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The Eye of Sauron Update: The Royal Mail and Others

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We are all aware that the UK government along with other governments throughout the world, not just in the western hemisphere, have been snooping on our Internet communications now for years. The passing of the Investigatory Powers Act last month merely puts their previously illegal spying on its citizens on a legal footing. What I have pondered about is the extent to which the Royal Mail (now a private company) snoops or allows others to snoop on our post. I came across this rather interesting article on the Internet:

The Royal Mail refuses to answer the question as to whether they carry out monitoring of people's post and cites national security as the reason for not complying with this Freedom of Information Request:

"Our Security Department have confirmed that releasing this
information into the public domain would prejudice security."

It beggars belief that the Royal Mail which is no longer a public body should have a 'Security Department'! It is quite clear from their response that they do indeed monitor our post and I know of an activist who experienced this at his local Post Office and was carted back off to jail for sending unPC political material through the post which had been intercepted and opened at his local Post Office/Sorting Office. So it certainly does go on but the real question is, is it mass monitoring or only selective monitoring?

In addition to the recently passed legislation we also have the infamous Regulation of Investigative Powers Act, 2000 (RIPA) which allows not only organisations like the Royal Mail but also local councils to spy on their citizens. This is legislation that was intended to prevent terrorism but is being used to beef up the powers of all sorts of regulatory bodies for even 'crimes' as trivial as overfilling your rubbish bin! So we know that regardless of the grounds for introducing legislation it is almost always misused. Furthermore these organisations such as the Royal Mail even refuse to acknowledge that they make use of these powers, quoting the legislation to avoid answering the inconvenient question. Even BBC TV Licensing use this legislation but refuse to comment further. See

The Post Office which is technically now a separate body from the Royal Mail but has a shared past is infamous for spying. See

Organisations that can use the powers contained within RIPA include British Police Forces, MI5, MI6, GCHQ, SOCA, the Prison Service, HMRC, Office of Fair Trading, the Armed Forces, MOD, Environment Agency, Financial Services Authority, Food Standards Agency, all local authorities, all other government departments, all fire authorities, Food Standards Agency, Gambling Commission, Gangmasters Licensing Authority, Care Quality Commission, Health & Safety Executive, NHS bodies, Inspector of Education, Information Commission and the Royal Pharmaceuticals Society. Why the Royal Pharmaceuticals Society and the NHS should be given these snooping powers is beyond me! See It makes for chilling reading!

As a footnote, whilst carrying out research for this article an attempt was made to hack into my PC (something which rarely happens). Fortunately I have decent Internet Security software, anti-malware software, a VPN and a C Cleaner but it goes to show that the powers that be will still attempt to monitor anyone who brings their nefarious actions to the scrutiny of daylight!

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