Saturday, February 27, 2016

Karl Wolff and the 'Knights of the Circle of Thor'

As reported in my article we know that Heinrich Himmler along with many other National Socialists honoured the old Gods of the North. Over the years there have been many reports, some based on fact, others more of a sensationalist nature which reveal the existence of secret occultic orders in the Third Reich, many of which have their origins in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the völkisch awakening in the Blood Memory of the German people. The music dramas of Wilhelm Richard Wagner (1813-1883) were a part of this awakening which culminated in his magnificent tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen and finally in Parsifal.

It could very well be that the Mjolnir worn by Himmler was not only a sacred amulet in the sense that we wear this symbol today but indicative that of the various secret orders which Himmler was connected to, it reveals to us that he may have been the Grand Master of one devoted to the honouring of Donar.

According to Power, Politics and Social Change in National Socialist Germany: A Process of Escalation into Mass Destruction (1968 ) by John M. Steiner:

"the former chief of Himmler's personal staff, Karl Wolff, is still wearing around his neck a silver hammer ( Mjöllnir) of the God Thor, later named Donar. This fact was revealed during an interview with Wolff in Stadelheim prison, in Munich, on December 7th, 1964."

Colonel Howard A. Buechner and Captain Wilhelm Bernhart writing in Adolf Hitler and the Secrets of the Holy Lance (1988, revised 2nd edition 1989) states:

"There is growing evidence that there was another society within the higher echelons of the SS which was even more secret than the Thirteen Knights of the Holy Lance. Almost nothing is known about this group and its purpose, except that the members wore the hammer of the ancient Germanic deity as their emblem. Himmler's chief of staff, General Karl Wolff, is believed to have been a member. The society may still exist at the present time." (p. 100) 

I don't know what evidence Colonel Buechner and Captain Bernhart based their evidence on and whether they have read the earlier work by Steiner. They refer to this extremely secret group as the Knights of the Circle of Thor. This may or may not have been the actual name.

Apparently General Wolff abandoned his childhood protestant xtian faith in 1936 and had his first son who was his third child named Thorisman and a name giving ceremony was conducted on 4th January 1937 by SS-Brigadier General Weisthor (Karl Maria Wiligut) in the presence of Heinrich Himmler. The text of this ceremony was published as Appendix C of Stephen E. Flowers' Secret King. Karl Maria Wiligut. Himmler's Lord of the Runes (2001), republished and expanded as The Secret King. The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism (2007). This would certainly indicate an allegiance to Donar, Thor, Thunor or Thunar. So it should not surprise us that 27 years later he still wore Donar's symbol whilst unjustly incarcerated by the zionist dominated Federal German Republic. Apparently General Wolff's family crest (probably created during the 1930s) includes a Wolfsangel rune.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Restoration of the Aryo-Germanic Caste System

I have already discussed the Germanic and Aryan caste systems in previous articles on my blogs so I do not intend to go over old ground. The reader is directed to ,

There will be other earlier articles I have penned in the last 10 years but the above listed ones are the most upto date and represent my most recent thinking and research.

The reason why I continually raise this subject is because of its vital importance to our future. We are living in an age without caste and even in India where the Aryan caste system has prevailed over thousands of years we are beginning to witness its dissolution, coming under sustained attack by the regressive forces of democracy and liberalism. We should not be surprised about this as we are living in the Kali Yuga where all notions of hierarchy have been turned upon its head, where the masses are king and the Untermensch is regarded as the ideal human type. In an age of gross materialism it should not surpise us that quantity is viewed more importantly than quality and that matter is supreme over spirit.

Amongst European peoples the Nordic racial type has always been predominant as a ruling nobility and the aristocracy until recent times best represented this racial type. Amongst the Germanic peoples this was of course the Jarl caste. I have in previous articles pointed out that the Germanic system is a distortion of the original Aryan one as the tripartite Germanic system incorporates the Thralls, a non-Nordic and thus a non-Germanic caste of slaves. These would equate to the fourth (and thus non-Aryan) caste of the Indo-Aryan Sudras. I believe that until the Germanic peoples encountered inferior racial types that they too had a tripartite system which consisted entirely of the Nordic racial type. My regular readers will recall that I have argued that the ongoing struggle between the priestly and warrior castes in Germanic society caused the eradication of the priestly caste, its functions being assumed by a sub-division of the Jarl caste-the Kon, the Priest-King. This is the background to Caesar's misinformed claims that the Germans "have no druids to preside over religious matters". The Germans as Tacitus tells us in his Germania (a later work) clearly did have priests but by this time they lacked the central authority and organisation that the Druids had. One sees the struggle between the priestly and noble castes continue into historic times with the mediaeval struggle between monarch and church. Even today in 2016 we see this struggle still being played out in Parliament with the ongoing tensions between the House of Lords which amongst its members are the most senior bishops of the Church of England, and the House of Lords which considers itself to be the primary law making chamber, consisting in part of the government which represents the sovereign. The Queen of England is of course regarded as the supreme head of the Anglican Church, thus assuming the role of Kon, Priest-King.

During the 12 years of the Third Reich attempts were made to re-establish the link between Blut und Boden, recognising that amongst the German peasantry (not to be misread in the modern sense as a pejorative term) the purest Germanic and Nordic blood was to be found, for by this time the German nobility had become bastardised by the blood of middle-eastern money lending families. We see this today with the supposed English Royal Family that will forge marital alliances with the most unlikely people, the mercantile class, which has its origins in mediaeval Jewry and money lending. Crowns can thus be bought for a few shekels.

In the Reich that is to come these bastardised noble familes will have no place of honour for they are enfeebled distortions of the once racially pure Germanic aristocracy. Thus we must begin again the restoration of the caste system. Building on the vision of the Rigsthula I propose that these reconstituted castes be as follows:

Kon-This must be a recogniseably priestly caste, separate from the one below. In contradistinction to Julius Evola I regard the mystic, priest and shaman to occupy a more important role than that of the Ksatriya warrior-noble. The present nobilities of Europe have long since lost any abilities which they once had, no doubt a consequence of their race-mixing with Levantine elements.

Jarl-The Aristocracy of regenerated Aryan man, occupying positions of leadership in all aspects of Germanentum. They must take their instruction from their spiritual superiors.

Karl-The producers and farmers of our folk. The term peasant must have its honour restored and once again represent the very best in Germanic man. The Karl must recover his mystic link with the land of his ancesters. England must once again become an agricultural not an industrial economy. Thus we can assist the earth to heal itself and we in turn will reforge our lost link with the sacred earth.

As far as the non-Nordic, non-Germanic and non-Aryan caste of the Thralls is concerned they will be banished from our sacred ancestral lands. Once our people and land have been freed from the dual poisons of capitalism and industrial exploitation the Thrall will cease to have a purpose and non-Nordic elements will be banished from our lands. The Rigsthula makes it clear that this caste was an alien one. The very presence of the Thrall in our lands represents a very real threat to our biological survival as a racial community. Some of these Thralls may outwardly appear to be people of our own blood but the obese, the sexual degenerate, the drug addict, the alcoholic and the career criminal should be regarded as part of this slave under class and the necessary corrective measures undertaken. They are the Untermenschen much prized by the liberal elite.

The Woden Initiate of today will form a part of the Kon caste of tomorrow. It is imperative that we focus our time and resources in building up our spiritual knowledge and powers in preparation for the age which is to come. Our descendants will together form the priestly caste which has been built from our loins and give the spiritual direction and leadership that our people need.