Saturday, February 27, 2016

Karl Wolff and the 'Knights of the Circle of Thor'

As reported in my article we know that Heinrich Himmler along with many other National Socialists honoured the old Gods of the North. Over the years there have been many reports, some based on fact, others more of a sensationalist nature which reveal the existence of secret occultic orders in the Third Reich, many of which have their origins in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the völkisch awakening in the Blood Memory of the German people. The music dramas of Wilhelm Richard Wagner (1813-1883) were a part of this awakening which culminated in his magnificent tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen and finally in Parsifal.

It could very well be that the Mjolnir worn by Himmler was not only a sacred amulet in the sense that we wear this symbol today but indicative that of the various secret orders which Himmler was connected to, it reveals to us that he may have been the Grand Master of one devoted to the honouring of Donar.

According to Power, Politics and Social Change in National Socialist Germany: A Process of Escalation into Mass Destruction (1968 ) by John M. Steiner:

"the former chief of Himmler's personal staff, Karl Wolff, is still wearing around his neck a silver hammer ( Mjöllnir) of the God Thor, later named Donar. This fact was revealed during an interview with Wolff in Stadelheim prison, in Munich, on December 7th, 1964."

Colonel Howard A. Buechner and Captain Wilhelm Bernhart writing in Adolf Hitler and the Secrets of the Holy Lance (1988, revised 2nd edition 1989) states:

"There is growing evidence that there was another society within the higher echelons of the SS which was even more secret than the Thirteen Knights of the Holy Lance. Almost nothing is known about this group and its purpose, except that the members wore the hammer of the ancient Germanic deity as their emblem. Himmler's chief of staff, General Karl Wolff, is believed to have been a member. The society may still exist at the present time." (p. 100) 

I don't know what evidence Colonel Buechner and Captain Bernhart based their evidence on and whether they have read the earlier work by Steiner. They refer to this extremely secret group as the Knights of the Circle of Thor. This may or may not have been the actual name.

Apparently General Wolff abandoned his childhood protestant xtian faith in 1936 and had his first son who was his third child named Thorisman and a name giving ceremony was conducted on 4th January 1937 by SS-Brigadier General Weisthor (Karl Maria Wiligut) in the presence of Heinrich Himmler. The text of this ceremony was published as Appendix C of Stephen E. Flowers' Secret King. Karl Maria Wiligut. Himmler's Lord of the Runes (2001), republished and expanded as The Secret King. The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism (2007). This would certainly indicate an allegiance to Donar, Thor, Thunor or Thunar. So it should not surprise us that 27 years later he still wore Donar's symbol whilst unjustly incarcerated by the zionist dominated Federal German Republic. Apparently General Wolff's family crest (probably created during the 1930s) includes a Wolfsangel rune.

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