandinavia where its dominance reaches as much as 42% amongst the Sami whose males were very restricted in choice of partners, thus creating a 'founder' effect where one incoming female provided the majority of the female partners.

Living DNA also provided an autosomal analysis (auDNA) which is a fairly new form of testing where the remaining 22 pairs of chromosomes are tested in order to identify the countries or regions where one's ancestors originated. Living DNA unlike most other companies can trace this back to up to 10 generations (8 x great grandparents) as opposed to the usual 5 generations (great great great grandparents). It is not possible to identify which chromosomes one has inherited from either one's mother or father but conventional genealogical research can throw light upon this. However if one had two living parents who had their auDNA tested then in theory one could identify which auDNA one has inherited from each parent. When looking at auDNA it should be borne in mind that you do not necessarily inherit a straight 25 % of your DNA from each grandparent. It is technically possible not to inherit any at all! It is very much a lottery and the further back in time one goes the increasing likelihood is that you do not inherit any DNA from the majority of your ancestors! The only exception to this rule is your mtDNA and Y-DNA. Females however do not inherit Y-DNA and males cannot pass on their mtDNA to their offspring. However a female could ask for one of her paternal male ancestors to be tested such as a father, paternal grandfather or even a paternal uncle, full brother or paternal half brother. 

Unlike any other company Living DNA are able to identify which regions of England, Scotland or Wales one's ancestry is derived from as well as ancestry from Ireland. The autosomal analysis confirmed my Lancashire ancestry, the result being 22.9%, so close to 1/4. It also confirmed my Welsh ancestry at 15.8%, not too different from the 1/8 my conventional research indicated. This was broken down to 6.1% from North Wales and 9.7% from the South Wales border (which may include western English ancestry). However where it failed dismally is in the analysis of my German ancestry which showed absolutely none at all! This is clearly an error as 50% of my ancestry is from outside of Britain, having had a German mother. Apparently Living DNA along with many of other testing companies struggle to identify the difference between German and English DNA due to the close similarity and the fact that these companies have insufficient genetic algorithms on their databases from Germany but I was advised that this "may change in the future" as more populations become mapped. This is a very common experience for people who have combined English and German ancestry as my researches on the Internet have shown me. So whilst DNA testing can be very useful it does have its limitations but can certainly help to fill in any gaps in one's conventional research. It is thus more than likely that the remaining auDNA from outside of Wales, Lancashire, Somerset and Shropshire is actually the German DNA 'masquerading' as English. This surely should drum home the truth that the English and German people are essentially the same people! No more brothers' wars!

The auDNA revealed some recent Scandinavian ancestry (1.8% which again may be from North Meols as some of my ancestors were still using patronymic surnames well into the 18th century which may be an indication that they were recent immigrants from Scandinavia. The population of North Meols generally are of Norse descent because this part of Lancashire was heavily colonised by Norwegian and Danish Vikings so the 1.8% auDNA only refers to recent Scandinavian descent. Another surprise was the discovery that 1.7% of my auDNA is derived from the Russian republic of Chuvashia, a people of mixed Balto-Slavic and Finno-Ugric descent with some Turkic/Hunnic admixture. These are a very interesting European people who along with their closely related Mari neighbours have maintained heathen traditions and religion down to the present time. The Chuvash ancestry is clearly from my mother due to the fact that Russia is much closer to Germany than to England and the rare mtDNA V haplotype may very well have been inherited from a Chuvash maternal ancestor as their Mari neighbours have a higher than usual proportion of mtDNA V in their gene pool at 10%.

The use of ancestral DNA testing is certainly a very useful tool when used to clarify or validate conventional research and to fill in any 'gaps' in one's research but the results must be treated with caution especially if one is of mixed German, Dutch or English descent.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Nordic Resistance Movement Banned

I am sure to my English readers what is happening in Finland will sound quite familiar! The Aryans of Europe are now waking up to the realisation of their impending genocide by the zionist occupational governments of Europe and the wider western world. ZOG is now getting desperate. What it cannot control it suppresses and bans, not realising that is more than likely to be counter productive for them in the long term. As any Jungian psychologist could tell them, what they repress and drive underground will burst open to the surface and will prove to be the eventual undoing of the sons of Surt.

" Finland has banned the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement following a court ruling on Thursday that found the group spreads hate and calls for acts of violence.

The extremist group, which has its roots in Sweden but is active across Nordic countries, seeks to establish a national socialist state. Its members have attacked LGBTQ events, clashed with anti-racist demonstrators and carried out bomb attacks on refugee centers.

“In addition to offending and hateful expressions ... the association urges its supporters to use violence and harassment against alleged enemies,” the Finnish court said, according to a Reuters translation of the verdict." Finland Bans Neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement

96 Year Old Man Imprisoned For Being a Book-Keeper at a Labour Camp

The zionist controlled government of the Federal Republic of Germany is getting desperate. Under pressure from vindictive zionist organisations it is now scraping the bottom of the barrel as most of the heroes of the Third Reich have now passed on. However they did manage to identify who did the book-keeping at the Auschwitz labour camp and have sentenced this frail 96 year old man to 4 years in prison. 4 years at such an advanced age is a death sentence. This is not 'justice' but pure naked vengeance. We should not be surprised by this. I recommend that my readers make a study of the Old Testament-it is very revealing regarding the psychotic desert tribal 'god' and his pet tribe.
Mark my words this treason will never be forgotten and will never be forgiven-"and the guilty shall tremble."

"A German court has ruled that a Nazi SS guard known as the 'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz', now 96, is fit to serve his four-year prison sentence.
It ruled that Oskar Groening, who was found guilty in July 2015 of being an accessory to the murders of 300,000 people at the Nazi death camp, is not too old to do time.
The court in Celle, northern Germany, explained: 'Based on expert opinion, the superior regional court finds that the convicted individual is fit to serve the term despite his advanced age.'"

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Church of England-a Capitalist Enterprise

Many years ago my father maintained that the Church of England was the "biggest slum landlord in the country". I don't know how long ago this was the case as my father who died 2 years ago was 103 at his passing but I would not be surprised if this were true as after the monarch the Church of England is the second biggest land owner in England. What people generally do not realise is that apart from church land all land in England and Wales is owned by the queen. Indeed she is the biggest land owner on earth, owning 6,600,000,000 acres! However I digress. Bearing all this in mind it does not surprise me to read the following shocking expose of the church: Church of England's Income

"The Church of England's income is bigger than the turnover of McDonald's in Britain, figures revealed yesterday.
Its income was £1.41billion in 2013 – beating the £1.37billion McDonald's earned here, and three times larger than Starbucks' figures."

Despite its vast wealth, half of it as the result of the gullibility of its congregations (the rest from investments and 'entry fees' to cathedrals and takings from gift shops) its spiritual leader the Archbishop of Canterbury has the temerity to lecture the government on its policies and the 'capitalist' economy, a system (which I do not agree with) which is exploited to the full by the arch capitalist Church of England. Despite it being a glorified business which 'sells' the concept of a jewish and alien 'god' remarkably it has 'charitable status' with all the tax breaks that come with that status.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

89 Year Old Woman Imprisoned for Denying 'Holocaust'

Just when you think that the treasonous German state could not sink any lower we find that yet another elderly person has been sentenced to prison for denying the so-called 'holocaust':

"A German court has sentenced an 89-year-old woman to 14 months in prison for Holocaust denial.
Ursula Haverbeck, dubbed the "Nazi Grandma", has been convicted several times but is yet to spend time in jail.
She was first given a jail term last year but received additional punishment for handing out pamphlets repeating her beliefs to those attending court."

Read the rest of this shameful display of German 'justice' on Germany's 'Nazi Grandma' given jail term for Holocaust denial

One needs to bear in mind that this old lady has committed no act of violence but simply has spoken her opinion-something which is forbidden in the supposedly 'democratic' Federal Republic of Germany (and Austria). 14 months in prison is tantamount to a death sentence for someone nearing 90 years of age. Rest assured our folk will one day be avenged! Wotan will awake and when He does there will be a fury, the like of which the world has never seen before-and "the guilty will tremble".

Runebinder has kindly brought to my attention the following extremely interesting and enlightening Panorama interview with Frau Haverbeck: Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Christian 'god' Now Becomes Transgender

Earlier in November the Church of England engaged in yet more cultural Marxism by issuing a statement to its 5000 church schools that "Pupils need to be able to play with the many cloaks of identity and to explore the possibility of who they might be." These guidelines encourage children or at least permit young boys to come to school dressed up as a ballerina or whatever inappropriate cissy outfit they may choose. It goes on to say that children should "accept difference of all varieties and be supported to accept their own gender identity or sexual orientation and that of others." This is plain and simple social Marxism and social engineering which can have only one outcome-to further push the agenda of confusion that already exists in the corrupt and decaying 'western' world.

If this nonsense were not enough we now have the Church of Sweden rebranding their god as trans-gender! It is urging its clergy to avoid referring to their god as 'he' or 'Lord'. It is currently updating its handbook which gives guidance on the language to be used in its services. I am not sure who is the benefactor of this confusion- those who are mentally deranged who think that gender is merely a 'social construct' rather than a simple matter of biology and chromosomes or perhaps their god is undergoing confusion as to his/her/its 'identity' in which case their god should be admitted to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. Church of Sweden

By contrast those of us who follow the ancient Gods of our ancestors have no confusion as to whether Woden is male and Frige is female. We know their gender and so do our Gods and Goddesses. It appears that only in the decaying and increasingly Marxist Anglican churches of the 'west' is there confusion about genitalia and chromosomes! Of course the militant feminists who are behind this current wave of insanity will no doubt argue that "god is beyond gender" but most of my readers will see this for the incoherent nonsense that it is for the male and female principles affect not only the physical world of creation and mankind (that is mankind, not 'humankind') but the worlds of spirit as well and for this reason our ancestors had no problem in seeing a clear gender division amongst our deities.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Strong Oak Crafts

Just seen this beautiful Wodenist craftwork on my folk comrade Runebinder's blog:

Please take the time to view the rest of his blog as it features many wonderful things. A very talented young man and a very interesting blog. I started to dabble myself in craftwork a few years ago, being inspired by Runebinder and hope to upload some of my own work in the near future (when I invest in a digital camera!). Making things for yourself is always much better than commercially bought things as your handywork becomes a part of you when you breathe your life essence into it. We need to encourage more people to take up this sort of work within the heathen community.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Odinists Demand Buildings from the Church of England

I was interested to read about the recent demand by the Odinist Fellowship for the return of sacred pre-Christian land to the Odinist community. They have written to the Church of England, firstly demanding an apology for the "former crimes" committed by the church against English heathens during the period of forced conversion and secondly as recompense they are demanding that the church hand over two churches, one from the archbishopric of York and one from Canterbury. Thus far they have been fobbed off by bishops but their struggle continues. It should be noted that the Odinist Fellowship (not to be confused with the Odinic Rite) have converted an old non-conformist chapel in Newark, Nottinghamshire into what is believed to be England's first post conversion Odinist temple. I have yet to pay a visit to it but I intend to do so next year. My best wishes go out to them.

Pagans Demand Return of Church Buildings

Newark Odinist Temple

Monday, November 06, 2017

An Odinic Last Rite

On both my Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History and Aryan Myth and Metahistory blogs I have discussed the sacred sacrifice of Odin on the World Tree as part of His ongoing quest for knowledge. See The Rúnatal-an Observation and Odin on the World Tree

As most of my readers will be aware there is an association between dying a 'warrior's death' and entering Walhalla. However I believe that the perception that our heathen ancestors had regarding this was not a perfect one and the concept of the afterlife in pre-Christian Germanic society clearly evolved over time. An excellent book which discusses the concept of the afterlife in Germanic society is The Road to Hel: A Study of the Conception of the Dead in Old Norse Literature (1943) by Hilda Ellis (maiden name of Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson). I heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in this particular aspect of the heathen worldview of our ancestors. The book makes clear that the ancient Germanic peoples held varying views about the afterlife and Walhalla as a  destination is not the only option.

The image of Walhalla that the Norse peoples had was a crude version of something which can only clearly be understood by an Initiate and this article is not the place for me to expound on this. For those of you who are concerned about the prospect of NOT entering Walhalla I have identified a near death rite that can be very easily practised and has some mythological basis.

Most of my readers will be aware that the author of the Younger or Prose Edda was Snorri Sturluson but in addition to this work he also composed the Heimskringla, a selection of sagas of the old Norwegian kings. The first part of this work is called the Ynglinga Saga and is in my opinion the most important part of the collection. However most English language versions of Heimskringla do not for some inexplicable reason contain this most important work. Snorri based his work on the much earlier 9th century skaldic  work of Þjóðólfr of Hvinir, the skald of Harald Fairhair (reigned 872-930), the Ynglingatal. Snorri in both his Ynglinga Saga and the Prologue to the Younger Edda euhemerises the Gods and presents Odin as an historical king who emigrated from Turkey to Northern Europe. It should be borne in mind that Snorri, being a Christian was a product of the post conversion era of the late 12th to mid 13th century Iceland. Whilst his work in preserving our heathen mythology is credit worthy his bias against the Gods is evident. This bias can also be seen in the Elder Edda, allegedly composed by Sæmundur "the Learned" Sigfússon, a Christian priest from mid 11th century to mid 12th century Iceland. We see in the Elder Edda for instance how Thor is mocked and ridiculed in the story of Thor's 'wedding' in the Þrymskviða (the Lay of Thrym). We must therefore use caution when interpreting the Eddas and take into account the obvious Christian contamination.

Our Gods have the ability to take the form of man but they do not have their origins in Midgarth for they are celestial and divine entities that formed us. In the Ynglinga Saga Snorri relates the story of the death of the human Odin and it certainly has some interesting elements:

"Odin died in his bed in Swithiod; and when he was near his death
he made himself be marked with the point of a spear
, and said he
was going to Godheim, and would give a welcome there to all his
friends, and all brave warriors should be dedicated to him; and
the Swedes believed that he was gone to the ancient Asgaard, and
would live there eternally.  Then began the belief in Odin, and
the calling upon him.  The Swedes believed that he often showed
to them before any great battle.  To some he gave victory; others
he invited to himself; and they reckoned both of these to be
fortunate.  Odin was burnt, and at his pile there was great
  It was their faith that the higher the smoke arose in
the air, the higher he would be raised whose pile it was; and the
richer he would be, the more property that was consumed with him." 

I have underlined here the pertinent points of the passage. The human Odin died a 'straw death' which will be the fate of most of us and indeed of many ancient warriors for they did not all die on the battlefield. For those of us who serve Him we could take the first underlined part of the passage as a form of a 'last rite' where we can consecrate ourselves to Odin/Woden/Wodan/Wotan. Trust me-He knows His own but it will provide solace at the last moment and reaffirm our faith in Him. It makes sense therefore to keep on one's person a sharp object such as a penknife. It is perfectly legal to carry a penknife in England and one does not have to give any reason to a Police Officer. So long as the blade of the knife is no more than 3 inches in length and it is a folding blade, not a lock knife for instance. One does not need to literally fall upon one's sword but if you sense that your last moment is near and can feel the presence of the GRIM Reaper (Odin) then one can prick one's skin and draw blood, invoking His name at the same time.

Monday, October 30, 2017

More PC PC

With rates of violent crime increasing in the United Kingdom and the usual excuses of Chief Constables not having enough manpower (or should that be 'person' power?) to tackle real crime it would seem that at least three Police Forces have plenty of time and resources to pander to political correctness.  The South Wales Police appear to have a penchant for dressing their supposedly 'male' Police Officers in high heel shoes whilst Avon and Somerset Police 'men' prefer painting their nails in order to highlight modern day 'slavery'. I am unclear though as to the link between 'slavery' and dressing like a tart. The latter Police Force by the way disbanded their burglary squad after an incompetent 10% success rate in detecting crime.

All of this comes in the wake of Gloucestershire Police spending precious time and resources producing a video in order to demonstrate what a 'peace loving' religion islam really is. When normal people responded not too positively again in Big Brother fashion their response was that "the force will look into any online abuse aimed at the Police". Time and resources to defend both islam and the reputation of the Police which should be spent on real policing.

No doubt if the Gloucestershire Police manage to catch their online 'tormentors' it will mean yet more dawn raids and busted down front doors!

On Returning to a More Authentic Understanding of the Gods

Who or what are the Gods? What is their nature, their essence? Are they purely archetypes that dwell in the Collective Unconscious or Blood Memory or at they something else, something more? I ask this question because how we view the Gods will determine how we interact with them. I appreciate that we will all have a variety of views on this subject and I am not making any kind of argument to suggest that my view is any way more correct than that of other people but I do believe that as heathens this is a question that we should all ask of ourselves and come to our own conclusion.

To quite a large degree 20th and 21st century Germanic heathens have been conditioned by the pre-war writings of the founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), most especially his now famous essay Wotan (1936). Most heathens will be familiar with this essay as it puts forward the concept of Wotan as an archetype. However very few will have read his later essays on this subject such as After the Catastrophe (1945) which should be read in order to gain a  balanced view on the subject. Also helpful is the correspondence between Miguel Serrano and Jung which is published in C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships (1965) which I highly recommend. Whilst Jung's work is useful to us we must admit its limitations as Jung, as folkish as he was was primarily a scientist and only secondarily a mystic and this must be borne in mind when studying his work. One can see Jung's legacy in the work of many of the more respected and well known writers such as Stephen Edred Flowers (Edred Thorsson) although Dr Flowers to give him his credit does not limit himself to viewing the Gods solely as archetypes but concedes that they are very real spiritual entities who exist in their own right.

Thorsson in his remarkable A Book of Troth concedes "What can be said is that the gods and goddesses are REAL, there are many of them, they are ordered in a sort of divine society as we are for our being." He then helpfully goes on to clarify how heathens see the Gods in different ways. "Some understand the gods as pure mental or psychological constructs, some as true living beings, and others as forces of nature." I personally can see all three applications as being relevant to the Gods, that they can be seen as psychological constructs (archetypes), as living beings and the embodiment of the forces of nature. However there are many today who will only concede that they are archetypes, that they have no separate existence outside of our conscious or unconscious minds and I feel that this is an error, a very basic error that many subscribe to today.

Our ancestors did not cogitate over these issues as perhaps the ancient Greeks did for they simply accepted the existence of the Gods and knew that they had a very real existence and a very real power. Modern man in his intellectual conceit-and this also applies to some modern heathens do not credit the Gods with an existence outside of themselves. In other words they do not really believe that they exist apart from being human thought patterns or purely psychic entities that dwell deep in the Blood Memory. Again this is not how our ancestors would have viewed the Gods and if we are truly concerned with reviving our ancient Germanic religion then we MUST consider how our ancestors are likely to have considered them. Whilst Jung's work is important and is certainly helpful in terms of how we view German 20th century National Socialism and the concept of Hitler as an avatar we cannot and must not use his work as a filter for how we view our Gods for Jung is a product of the 19th and 20th centuries, the still largely Christian and increasingly scientific era. Instead we must go straight to the source and there is no better source than Tacitus' Germania for this work unlike the Eddas has not been contaminated by Christian scribes.

In an earlier article Reverence for the Gods I explained in detail how our ancestors deeply revered the Gods:

"Another observance shows their reverence for this grove. No one may enter it unless he is bound with a cord, by which he acknowledges his own inferiority and the power of the deity. Should he chance to fall, he may not raise himself or get up again, but must roll out over the ground. The grove is the centre of their whole religion. It is regarded as the cradle of the race and the dwelling-place of the supreme god to whom all things are subject and obedient." (Germania 39, Mattingley translation)

There is no talk in Germania of our ancestors considering themselves as the 'equal' of the Gods which many in Odinism and the wider Germanic heathen community tend to believe. There is no evidence at all in any of our sources that can support such a view and indeed the whole concept of 'equality' has more to do with the French Revolution than it has with ancient heathenism. Our ancestors simply did not think this way and we must be wary of imposing 20th and 21sth century modes of thought on people who lived 2,000 years ago! By the same token neither am I arguing that heathens are slaves of the Gods. We should instead recognise our kinship with them but at the same time acknowledge that they are in every way superior to us. That however should not stop us in trying to emulate the Gods, to be like them for this is a noble endeavour.

Our ancient ancestors revered the Gods for they viewed them as separate external and self sufficient entities. Whilst the Gods do operate in Midgarth, the world of men we need the Gods far more than they need us for they existed long before we did and they are not reliant upon us for their continued existence for they unlike us are not tied to this world or this dimension of being. Indeed I believe that the Gods can and do manifest themselves occasionally as physical entities, not just appearing in dreams or visions. The Volsunga Saga which is one of our most important sources gives many examples for instance of Odin appearing in physical human form to interact with the clan that He Himself sired, the Volsungas. In the Rígsþula of the Poetic or Elder Edda we have the God Rig (who I believe to be Odin, not Heimdall) appear in physical human form to sire the three castes of later Germanic society. In both of these examples a God appeared as a  separate entity, not as a thought pattern or archetype. This is how pre-modern Germanic man viewed the Gods and it is this mentality that we must seek to return to, our original simplistic faith in the Gods of our blood. In forthcoming articles I intend to discuss how we can draw closer to the Gods and deepen our faith in them.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

BBC Article and Broadcast on Savitri Devi

This was published on the BBC website today. An interesting article but its author needs to revisit their numeric skills. It is 35 years, not 25 since the passing of Savitri!

Once you reach the page there is a link which takes you to the radio broadcast which features the voice of Savitri.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Proposal that Terrorists 'Returning' to the United Kingdom Should not be Prosecuted

Whilst Amber Augusta Rudd, the (rather sour faced) Home Secretary plans draconian legislation to outlaw people from accessing "far-right propaganda" on the Internet with threats of up to 15 years in prison for what amounts to Thought Crime, Max Hill, QC, "the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation" has made the absolutely potty suggestion that 'Britons' (read Asian muslims) should not necessarily be prosecuted for terrorism offences if they return to the United Kingdom. You could not make this nonsense up and it would not surprise me in the least if his proposal was adopted by the government as it would appear that committing real acts of terrorism is less serious than reading my blogs!

If Mr Hill's proposal were to be adopted then we would have hundreds of lunatic islamists roaming the streets of this country when instead they should be barred from ever returning. This proposal strangely comes at the very same time that Andrew Parker, the Director General of MI5 is saying that the United Kingdom faces a bigger threat from terrorism than at any other time before.

It would also appear from Mr Hill's comments that of the terrorists who have returned to the United Kingdom only a handful have ever been prosecuted. This surely beggars belief that real islamist terrorists can be free to roam our streets and their supporters are permitted to demonstrate with inflammatory placards, shouting their demands that unbelievers should be murdered and not a bloody thing is done about it and yet if you say some 'naughty' things on social media then you can expect the full force of the 'Counter Terrorism' Police, not knocking on your door but knocking it down, to be followed by a prison sentence. This is the lunacy of modern Britain.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Marxist Scottish Government to Outlaw Parents' Rights to Discipline their Children

It has been announced today that the Marxist government of Scotland is to back a private member's bill which outlaws the physical correction of children. It is rare for private members' bills to become law but sometimes governments may give such bills an easy ride through the parliamentary process if it lacks the balls to directly introduce legislation themselves. There has been some debate as to whether this move could cause similar legislation to be introduced in other parts of the United Kingdom. In my opinion I do not think that it is likely, not with a Conservative administration but one can never really tell. Scotland is certainly the most Marxist part of the United Kingdom so it should not be inferred that the British, Welsh and Northern Irish administrations would necessarily follow their lead. What it will do however is put the issue into the public arena in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Marxist social engineers will attempt to apply pressure for similar laws to be introduced in the rest of the United Kingdom.

The Marxist social scientists (who are unable to obtain real jobs) will argue that smacking 'damages' children which is absolute nonsense. Most people of my age and older will recall occasions when we were caned at school and given the odd clip around the ear and I do not know of any case where mild correction lovingly administered has ever caused any 'damage', physical or psychological. They will no doubt also assert that children should have the same rights as adults. This is of course patent nonsense to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. We do not and never have as a society accorded the same rights and privileges to children as we do to adults and there is solid thinking behind this. A child that is left to itself and never disciplined will become feral and out of control. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that children, especially boys who do not have a father living in their home are likely to get out of control as in Aryan societies discipline is the role of the father rather than the mother although of course mothers can and do discipline their children when the need arises. Most of my readers of a certain age will recall the childhood warnings of their mothers: "wait til your father gets home!" This would be enough to enforce improved behaviour in the naughty child because the child traditionally views the father as the disciplinarian and rightly so in a traditional society. In my case that warning was enough and although nothing ever happened when my father arrived home from work the warning always worked!

Marxist social scientists (it is a Marxist discipline) have for decades gradually eroded the family unit and they have done this by undermining the role of the man of the house who should ultimately be the master of his hearth. That does not imply abuse or cruelty but the father's domestic role should be that of a leader. However this traditional and Aryan concept does not meet with the approval of the belligerent feminist harridans who seem to dominate the media and public life and have done everything in their power to emasculate men, most especially Aryan men as there is very little outcry from these ogresses when Asian and African men systematically sexually abuse young Aryan girls and women for to point out these racially motivated attacks would be regarded as 'racist', another Marxist invention. Where was the feminist outcry in Rotherham or Köln? The silence of the feminist harpies was deafening!

I find it ironic that politicians have no problem with police officers using their truncheons or tasers on people who resist arrest and yet it is not deemed acceptable for a parent to smack a naughty child's arse! So it would appear that STATE SANCTIONED VIOLENCE IS OK but a parent cannot discipline their own child! What this therefore amounts to is yet more state control over the individual. Big Brother truly has established itself in every aspect of our lives today and the masses by and large allow it to happen so long as they are given their 'bread and circuses'. If such a law were ever to be introduced in England then the state would be the owner of the child and not the parent-a truly hideous prospect.

The British Government Wants to Steal Your Bodily Organs

This issue appeared in the news a couple of weeks ago. See

The British government has announced an intention to change the law regarding organ donations. The current situation in England is that organs may only be taken if there is clear consent from the donor and this tends to only happen if the dead person's relatives do not express objections. The government is now intending to reverse the situation so that unless a person opts out of the scheme it will be presumed that they have given consent! This is of course a form of legalised theft by the state. It is no different to me stealing flowers from somebody's garden and saying that the owner of the garden gave his 'implied consent' by not announcing beforehand that he was opposed to the theft of his flowers! The state seems to think that it is above all norms of behaviour which it expects of its citizens. So before long your body will become the property of the state! Shades of Burke and Hare!

My position on organ donation is that the whole thing seems to be taken straight from a novel by Mary Shelley! It is contrary to the laws of nature. When a person's organs begin to fail either through old age or the abuse of drugs, nicotine or alcohol then it is time "shuffle off this mortal coil". The very fact that the recipients of other people's organs then need drugs for the rest of their lives to combat their own body's rejection of the organ implant should be enough of an indication that the whole process and concept is unnatural. Instead of engaging in Frankenstein operations and so-called 'sex changes' the focus of the NHS should be the curing of the sick using natural means. As for those who think that they have been 'born into the wrong sex' then a long spell in a psychiatric hospital should rid them of what is after all a mental illness.

It was also announced recently by Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer for England that Britain will soon face a "post-antibiotic apocalypse" due to the overuse of antibiotics to fight sickness. The answer to both these man-made 'problems' is surely obvious. The NHS should cease carrying out these unnatural Frankenstein operations and return again to the herbal lore of our ancestors who possessed a wide body of knowledge regarding the treatment of sickness which is not dependant upon man-made drugs or Frankenstein transplants. Rather than fear death we should begin to view this as an inevitable and welcome stage in the life cycle. However as society has become increasingly materialistic the human body is no longer viewed as a psycho-physical complex but just pure matter and thus the modern obsession with delaying the aging process and inevitable death. It also needs to be recognised that death itself is a natural process and a lasting cure for all our ailments.