Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Woden will Triumph over the Dark

Whilst celebrating our Yule rite today I was very conscious of Woden's role as the God who presides over the Solstice, the God who is battling the forces of darkness in order that the light may triumph. As always when raising the mead horn I give honour to Woden first for He is the All-Father and it is to Him that we must give the first place of honour to.

Likewise His son Wid-Ar is also a God who will triumph over the forces of darkness. When the Fenris Wolf devours Woden who represents the sun, the light, Wid-Ar will exact His revenge and release the power of the sun who is reborn in Widar, for the father and the son are one. The essence of Woden will not die: He will be reborn in Wid-Ar, the Ar-God who comes again-wieder kommt.

Our folk are in the thrall of the dark forces of the NWO but the elite of the NWO realise now that their time is short-the Aryan peoples of Europe and other parts of the world are waking up from their deep sleep and becoming aware of the peril that threatens their biological and cultural existence. These blogs and Wodenism in general is not concerned with politics but with the spiritual order of things and the battle that we wage is against dark spiritual forces. We fight this battle with spiritual weapons-something that those who are more politically active mock but this is because they do not understand that our struggle is rooted in the spiritual world and it is there that the battle must be primarily waged in order that the minds of our folk may be awakened and they release themselves from the psychological shackles that the servants of the NWO which includes the British government, have placed upon them.

The shackles are not merely physical in nature but mental and spiritual. People are now so cowed by enforced political correctness-which by the way is getting worse year by year, that they are afraid not only to speak their minds but to think thoughts that have not been sanctioned by the NWO. Indeed the Doublespeak and Thought Crime of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is becoming a reality. The government realises that if it can control the thoughts of the population (through self-policing) then it can control not merely the expression of opinions but people's actions and it is this which makes it so insidious and the NWO with its national and local minions so evil.

Without a successful victory to this spiritual war there can be no happy conclusion but the sacred writings of our folk along with our folklore and legends make it most clear that the light will follow the dark and Woden will ultimately triumph.

Hail Woden!

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