Tuesday, March 29, 2016

An Invocation of Ostara

We invoke thee, Ostara,
Grant us thy presence
In this our sacred circle
That we have prepared for you.
It is in your honour
That we take this time of remembrance
For the coming season
Of warmth, joy and life.
Ostara the Fruitful,
We welcome you,
Comfort us with your timeless spirit.
Thou appearest in beauty
In the dawn of each day.
O living Ostara,
The beginning of life,
When thou risest in the eastern horizon
Thou fillest Midgard
With the giving light of life.
Thou art gracious and radiant,
Glistening high over every land.
Thy rays encompass Midgard
To the bounds of all
That the Gods have made.

These words are not mine but taken from Ron McVan's classic The Temple of Wotan. Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes (page 299, 2000). I have been using this as an invocation for the Summer Finding rite for a couple of years now. I like Ron's wonderful use of Early Modern English for this invocation: it sets the right respectful tone which we lose in modern English. Fellow folkish Wodenist Runebinder has penned a nice little article about Ostara here http://volkisch-runes.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/i-had-dream-last-night-that-owl-flew.html

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