Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sword of Wayland: a Review

Firstly I would like to thank Mr Southgate for his publication of 45 articles taken from Woden's Folk exoteric magazine, Sword of Wayland. All of these articles are fairly recent having been published in the magazine over the last couple of years. Two articles that really stand out for me are Steed's "The Solar Path: Afterlife Ambitions in the Ancient World", quite a long article being 10 pages in length. It clearly sets out and compares the Left Hand Path view of survival against the Right Hand Path or lunar way of the masses. Each time I read this article I gain something new from it. The other article which is deserving of special reference is Wulf Ingesunnu's Summer Finding 2015 publication of the Law-Codes and Codes of Conduct of Woden's Folk along with his interpretation of the 33 stave English Rune Futhorc. This article which is magazine length is 35 pages in total.

This volume would make a useful introduction to the Weltanschauung of folkish Wodenism for any Germanic heathen and gives one the opportunity to gain an insight into Woden's Folk's work prior to subscribing to their magazines. Although I have read these articles before, reading them again in this volume gave me an opportunity to re-examine some very important material.

The following articles have been included: The Woden Männerbund; The Cosmic War; Folk Customs of Kent: The Hooden Horse; Ten Years Ago: The Awakening of the White Dragon; Heathen Lore; The Sacred Centre & the Sound of Creation; England's Dreaming; Future of the English; The Faravahar; Saint George the Wolf's Head; Beowulf the Geat; Hama - Fire from Water; Galdor-Cræft; The Eðel-Project; The Aryan English; English Resistance; Preparing the Way for the Last Avatar; Woden's Folk: Our Work; The Primal Aryan Myth: The Dragon-Slaying; Wodenic Priest; Widukind; The Polar Tradition; Information Wars; The Problem with Wicca; The Wolf-Fury; King Raedwald & the Leader of thje Wild Army; A Warning; Origin of the Martial Arts; The Hælweg; Parsifal: The Third Wave; The Reawakening; The Spiral; Beyond the Known Universe; The Awakening of the Valkyrie; Runic Postures; The Saxons in India; The Solar Path: Afterlife Ambitions in the Ancient World; Wodan id est Furor; Germania!; The Cosmic War; The English Warrior; He Who Returns; Idunn: the Goddess of Regeneration; and the special extended edition from Summer Finding 2015.

The contributors to this volume are Wulf Ingesunnu, Hamasson, Wotans Krieger, Steed, Offa Whitesun, Siegfrith and Siegmund. It is available for purchase on Amazon and directly from Black Front Press.

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Steed said...

Thank you for your words of praise WK. In truth, the 'Solar Path' article was in turn and in part informed by years of reading your blogs.