Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Present Day Survival of the Volsungs-Light and Hope for the Future

These are dark days for the Aryan race but this should not come as any surprise to the majority of my readers who are aware of the Prophecy of the Vala (Voluspa, Poetic Edda). The time leading up to Ragnarok will be one of increasing conflict and this is mirrored in the very word itself R-A-G-N-A-R-O-K > K-O-R-A-N-G-A-R (Spear of the Koran, Gar being Germanic for the word spear). Islamic fundamentalism will be the catalyst for the coming world war for the two concepts cannot reside side by side-W-A-L-H-A-L-L-A > A-L-L-A-H-L-A-W (Sharia Law). Our Germanic and Aryan heathen spirituality and way of life over the millenia has been the object of attack by the followers first of YAHWEH, then of the Christ and now by the followers of Allah and his prophet Muhammad.

The western apologists who have not only allowed but engineered events for millions of Muslims to invade the west refer to Islam as a 'religion of peace' whenever the latest Islamist atrocity takes place. These are the true followers of Islam not the peaceful hard working citizens who are merely cultural muslims. The true muslim like the true Christian or follower of Judaism is a fanatic for fanaticism is encouraged in the holy books of all three Abrahamic religions. The word Islam shares the same root as the Arabic word salem which means peace but Islamists interpret this to mean that personal peace can only be attained by submission to Allah. If one doubts the warlike nature of Islam one only has to consider its history and the foothold that it gained in Spain and Portugal-by CONQUEST! The idiotic and traitorous politicians who control the west today are set to allow yet more floods of these fifth columnists (despite the apparent objections presented to the media) into our lands, first of all to leach off the rest of us and then to increase their growing militant cadre. So Ragnarok my readers is inevitable!

However dear readers there is light and this light I reveal to you now. There has been much talk and many books written in recent decades on the supposed bloodline of the Holy Grail. The book that sparked all this off was The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln in 1982. This legend has proven to be a nice little earner for those involved in churning out this nonsense. The truth of the matter is that yes there is a Holy Bloodline and yes there is a Graal but they have nothing to do with the fictional characters of the New Testament. The real Holy Bloodline is that of the Volsungs. It is Germanic and it is Woden-born. The Volsungs are no more mythical than the characters of the New Testament and are actually rooted in history. What I reveal to you today is that their bloodline has survived!

Throughout the western world thousands of people with the blood of the Volsungs live and breathe and yet are blissfully unaware of their lineage! Indeed only in recent months have I become aware that two of my kinswomen are of the Volsung line through their maternal ancestry. I want to make it quite clear here and now that I am not of this lineage although my blood has become mixed with the Volsungs. Their maternal relatives have been made aware of this heritage. However being of the Volsung blood does not always guarantee a Volsung mindset. I suspect that 99.99% of them are unaware of their heritage and even if the majority were informed few would understand its true significance and even less would act upon it. Nevertheless this revelation should give us hope for the future for from this line will emerge the future leaders and heroes of our race. It gives us a focal point, even if symbolic that we can rally around.

My kinswomen trace their ancestry direct to our High Lord Woden via Aslaug, the daughter of Sigurd Sigmundsson and the shieldmaiden Brynhildr. Aslaug had had 4 sons via Ragnar Lodbrok: Ivar the Boneless, Hvitserk, Ragnvald the Mountain-High and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. It is through the historical hero Hrolf the Ganger that my kinswomen trace their ancestry to the Volsungs via Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. It is conjectured by some scholars that the Germanic hero of heroes, Sigurd/Siegfried may be none other than the first century chieftain of the Cherusci and saviour of Germany, Arminius/Hermann. I am undecided about this and keep an open mind.

In the coming months I will write more about the Volsungs, possibly on my Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History blog. Here are links to some of my earlier articles about the Volsungs:,,,,


SerpentSlayer said...

How would one know for certain?
The trademark snakelike eyes and visions of the past aren't enough to be certain for me.

Wotans Krieger said...

Genealogical research-not mine but my daughter's mother with lines of ancestry back to the Dukes of Normandy, Charlemagne, the Yngling dynasty via Ragnar Lodbrok etc as well as the Volsungs. Instead of looking for the Jesus bloodline we need to find as many of these Woden born descendants as we can and assist their awakening to their true heritage. Obviously over the centuries the quality will vary from person to person but they are with us still these offspring of Woden.

Godomar said...

Greetings Wotans Krieger, I was wondering if the French people can be seen as half-germanic? Especially in the northern part of the territory. What do you know about them? I know, you’re focused on the history of Britain and Germany but I think British and French are similar. The strange thing is that I’ve always felt more related to Rhine inhabitants than southern French and I’m culturally related to the romans and greeks. I’ve read the Eddas but I still have the Iliad and the Odyssey near my heart. Maybe it’s the French paradox: a celto-germanic country with a Latin language.

On my father’s bloodline I’m related to the French nobility with some English blood and on my mother one I’m related to pure native burgundians. We all have blue/gray/green eyes on both sides. I know no more than that.

Since my childhood (I’m 21) I dream of the reunification of Germany and France in a strong confederation. I grew up with medieval tales and stories, then I saw this rotten world. Not so long ago I dreamed of Thule, when I woke up I felt like I’ve been touched by something; called, in a way. I know it sounds crazy, but I never had a dream like that.

I hope we, Europeans, will one day end this self-destruction which makes no sense.

SerpentSlayer said...

I may know what you mean, in some rare individuals I can sense a "spark" it may just be that these people are chosen by the allfather and have been marked by his interest but it may also be the volsung blood. Perhaps he harvests those in whom the Volsung blood manifests itself. Most I have found can be classed as "high functioning autistic" but they all have that sense of fate about them.

Wotans Krieger said...

Hailsa Godomar!
Thank you for your comment, good to hear from you. My blog is not "focused" on Britain and Germany: it is concerned with the entire Aryan world. It is not and never has been concerned with the concept of 'nationality' but of race and metahistory, or mythology if you will.
Also it is incorrect to talk of 'British' as an ethnicity-it is not-unless you are referring to the pre-English population of southern Britain (England and Wales) which are referred to in English as the 'Welsh', which originally was a pejorative term for the Cymry and meant in Germanic 'foreigner'! As a racialist and a Germanic person I draw a distinction between the English who are a Germanic people and the other nations which make up the United Kingdom which itself is an artificial construct.
In answer to your question I am very interested in both northern France and the Low Countries which together make up ancient Gaul. There is an interesting and indeed intriguing mix of Germanic and Celtic tribal populations in these countries. Whenever I have travelled through northern France on the way to Germany I have always noticed the very Germanic sounding place names and domestic architecture. We must also bear in mind that France-Frankreich owes its very name to the Germanic Franks.
I have no doubt from your comments regarding your ancestry that you are of Germanic ancestry. Nationality is not important to me, only someone's blood.
I have found your words very interesting and I do hope that you will post a comment again to me. I am glad that my words are reaching the Ario-Germanic people of France. My child's mother by the way is of both Scandinavian, Norman and Frankish blood with ancestry traceable to the Volsungs, the Ynglings and dare I say it Charlemagne.
I intend to do more research into the Germanic culture, history and mythology of France and the Low Countries but you must keep an eye for this on my Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History blog. Once again welcome Godomar.

Godomar said...

Hello again, thank you for your reply. I have been reading your blogs for more than 2 years now. I have seen numerous of other French linking posts from your website. I’ll pay more attention to the Celto-Germanic blog. I apologize for the “british” people, I used it as a generic name for the different tribes of Britain. The history of France, Gaul, Celtica, whatever you call it, is very interesting, these lands have been a crossroad for all tribes from Europe for millennia with the exception of the Slavs.

Some french don't forget their past. You certainly know Georges Dumézil and Jean Haudry but there is maybe someone that you may not know, his name is Jean Mabire, he is Norman regionalist who wrote books about the Waffen SS, paganism, Normandy and some other subjects. One of his books particularly strike my mind: “Thulé, le soleil retrouvé des hyperboréens” (Thule, the recovered sun of the hyperboreans), maybe not scientific but his story about Pytheas and his quest to find Thule completed with his own research on the subject is interesting, the book is also about the Thule Gesellschaft with the Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf and other topics related to paganism. I don’t know if there is any translation of the book.

You may not see many French on racialist English websites because they work with people in Belgium, Italy, Greece and Spain in some extends.

The future may bring us a pagan Karl der Große, who knows?

Have a nice day.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thank you for the interesting information Godomar.