Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Yuletide Message from Wotans Krieger

It is ironic that at this sacred time of the old year, the Yuletide which witnesses the rebirth of the returning sun that the xtian churches throughout the centuries have maintained that the adherence of our folk to the ancient ways is somehow a distortion of their Christmas festival and the 'work of the devil'. By renaming the ancient northern European feast of Yule after their unhistorical mythical jewish 'messiah' they then claim that any reassertion of the traditional heathen Yule is somehow a distortion of the feast which they have hijacked and stolen from us! Hence we see their desparate attempts of maintaining their lie with their pitful slogan of 'Keep Christ in Christmas!' They do this whilst hypocritically decorating their Yule trees, exchanging gifts and lighting their Yulelogs!

The truth of the matter is that their Christmas for the masses of human cattle has become little more than a season of over-indulgence, drunkenness and debauchery for the people now (as always) do not understand the esoteric significance of the season and like children with no understanding they follow their basest instincts, foolishly getting themselves into debt. Then come January they 'rue the day', swearing that 'won't get fooled again' but then like automotans they repeat the same behaviour in the following year, a marketing man's dream idiot!  For those of us who are part of folkish Wodenism and Germanic heathenry in general we have undestanding and follow this separate and third way. We observe the spiritual traditions that have survived the ravages of xtianity.

As we await the rebirth of the physical sun, the Lady Sunna so we also await the rebirth of the Arya in this devastated white island of Albion which is suffering from the human flood prophesied by our Folk Warder and founder of our Wodenic religion in the late 20th century, Wulf Ingesunnu:
"This land is sacred to us, not some 'Holy Land' in the Middle-East; our Ancestors worshipped the Gods at these places, places built by the Giants of ancient times - the Hyperborean Heroes. Their blood and their spirit still flows through the veins of those who feel the Call of the Blood through the Blood Memory. This is Albion - The White Island - The Isles of the Elven-Folk."

That Call of the Blood, the awakening of the Blood Memory which Jung secularised as the Collective Unconscious is accelerating. As we witness the heedless rush towards Ragnarok-Korangar we will be faced with choice of Walhalla-Allahlaw, a situation foisted upon us by the white traitors who are destroying this beautiful and sacred land. The real 'cult of death' referred to by Cameron is in fact the secret overlords, the evil cabal who are the hidden ones in control of the media and all arms of the establishment who having stirred up hatred in the muslim world have now caused a 'refugee' crisis which is the flood referred to in Wulf's prophecy. Fanatical islam is a sympton, not the cause of the present situation. That is an inconvenience that they do not wish for the masses to understand. As has been shown recently in Parliament if you oppose the insanity of constant war in the Middle East that makes you, in the words of Cameron, a 'terrorist', a word which has replaced 'witch' in 21st century England.

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Wulfinga said...

As Ragnarok approaches the Bifrost Bridge breaks and the Hordes of Darkness pour into the Home of the Gods; we can certainly see this as a 'flood' in symbolic terms. In 'Wulf's Prophecy' we find that the flood comes over the South Downs - from the South, from the realm of Black Surt. Indeed, since this symbolism of the 'flood' was foreseen by various activists within Woden's Folk we should perhaps now see it in this way rather than being taken literally (at this time anyway). In ancient symbolism the 'waters' were seen at one level as the 'Waters of Chaos' and thus as a state of regression into the formless state, a dissolution of form which heralds a REBIRTH TO NEW FORM. The waters also cleanse and purify. This 'immersion into the waters' destroys the original creation, but at the same time it regenerates it. Through this plunging into the Primordial Chaos and its cleansing process there is effected a resurrection - the Resurrection of the Hero. We can now look forwards to the Age of Heroes.