Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An Interesting Interview by Freya Aswynn

An interesting and very recent interview given by Rune Mistress and Priestess of Wodan, Freya Aswynn. I would draw my readers attention to her comments about 'meta-genetics' and also being blind in one eye. This appears to be a common factor in those who have felt the strong presence of Woden/Wodan/Wotan/Odin in their lives. This a trait shared by our Folk Warder Wulf and of course Guido von List who received the Armanen Runes during a period of temporary blindness. I went through a similar experience myself a few years ago which I have recovered from but could become permament if returned. What is interesting here is that in both of the first two examples (Freya and Wulf), it is blindness in one eye which is the the indication of a genuine presence or union with the one-eyed hunter God.

I would also encourage my readers to get hold of the following CDs if they can:

Fruits of Yggdrasil

Shades of Yggdrasil

Songs of Yggdrasil

Superficially they may appear to be just variations of the same album but they are not. Certainly the last of the 3, Songs of Yggdrasil is a later recording. All three albums have slightly different track listings so I would encourage people to buy all three and compare them. The guttural Dutch Germanic vocal quality gives a real authenticity to the recordings and I see no reason why they could not be used as a means of inducing a trance like state or for incorporation into ritual.

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