Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Huginn and Muninn, Symbols of the First Function

I have recently been dwelling upon the relationship between Woden and His ravens Huginn and Munnin and came across a most interesting passage in Edred Thorsson's Northern Magic. Rune Mysteries and Shamanism. I initially read this book many years ago but only recently have I begun to appreciate its full merits. The primary focus of the book is on the Younger Futhark, a rune row which is very much ignored in mainstream books on runology. Edred follows the Dumezelian tripartite division of the Aesir/Vanir into the First Function (Sovereignity), Second Function (Warfare) and the Third Function (Production/Fertility). He divides the First Function into law, governed by Tyr and magic, governed by Odin.

"The first function is that of judgement, rationality, law, and measurement (embodied by Tiw/Tyr) and of inspiration, intuition, and transformation (embodied by Woden/Odhinn). These two together form the sovereign and intellectual part of the world and of the human being-consciousness. They are the Gods of the ancient kings, judges, poets, and magicians." (Thorsson)

This division of the First Function has a direct parallel with Woden's two ravens, Huginn and Muninn (thought and memory). Hugin represents the rational and that which can be objectively observed whilst Muninn represents to the Collective Unconscious, the Blood Memory or Racial Memory. The synthesis of the two parts is surely the objective of the Woden initiate? An indepth study of our sacred literature and runelore supported by the development of the intuition and psychic abilities should be at the forefront of the initiate's endeavours.

"The true Odinist-that is, one who follows the particular path outlined by the character of the living god Woden-is a person who seeks to understand the deepest cosmic mysteries and then to put these mysteries into a communicable form to be expressed in the world at large. This is part of doing the work of Woden. The path of Odhinn is one which combines the intellectual with the intuitive-but which in both cases strives toward the objectively real and powerful. The highest aim of the Odinist is self-transformation-according to the mysto-magical model provided by Odhinn." (Edred)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Huginn and Muninn, the Mind of Woden

Woden's two ravens are symbolic of 'thought' (Huginn) and 'memory' (Muninn). The association of Woden with the raven is an ancient one and precedes the Viking Age with "Decorations on a helmet found in a Swedish grave of the Vendel period show Odin as a rider with a spear accompanied by two birds." (Dictionary of Northern Mythology, Rudolf Simek).

Indeed golden Migration Age bracteates also depict the same iconography. It has been suggested by some scholars that the ravens are bird-shaped valkyries and in this regard I am reminded of the Irish battle Goddess the Morrighan who was able to take the form of the crow on the field of battle and was the patron Goddess of Irish bands of warriors as was Woden of the Germanic Männerbunde.

Indeed according to J.T. Sibley (The Divine Thunderbolt. Missile of the Gods) the raven, vulture, crow or eagle are envoys of the sky/thunder God. In fact both Woden and Thunor are different aspects of the supreme Aryan sky God. Woden's spear Gungnir was according to J.T. Sibley "modeled on Tyr's spear, which in turn was derived from Zeus/Jupiter's oak-shafted spear." This is interesting as I have maintained for some time now that in order that we may understand Woden we must go beyond what is written of Odin in the Eddas which is a much later development of this divine archetype. What Jung wrote in his 1936 essay Wotan is of more relevance to us as Saxons and Anglo-Saxons. Let us not forget that this deity does not have His origin in Scandinavia but in the mountains and forests of continental Germania. He is our Woden/Wodan/Wotan.

"Wod/Wodan/Woden/Odin seems to have originally been a relatively local continental Germanic sky/storm god, possibly in Lower Saxony." (Sibley)
"The apex of Odin's victorious career is reached in the Migration Age. The story in Snorri's Hemskringla and the preface to the Edda tell us about this; they make Odin emigrate from Saxony to Scandinavia and, after various vicissitudes of warfare, force the Vanes to acknowledge him as supreme god." (Our Forefathers the Gothonic Nations. A Manual of the Ethnography of the Gothic, German, Dutch, Anglo-Saxon, Frisian and Scandinavian Peoples, Gudmund Schuette) 
"The primitive conception of Odin is the German storm giant Wode, leader of the 'wild army', O.H.G. Wuotis-her, i.e. the procession of the homeless dead through the air." (Schuette)

Woden's origins can indeed be traced back to the Germanic Bronze Age:

"Pictorial monuments: it is possible to trace depictions of Odin back to the Bronze Age if the large spear-bearing god-figures on some southern Swedish rock carvings may be interpreted as representing Odin." (Simek)

However H.R. Ellis Davidson is of a different opinion:

"In Tiwaz we have an early Germanic war god, an ancestor of Odin. He had great powers, and extensive sacrifices were made to him. He was a one-handed god, and a one-handed figure wielding a weapon is seen among Bronze Age rock-engravings in Scandinavia it has been suggested that his worship may go back to very early times in the north, and that the myth of the binding of the wolf is of great antiquity." (Gods and Myths of Northern Europe)

I tend to agree with Ellis Davidson. If the Cult of Odin is a later import from Lower Saxony to Scandinavia it unlikely in my opinion to date back to the Bronze Age but rather the Iron Age. Tiwaz is the one God who can be found in the most ancient Aryan period and was eclipsed by first Thunaraz and then Wodanaz. All three Gods Thunor, Tiw and Woden are aspects of the same deity who have developed in different ways amongst the Germanic tribes and peoples.

Going back to the issue of the two ravens Huginn and Muninn it is abundantly clear to me that in the reconstruction and evolution of our sacred Aryan Germanic religion we must bear in mind that whilst we are not imprisoned in the past as some glorified Viking re-enactment group we are nonetheless bound to root our 21st century religion on the bedrock of the past. Huginn as a concept of rationality and learning teaches us this fact. However Muninn also reminds me that our religion is not dry book study but a living and evolving dynamic spiritual path and what the Eddas, Sagas and Rune Poems do not tell us we can recover from memory, racial memory, blood memory, the Collective Racial Unconscious if you will! In Munnin there is room for inspiration and prophecy. Basically our Wodenic religion is or should be a fusion of Huginn, the rational and Muninn, the inspirational just as the human brain has two hemispheres, the left brain being objective, rational and logical whilst the right brain is subjective,reflective and intuitive. We need both sides of the brain to function in a balanced way if we are to be balanced as people. Huginn and Muninn are outward symbols of how our High Lord Woden operates in the nine realms and we as his children and servants should do likewise.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Great Civilisations, the Product of Race

Great civilisations are the product of a racial elite. Sometimes as in the ancient Egyptian civilisation it is a small caste of rulers that establish and maintain the civilisation. We must be careful here to distinguish between civilisation and culture which are two overlapping but distinctly separate concepts. Civilisations are human societies that have "complex cultural, political, and legal organization;  an advanced state in social development", whilst culture is  "the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action, the total range of ideas and activities of a people." (Collins Concise English Dictionary).  I suppose one could say that culture is the intellectual and spiritual matrix that is the foundation of civilisation which is its external expression in the dynamic world of action. Culture may contain language, beliefs, ideas and is the expression of a particular folk, a nation in its truest ethnic sense (of which very few exist today).

Some may argue that civilisation and culture may exist outside of and be independent of race, ethnicity or nation. To a certain extent that may be true but that does not negate my argument that for the culture or civilisation to exist in the first place it must be rooted in a race. Where other races adopt or take over the civilisation or culture decay begins to set in and inevitably the whole thing ceases to exist after a while. We only have to look at the great civilisations of the past: Babylonia, Egypt, Aryan India, Rome etc to see that once the racial stock of the founders and maintainers of empire and civilisation is diluted the end is in sight.

The United States of America should in my view be considered as an empire for it has hundreds of military bases throughout the world, outside of course the great countries of Russia and China which it inevitably views as competitors for world dominance. The presence of American military bases are not there to protect the countries they are situated in but to remind the host country that they are merely vassals of the USA who dominates them. A good example is the United Kingdom which even shares its spy bases (eg Menwith Hill, Harrogate) with the Americans, allowing them to spy on millions of British citizens on a daily basis. This is all done under the Orwellian sounding phrase to protect freedom. In protecting freedom they attempt to make slaves of us all.

However even the seemingly powerful USA is beginning to collapse. A country that was founded by people of northern European stock has in the course of 100 years become a racially bastardised entity and it is this bastardisation which will cause it to fall. By bastardisation I am not just referring to miscegenation (which is surely a factor) but the large presence of people now of various races to be found within its borders so that eventually it will be the tail that wags the dog! This sorry state of affairs is of course not confined to just the USA but is to be found in Britain (most especially in England) and other northern European countries. This calamitous situation has been orchestrated by a faceless and powerful rootless elite whose  aim for centuries has been the corruption and bastardisation of nations in order that it may accomplish elite total world dominance. The countries of the world are to be reduced to compliant and indebted serfs of uncertain race. This elite understands why empires and civilisations fall. It is through racial corruption.

The problem with empires in the accepted sense of the term is that they become evermore multinational, multiethnic and multiracial. The Collins Concise English Dictionary defines empire as "an aggregate of peoples and territories under the rule of a single person, oligarchy, or sovereign state."  The lesson of history is that the more an empire extends itself (which its dynamic requires it to do) the less powerful the founding race becomes and has to rely on racially alien elements to hold the empire together. The Roman empire is a good example of over-extension. Rome sought to dominate the northern European Barbarians and started to heavilly rely upon them to be both its foot soldiers and commanders (eg Arminius) and eventually these Barbarians started to slowly take over the apparatus of power. In the USA the southern states relied upon negro slaves for economic purposes. The emancipation of the slaves then gave these former slaves expectations of civil rights so that eventually a negro became its President!

If the situation in our lands is not confronted and remedied then within another 100 years (this is a conservative estimate) our peoples will be living in racial enclaves in their own lands, virtually reduced to the status of the American Indians of today on their reservations. The question is how do we fight this? One thing we must not do is keep quiet or be cowed by the authorities who will use every trick in the book to silence opposition to our slow genocide. We must educate others, particularly the young who are subject to steady brainwashing at school, on television and other forms of media. A good example of brainwashing are the countless children's programmes which feature multiracial presenting teams, usually a black youth and a blonde girl, enticing young minds into believing that not only is this acceptable but even desireable, aiming their propaganda mainly at females who tend to be more susceptible and impressionable. Even programmes that have a supposed historical basis will feature people of different races as members of society, giving children the impression that England has always been a multiracial society, flying in the face of facts which these broadcasting companies do not care about so long as they seek to win awards for diversity and inclusivity, the latter being the latest of these Orwellian sounding watchwords and increase viewing ratings. We must combat this by engaging in counter-propaganda.

Not content with having created the disaster of the multicultural and multiracial society the government now is seeking to ensure that all public bodies including the Police are inclusive and representative of the diverse nature of the society that they serve. Of course this diversity and inclusivity are not just confined to race and gender but also extend to those who have what are euphemastically referred to as alternative lifestyles or to be more specific, homosexuals. Nothing pleases the establishment more than the prospect of an industrial or public sector leader who is female, lesbian, black (or inceasingly mixed race) and if possible disabled. Many public sector organisations have leg up programmes which aim to give homosexuals, non-Aryans and females a distinct advantage over the normal healthy Aryan male, who despite all denials by the liberal establishment are increasingly under-represented in many senior public sector positions. So instead of Aryan societies being governed by the racially fittest it is now truly the era of the rule of the Underman-or woman!

The tide however is beginning to turn. In the last year or so we have begun to see the awakening of Aryan youth in this country. Their boldness and courage is refreshing to see. The society which David Levita-Cameron espouses is one in which our youth are expected to conform and adhere to an artificially constructed and establishment imposed set of British values, whatever that may mean? Our Aryan youth, our Iron Youth reject these poisonous values for they are anti-values and are inimical to the interests and the survival of our Nordic race. Woden is stirring in the DNA of our Ario-Germanic folk whether our youth are conscious of this or not. More often than not these are unconscious impulses that are at work as this is how Woden manifests Himself. Alfred Rosenberg makes frequent references to Wotan/Wodan/Odin in his The Myth of the Twentieth Century and several times asserts that "Odin is dead". However Rosenbeg on the conclusion of his book makes this remarkable observation: "One form of Odin is dead, that is, the Odin who was the highest of the many Gods who appeared as the embodiment of a generation still given up to natural symolisms. But Odin as the eternal mirrored image of the primal spiritual powers of Nordic man lives today just as he did over 5,000 years ago." This observation is even more remarkable when one considers that this book was published in 1930, 6 years before Carl Gustav Jung's essay Wotan! This demonstrates that truths are eternal and not just the product of a single man.

There is an awful lot of hand wringing going on at the moment about the hordes of muslims going abroad to fight alongside terrorist organisations. Much is made of these terrorists as not being real muslims as Islam is supposedly a religion of peace. It is no more a religion of peace than is christianity. Both religions were the product of semitic intolerance and expanded through warfare, bloodshed and terror. All that is happening today is that the muslims have returned to their old methods of forced proselytism.  By opening the floodgates and allowing hordes of muslims to reside in the 'west' the muslims of today have managed to accomplish something that their ancestors failed to do in the Middle Ages. The enemy is no longer at the gates but within! This is something that the establishment now realises but is impotent to do anything about so instead it preaches about "British values".

This England is no longer the England of our ancestors and our youth have rejected the England that it has become. They reject the false anti-Aryan anti-values of Levita-Cameron and they assert the values of the blood!