Saturday, December 19, 2015

Woden, the High Lord of the Initiate

Woden is not a God that can easily be approached by the uninitiated and to do so carelessly is to court danger and chaos. This is why amongst the majority of our peoples He was the God of either the cultic warrior or the shaman-mystic. The masses of our folk instead served Thunor, who is our guardian, defender and protector. All of us at some time wear the Hammer either for protection or as a symbol of our Germanic faith but it is to Woden that we approach for wisdom and realisation of our Self for He is the God of wisdom, the Master of the Runes which He won in an act of Self-sacrifice. This is indeed the key to our spiritual development-sacrifice but not of animals and men but of our Selves as He, Woden , the High Lord has demonstrated to us.

There are various examples of Woden's suffering in the form of Self-sacrifice in the Eddas. These acts of Self-sacrifice include the sacrifice of one of His eyes for an exchange of water from the wise and ancient Mimir's well, His hanging from the world tree for nine nights to acquire the knowledge of the runes and even his suffering as the result of being tortured by His favourite protege Geirrodr. Pain and suffering feature as necessary prerequisites in Woden's never ending quest for wisdom and understanding and so it is with His followers then and now; thus to serve Woden is not an easy task and should not be entered into lightly without a consideration of the consequences.

One of the criticisms levelled at the High Lord is His supposed duplicity in 'betraying' His favourites. Those who make this accusation do not and never will undestand Him. They 'think' as mere human cattle which the masses essentially are. The vast majority of people-our own race included are concerned only with their petty comforts and give no deeper thought about spiritual matters. They are little better-indeed I would say they were of less value than the beasts of the field for at least they serve a function and do not wantonly cause havoc and devastation as human animals do. Ragnarok will dispose of these useless eaters and pave the way for an earth free of corruption-human and otherwise, an earth fit for the God-man, the redeemed Arya to walk with the Gods, the Shining Ones once more in a new and wonderful Golden Age.

Going back to the issue of Woden and His supposed 'duplicity'. Surely for Woden to cause the fall of His Chosen in battle (and life surely is battle if lived correctly) is nothing other than a blessing for He so values His Einheriar that He desires their company in His celestial hall of Walhalla. To be with Woden, to walk with Him, to learn from Him is surely our most profound desire? What is the cutting short of a corrupt physical existence by a few years worth in comparison with this? Rather it should be considered a blessing. As Woden-born initiates those of us who wear the Valknut, burned into our flesh have made a symbolic gesture, a sacrifice, an indication to the High Lord that we belong to Him, that we serve Him but do so freely, willingly and not by compulsion.

To serve Woden is thus to enter into a life of sacrifice, of Self-sacrifice in order that we may in emulation of Him receive wisdom and gain understanding and knowledge. The more sacrifices that we experience the greater this wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

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