Thursday, November 03, 2016

Some Thoughts on Creating an Alternative Wodenist England

It is more than clear to me now, especially with the disgraceful and anti-democratic decision of the High Court today, denying the obvious right of the Prime Minister to activate article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to give notice to leave the bastard European Union, that the indigenous English people have no real democratic 'rights'. Any 'rights' which we appear to have are then side lined by other organs of the establishment in order to preserve the status quo of the iniquitous system that enslaves us. As a side note I wish to point out that this legal challenge to the government has been brought by a secretive group of anonymous donors called People's Challenge. Many of these donors are  former residents of the United Kingdom seeking to meddle in our affairs in order to maintain their comfortable lifestyles abroad in the European Union. Others no doubt are those who cannot stomach this country regaining control of its own borders and laws. The public face of this campaign group is Gina Miller, a wealthy and FOREIGN born  self-promoting 'philanthropist' and wife of a hedge fund manager who seems to think that she knows what is best for the indigenous English people.

These challengers to the decision of the people to leave the bastard European Union will no doubt maintain that they are merely challenging the constitutional process of leaving or to use their euphemistic terminology, 'seeking clarity'. The truth of the matter is that they are attempting to delay and block the whole process for they know that the majority of MPs (who are a law unto themselves) will vote against the government to prevent the country from leaving and thus oppose the clear will of the English people who voted 53.4% against 46.6% to leave.

Leaving the European Union but agreeing to the 'freedom of movement' of people (read unwanted immigrants) is not leaving at all but a subterfuge, designed to hoodwink the gullible electorate into thinking that they have left. Surely what has happened today is confirmation that we are living in an oppressed and occupied land where immigrants appear to have more influence and power than the native English folk. As folkish Wodenists we need to carefully consider organising an alternative society, one in which we will create and enforce our own laws. The germination of this idea occurred to me a few nights ago after watching a documentary on Sharia divorce courts. It would seem that many muslim 'marriages' are in fact not recognised in English law because they were entered into in England and did not have an accompanying civil marriage. Thus the 'wives' who seek a 'divorce' are at the mercy of these councils who tend to be male dominated. They cannot seek redress in English civil courts as there was no legal marriage to begin with. This is an interesting counterweight to civil courts which tend to be anti-male and undermine the constitution of marriage.

As part of the process of setting up our alternative society we must recognise that we acknowledge no recognition of the authority of the anti-English court system or its iniquitous laws. Our loyalty must be towards first of all our native English Gods and secondly to the blood nation of England which is currently represented by the Woden Folk religion. Those of us who have sworn witnessed oaths of loyalty to the Gods, the Folk Warder and the English people will already be familiar with this concept which needs to be strengthened further in all rites of profession and initiation. We must realise that we have not just simply 'joined' a religion or a 'club' but have entered into solemn and abiding oaths which cannot be dissolved and that form the basis of the society which we are creating.

In our pre-christian past our laws were not written down but were oral in nature and were recited by the priests at all gatherings of the Thing. These laws were rooted in our Wodenic religion and were very much a part of true justice, not the dead and iniquitous laws that we are subject to in today's occupied England. I propose that a council of wise gothar be appointed to oversee all matters of dispute within our folk and all marriages must be considered first by the gothar and be consecrated by one of them in the presence of the Gods. This in effect means that we should not enact marriages in Registry Offices as this means we are consenting to the 'approval' of an alien and oppressive government and by doing so we subject ourselves to their laws and thus allow them to interfere in our lives as a consequence. The example of the muslim Sharia court system is one that we can usefully employ but should be moulded according to the beliefs, ideals and thinking of the nation of Woden.

As our Folk Warder has recently pointed out the fines which courts impose upon those defendants who are found guilty go straight to the government and not to the victim who is lucky if they receive any compensation at all. Thus fines are a form of taxation. This was not the case in pre-christian England where any exchange of money or goods was made to the injured party, not to the 'state'. This is a model which we should return to. My proposed system would make lawyers redundant-a welcome innovation! Justice would be both transparent and real as wrongs will be righted. There would also be no need for prisons. Prisons did not exist amongst the pre-christian Germanic peoples but were introduced after the christianisation or the enslavement of our peoples. Indeed israelite mosaic law, not Germanic law is the foundation of this evil system. People who were a danger to our society were cast out of it and made outlaws or were offered up as sacrifices to Woden. Again this is a system that hopefully will one day be reintroduced back into our Germanic lands once our alien occupation has been ended.

A feature of the Germanic justice system was the duel. This gave the wronged party a means of seeking vengeance or satisfaction for wrongs inflicted upon them or their kin. The current legal system does not properly compensate victims and neither does it right wrongs in the way that they should be righted. Legal systems in the occupied 'west' take a dim view of duelling because it realises that it bypasses the alien judeo-christian system which has been inflicted upon us. Duelling survived for quite a long time before the church managed to outlaw it. We need to reflect here that the iniquitous English legal system is based upon ecclesiastical law and precepts and thus is alien to the soul of the Germanic peoples.

When we have achieved the liberation of England and Germania we will have no use for the Houses of Parliament, that famous trough where the pigs gather around. Perhaps the buildings can be converted to living quarters or otherwise be demolished as we will no longer have any need for MPs-yet another welcome innovation!

As our Folk Warder has said, we live in this society but we should not be a part of it. I hope that this short article can be used to trigger a constructive discussion amongst Wodenists on how we can create and develop an alternative England right now in 2016.


Steed said...

I've had the same thought for some time now. Another good example is the Queen - she is only the 'Queen of England' if the English people view her as such. I'll be teaching my children that she is NOT the true Queen. Much of our enslavement is based on nothing but perception.

I would propose that we do adhere to the occupying government's laws of force. We can't refuse to pay tax, or to drive above the speed limit. But we can AVOID their taxation as much as possible. Then, beyond that, we set up our own system of marriage, of heirarchy, of self-sufficiency, of moral laws etc. We don't watch *their* television programming, support *their* football teams, use *their* invasive technology.

Wotans Krieger said...

I agree, Elizabeth II has betrayed the English folk. Her silence whilst England perishes speaks volumes. I am reminded of the Sex Pistols' album on this point from 1976! Of course some would argue that she constitutionally is gagged from making any comment but this is the rhetoric of the treasonous establishment. True monarchs do not sit by whilst their folk nation perishes.

I agree that there are certain things that we cannot avoid such as taxation and speed limits etc but there are so many aspects of everyday life where people subject themselves to laws when they do not need to do so, such as the iniquitous marriage laws etc. Matters like this could and should be regulated amongst ourselves and a brotherhood insider/outsider attitude should be encouraged in the way that freemasons and even jews operate. We should (like the muslims) have our own marriages and hierarchy. Oaths sworn for instance to the Folk Warder should take precedence over anything else and it is within the WF-R that we should establish our own hierarchy. Regarding football teams I only follow local non-league teams-they are entirely white, English and local and free from capitalist exploitation.