Monday, July 25, 2016

Odin's Triple Horn on Scandinavian Picture Stones

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I was prompted to write this after reading some uniformed review on regarding a triple horns of Odin amulet. The writer was trying to convince people that this is a 'wiccan' symbol. Nothing could be further from the truth. Wicca in the form that it is known (perhaps excluding Seax Wicca) is an entirely unhistoric religion and a universalist one at that, often of great appeal to feminists and homosexuals because of its particular Goddess orientation.

Whilst our Germanic heathen faith is also reconstructed it is nevertheless based upon an historic foundation although sometimes it is in danger of appearing as nothing more than a form of historical re-enactment! The symbol of the triple horn appears in several Scandinavia picture stones such as the Snoldelev Stone from Ramos, Denmark, dating back to the 9th century CE and on one of the Gotland Stones from 10th century Sweden.

The triple horns on the Snoldelev Stone appear alongside a fylfot, emphasising its association with Odin. Likewise on the Gotland Stone it appears alongside a Valknut, a symbol that is universally recognised by its association with Odin. It is not unusual for those in the Wicca religion to co-opt Germanic heathen symbols. The Runes are one example of this and it may help to explain why some insist on calling them 'Celtic'. The Celts of course did not use runes but their druids did have a writing system which is probably of more recent origin than Runes and this is Ogham.

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