Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Aryan Origins of Genghis Khan

Several years ago whilst reading Savitri Devi's most notable work, The Lightning and the Sun (1958) I came across this passage regarding Genghis Khan:

"Hoelun also told him of his ancestors, the Borjigin, the Blue-eyed heroes, sons of the legendary Blue-Wolf. (page 69) 

"His mother's tales of the half-mythical Borjigin only stimulated in him the natural self-confidence which is the privilege of the strong. He too had blue eyes, like those ancestors who, visualised through Hoelun's poetic speech, appeared as demi-gods. And his thick hair had the colour of fire. He too was a son of the Blue-Wolf. " (page 70) 

It is possible that Savitri obtained this information from the historical records of  the Persian Ab ul Ghasi. The tribe which Genghis belonged to, the Borjigin were known as the Grey-Eyed Men. Grey eyes as well as blue and green are a natural characteristic of the Nordic race. This historical fact should not surprise us as light eyes, fair skin and red hair are still found today in Mongolia. From the Tarim Basin in China we know of the red-haired, tartan wearing mummies who more than likely spoke a form of Tocharian, an extinct Indo-European language. Our ancestors were great explorers and colonists and we must not assume that they were limited to the confines of Eurasia. In addition to having blue eyes and red hair Genghis also was noted for being of tall stature. He was also believed to have worn a protective Swastika ring.

Of course many establishment historians who are by and large indoctrinated with and enslaved by anti-white concepts have over the years scorned this physical description of Genghis Kahn but they have recently been proven wrong by the startling news that the Y haplotype group that Genghis belonged to is not the C, C2 or C3 haplotypes as previously assumed, but R1b, a haplotype which is specifically European and the most common haplotype in central Europe, particularly in the British Isles and the haplotype which I belong to. Historians now consider that R1b, more so than R1a or I is the primary originator or conveyor of Proto-Indo-European. 

Scientists have carried out DNA testing on 5 bodies of the Golden Family discovered in Tavan Tolgoi, Eastern Mongolia. As we are unlikely to ever recover the remains of Genghis himself then this is the closest evidence that we are ever likely to find. See

My readers will also be aware of the claims that Tutankhamun belongs to the Atlantic Modal Haplotype, the same one that I and most other western Europeans belong to, R1b1a2. This has been established by the respectable iGENEA testing laboratories in Switzerland so I have no reason to disbelieve their analysis. The truth however had been wilfully suppressed by the Egyptian authorities just as China tried to suppress the truth about the Tarim Mummies. It is not convenient to their interpretations of history. Academics should never fear nor suppress the truth! We have further evidence to substantiate this fact as DNA testing on the remains of Akhnaton (his father) and Amenhotep III (his paternal grandfather) also belong to the same haplotype.

Interestingly the 3 historical figures discussed in The Lightning and the Sun are Genghis Khan, Akhnaton and Adolf Hitler! Savitri was always convinced of the Aryan origins of all 3 leaders and we now know that she was correct. We know that Akhnaton was of Aryan lineage not only on the paternal but on his maternal side as well. His mother Tiy was of Mitanni origin. We know that the Mitanni were either an Aryan people or a people who had an Aryan ruling caste (like the Egyptians) and worshiped Gods that had similar names to the Aryan Vedic ones. We know from Mitanni treaties that they worshiped  Aryan Gods under the names of Varuna, Mitra, Indra, Nasatya-nna and Agnis.

Genetics is proving to be a useful tool in our understanding of history but must be used alongside other scientific disciplines such as Archaeology and History.

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