Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Meditative Paradigms of Seiðr

I wish to draw my readers' attention to a mysterious Odinist esoteric text which appears as an appendix to the The Asatru Edda (2009) as The Hugrunar and as The Hugrunes in The Odinist Edda (2014) which is basically an anglicisation of the earlier work. I have referred to this particular work before in .

Its correct title is The Meditative Paradigms of Seiðr and information about them and the text itself can also be found on 
Whilst I have read through the text several times I have yet to meditate upon them but full instructions on how to do so may be found on the afore-mentioned web page which is part of a most interesting website

Whilst most of us involved in folkish Wodenism are familar with working with runes some people tend to lack the same familiarity with  meditation. The system outlined on the above-mentioned links will ground the meditation in a folkish text as this clearly is and I would encourage my readers to give this a go. Any information as to the origins of the text (other than what is already given on the website) would be very welcome.

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