Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Englisc Scene by Wulf

A powerful commentary on the state of 'Englisc Nationalism' by the founder of the revived Woden Folk Religion. If any should doubt that Woden is moving today, as He has moved many times in the past in the blood of His people then one should consider that He has sent out his prophets as heralds of the Coming One from Above, preparing His Way. He speaks today through these prophets:


WyrdWalker said...

I see a need for a book, one to be sold to the general public, via something like Amazon, that will lay out the stance and objectives of the movement in a modern way and show people.....even those who are already sympathetic, how to bring this way of life into their own daily existence. They need to be able to understand and implement it, at least in a beginning way, via this reading; without working through the volumes that the adept would be motivated to. If and until this can be done, until a basic program can be laid out for the individual and shown to be of benefit in his life, away from the commercialism of instant gratification, progress will much curtailed. Since it seems that everything that Wulf writes sells out before the ink is dry, he would be the obvious one to do the writing. However, anyone with the knowledge and desire should take a stab at it. Not only this book but a book for ALL Europeans needs to be written. Soon. Quickly. With no delay. The peoples of European decent, whether in Mother Europe, Americas, Australia, Southern Africa, New Zealand are all melting away under the relentless assaults of the corrosive desert religions and its countless repercussions. Somehow, we must be brought together. They are trying to destroy us all.

runebinder said...

kinsman, Black Front Press are reprinting Wulfs books, but best best quick as they sell so fast!