Sunday, August 23, 2015

Germanic Heathenism-a Living Faith

For many of us our faith in the Northern Gods is a living reality. It is not just a matter of dry book study but a living relationship with our native Germanic Gods and Goddeses. The deities who I am most strongly drawn to are Thunor, Woden and Frea. I turn to Thunor for strength, courage and protection. In the past where I would pray to the xtian god for this, I now turn to the mighty Lord Thunor who does not let His servants down. A quick prayer (this is a Germanic heathen practice despite the xtian connotations) and a grasp of my Hammer and I feel that all is well. As the Icelandic Sagas teach us He did not fail His servants even in the period after conversion.

To Woden I turn to for wisdom and enlightenment. It is He who speaks to us in the Runes and in our dreams. When seaking guidance from Him I will turn first to the holy Runes and I will also seek communication from Him in my dreams, after I have requested it. Not only does Woden communicate to us in dreams but so do the other deities and the shades of the dead (I know this from experience). Woden is the archetype of questing Germanic man as I have discussed before in my article

To Frea we turn to for reassurance and comfort. It is my opinion that Frea and Frigg are one and the same deity but with different aspects. I have already discussed this in my article
The fact that we turn to various deities and not just one is an illustration of the natural polytheistic nature of Aryan man. Even xtianity cannot escape this with its concept of the holy trinity or triune god and the deification of the 'mother of god' by Roman Catholics. Indeed this is also a heathen concept.

In addition to the enacting of our Wheel of the Year rites it is important that in some way we acknowledge our deities on a daily basis even if it is just a quick prayer to Thunor at the beginning of the day for protection, a few words to Woden before we drift off into sleep (His domain, being the great Psychopomp and mover between worlds and states of consciousness) or greeting Eostre with the rising of the sun in the east.

Some practitioners of the Germanic heathen tradition also use meditational beads which may or may not contain runic markings and amulets as aids to reflection, meditation and prayer. This has its roots in Indo-European pre-xtian cultures and we should not be afraid to experiment with different tools merely because the xtians have co-opted most of our practices. Likewise images of the deities can assist in focusing our minds, aided perhaps by incense.


Hannon said...

Funny enough, most of the folk around me here in the states, are turning there backs on the churches, and the Jewish aspects of that faith, but they all say "we still like Xmas and Easter. They don't even realize that they're Aryans on the edge of realizing it :-)

Wotans Krieger said...

Greetings Hannon! What you and I realise consciously these people nevertheless realise the truth on an unconscious level due to the effects of the Blood Memory.

Hannon said...

I had a crazy OBE experience back in 2003, I found myself walking through a dead, dark, eitheric forest, and very scared doing so. I came upon a warming glow, and moved towards it, as I got closer, I saw a glowing bar of purple blueish light on the ground. As I tried to flow it, it raised into the sky above me, it was the shape of the Kenaz Rune. It mirrored itself into the Jera Rune, then it began to twirl as it raised higher into the sky, leaving a fading trail the shape of DNA. It wasn't until last year that I had heard a podcast on RedIce Radio with Stephen McNallen, that I heard of the Elder Futhark. When I googled it, it brought me back to that experience all those years before. I can't prove or quantify my story, but as more folks become disillusioned around me, and start to give up on this fake culture, they're taking baby steps into that blood memory. I've noticed the people around me aren't ready for the full story yet, but the soft nudges are finally starting to take hold, and I feel like our people have a chance for the first time, in a very long time.

Hail to you! I'd pour a horn for you, but all I have is a glass boot(my wife is German), so it'll have to do :-)

Wotans Krieger said...

Vielen Dank mein Freund! That is a very interesting account and has inspired me to post about some of my esoteric experiences which I will do either on this blog or on the Armanen one.

Hannon said...

I'd like to be able to say that I'm some kind of esoteric hotshot, but my glimpses into the other side are far and few between, and mostly left to my low level of understanding, although Runes are pretty discernible. The whole thing leaves me wondering, how much of this goes on with people, that goes ignored or never spoken of. I wish there was a way to database these types of things, over a sample of thousands of folks, and paste together the common bits, to see what kind of story it tells us.

runebinder said...

you might find this interesting!