Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Schwarze Sonne Crop Circle Appears in Wiltshire

Make of this what you will but a Schwarze Sonne crop circle has appeared near Bowerchalke in Wiltshire in August 2015. Wiltshire which is part of the ancient Saxon kingdom of Wessex is home to many prehistoric sacred sites. I was alerted to this in the latest issue of Nexus magazine (October-November 2015) which does not refer to it as a Black Sun but as an an "advanced wheel-like design."

It has been reported that the exact date for the appearance of this crop circle is 8/8/15. 88 has as my readers will be aware an esoteric and National Socialist interpretation. This is further augmented by the fact that the individual numerals of the year 2015 also add up to 8, making this 888.

Incidentally my readers may wish to obtain a copy of this edition of Nexus as it does contain a very good article about the Aryan mummies of the Tarim Basin-The Caucasian Mummies of Central Asia by Patrick Chouinard who wrote the excellent Forgotten Worlds: From Atlantis to the X-woman of Siberia and the Hobbits of Flores (2012). The thread that runs through the book is one of an ancient global Aryan civilisation, the knowledge of which has been suppressed by modern day academics.


Rayne said...

Some of these crop circles like the sunwheel disk on your post were made by something else and not just by ordinary people. Very interesting post.

The Celtic Warrior said...

Amazing! I have heard 'conspiracy theories' about a cosmic Aryan society, not only a global one. There is Sanskrit literature mentioning vimana spaceships.